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Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Re: Invitation
« on: July 13, 2017, 04:17:54 AM »
Hi dear Tony, thank you so much for your cooperation and participation! I went over all the comments you have made to my dreamwork since 2014 with your help and I pulled together two different possible quotes from you that would best describe the dreamwork I've done and how I became aware of our interdependency, which helped me understand my social, spiritual, and family issues. Both topics are presented in my upcoming book. Each one of the quotes are written with your very words in different times, I just put them together. I didn't add anything, except for the word book, which file I can share with you any time you request it; I've emailed you the introduction. With these quotes and your name in my book, I'll refer my readers to you, they will know your web and your books. My book will be published in English and later in Spanish. I will also include the link to your web and books in my webside, which is under construction right now, so my visitors will have the choice to consult with you in case they want farther development. Please let me know your opinion, I only need your final approval.

"In this book, Patricia not only shows how the interpretation of dreams influences the conscious mind, she also dives into the depths of her mind, where the core self is. Changing our dreams is the most difficult thing to do. By entering her dreams, she planted the seeds of her future self, and she shows you the basics of this complex process so you will be able to start establishing the same communication from beyond thought, and to accomplish healing from the depths of your mind as well. Patricia’s journey is one of discovery directed by her future self, who comes up when is in contact with great love and peace, and is aware of the More and the enormous potential presented in everybody else."

"As human beings, many of us are out of touch with what relates us to our environment and to the universe. Millions of us are sick enough to require antidepressants, continuous supplies of alcohol or mind numbing drugs in order to function. We live in family, social, political and economic situations that are part and parcel of our sickness. Patricia’s analysis of events helps you understand our connection to the universe as well as to clarify some life mysteries in order to understand mental, personal and family issues. Reading this book will give you a clear sense of connection with the whole; without any awareness of our interdependence, sickness takes place."

-Tony Crisp. bestselling author of Dream Dictionary: An A to Z Guide to Understanding Your Unconscious Mind and writer at Dreamhawk.com


Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Re: Invitation
« on: June 23, 2017, 05:10:27 AM »
wow, your healing experience is somehow so similar to mine. I also suffered from depression and tried meditaion, yoga and a healthy nutrition, but most importantly, I searched deep inside me for causes and solutions. I also wanted to change from deep inside, refusing to take pills to keep the status quo. Interpreting our dreams might not be all the work we can do to heal any symptom, but would you say it is a first step to start understanding our dreams? I think that exploring the dreams includes some interpretation. Is OK to say that you and I and people who explore their dreams are connected to themselves, to their inner world and therefore we can experience a true inner healing-transformation as our dreaming or dreams change, too? I just can see how my dreams changed allowing me to see how my fears had decreased, thanks to the fact that I learned how to respond to certain events in my dreams; in a way writing down my dreams allowed me to keep a track of my improvements at an uncosncious level, that's how I could see I was improving my thinking, my deep feelings, my inner life and eventually my outer life in the way that I began to make new different decisions. Would you make a similar conclusion of your healing process as well? Thanks Tony. 

Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Re: Invitation
« on: June 20, 2017, 12:04:59 AM »
Hi Tony, thank you so much! I have a question, do you consider that there is a healing or improvement in our lives in any way when we are able to change our dreams? for instance, changing a recurrent nightmare? do our lives improve in any way when we learn to respond to the events in the dream and then change them? Does the interpretation of dreams help us in any way? thanks.

Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Invitation
« on: June 14, 2017, 10:19:10 PM »
Hi dear Tony, excuse me I am sending you this message here, but I would like to kindly make an invitation to you. I just finished writing a story about how I overcame suicidal depression and I look forward to publish it so I can inspire-help others. The tittle will be: Conversations With the Sun: Rescuing the Child Within to Find True Love, Wisdom and a Life Purpose. One of the things I did to heal was to pay attention to my dreams, as you know, and learn their interpretation and do the correspondent exercises in order to heal and evolve. I am very grateful for your help, thus I would love to acknowledge you in my book by including a quote from you, if you may I, about the importance of interpreting dreams and-or what they represent in our lives. The quote can be taken from the interpretations and comments you already made to my dreams, so you won't have to invest much time on this, if you don’t want. My 2 books will be published in Spanish and English, which I believe will bring more visitors to your web and more readers to your books. Please let me know your thoughts about it, hopefully you consider my invitation. I can let you know more about my books at your request. I'll wait for your answer. Thanks again for guiding our dreamy journey. Love, Patricia.   

Dream Interpretation / Re: crystal little rocks
« on: October 09, 2016, 09:17:54 PM »
 :) Thank you Tony, this is beautiful, great, never saw that way; Ill read ur articles.  :)

Dream Interpretation / crystal little rocks
« on: September 19, 2016, 05:15:36 PM »
Hi dear Tony, I hope you are fine and enjoying life. :)  I would like to share these two short dreams I haven't understood. 1. a. I've dreamed about seeing a lot of little crystal rocks on the ground, like from a broken something. They were many, and my mom (who has already passed) was there next to it like expecting me to sweep them or clean up. I don't have any particular feeling, I love dreaming with mom, as I am getting ready to clean up, I noticed they were a lot. b. In another dream, I am cleaning like an elementary school building and I had to sweep some pieces of those little transparent rocks that corresponded to something broken, they were a few spread out, I don't have any particular feeling, I'm just doing my job and I clearly drag them to the dustpan with the broom. At one point I put one in my mouth, bite it, (like I like it) I think it's hard and hope I don't swallow it. Although I know they are from something broken, they are nice, somehow pretty, transparent, like little rocks.

(repetitive dreams of me cleaning places sock! but in my dreams I just do it over and over and I hate the fact that life is passing by and I'm still cleaning in dreams when I just should or could be doing something else, at least what I'm cleaning here is not disgust and only sweeping... could it be that the little crystal rocks represent some sort of transformation? from something it's disgust to something is not dirty or disgust... while I clean I know I'm helping and I take it seriously but, I don't want to be always helping by cleaning.. the school is also a good place, not a disgust one and it's day time and a young woman my age is talking to me in the beginning and I'm glad to be able to tell her something. But I keep light cleaning floor after floor like endlessly; when I'm sweeping the glass I'm by myself.)

Well, thank you Tony, have a wonderful day!   

Dream Interpretation / Re: Powerful black vulture.
« on: January 20, 2016, 04:28:12 AM »

Dream Interpretation / Re: Powerful black vulture.
« on: January 13, 2016, 10:22:23 PM »
Thank you Tony, you are very kind!

I am a person who comes from having only nightmares. For about half of my life I didn't know what having a dream was. I had only horrible nightmares in the dark with horrible people trying to hurt, harass or with sneak or tarantulas. When I became adult I studied different types of psychology but I immediately switched to psychoanalysis when I discovered that it focuses on dreams. Fascinated, I psychoanalyzed myself and then my nightmares started to decreased.. or to change. I remember when I saw light in my dreams for the first time, when I actually started to have dreams. As a result, my desire to -control my dreams- comes from not wanting to have only nightmares. Thanks for stating that the aim is not to control but to break through the symbols and see what the dreams are actually being caused by. I wanted to eliminate-control my fears because I didn't know that fears are to be transformed, which is what I've been experiencing lately thanks also to dream interpretation techniques like yours.
It is of a great value to know what you were told in your fern grow dream, that all dreams might be an expression in images of actual events occurring unconsciously in ourselves. ... I also know that the dreams are a common place where other beings interact, including the dream creator. Like a universal place. I believe that we are not to know always that we are dreaming, so we can be -observed- interacting spontaneously with others; tested.
I read your article about Initiation. I am working on doing whatever I want in my dreams when I know I'm dreaming, and I have identified two dream indicators so far: when I dream that I am in my apartment or when I start flying. I still don't realize I'm dreaming when I read words or numbers.

I have explored my dreams wanting to know more about my unconscious since I learned that the unconscious mind determines the conscious life. Your article -being present in dreams- suggests to influence the unconscious by or with he conscious mind-life-actions. I had been focusing on changing my unconscious to change my conscious life. (working on the bases, the root) For instance, I love singing and I was waiting for me to start singing when I know I'm dreaming, believing that if I am able to sing in my dreams, I'll be able to sing in my awaken life for an audience. But I haven't remembered to sing when I'm dreaming and I wake up feeling upset for having wasted my time in dreams without singing. After I read your article, I will schedule more opportunities to sing in my awaken life, expecting a change in my unconscious life or in my dreams... I had forgotten that the conscious mind can influence the unconscious one too.

I used to react aggressively in my dreams because that's what I learned in my nightmares to defend myself. However, I decided to change that pattern since I have quiet normal dreams now, therefore, my aggressive reactions are no longer strictly necessary... I am thinking of your suggestion about the importance of expressing anger in my dreams and how that has been positive for many women... I have done it, I have expressed my anger specially to my family members in my dreams, which has been crucial for me to grow and gain confidence. I'll pay attention to that since you mention it, maybe it has a link to start expressing my potentialities-qualities..   

Thanks again, Tony. Have a nice day, lots of love, good health and joy.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Powerful black vulture.
« on: December 29, 2015, 06:17:36 PM »
Hi Tony, thanks for your interpretation! What I wanted to comment is that in past dream interpretations you had pointed at the importance of not being scared when facing death or danger in dreams, which I thought it was near to impossible specially cause we don't know that we're dreaming. Although I read your articles I always thought I could not be prepared for this also because we are not the ones who design the dreams, therefore, we answer the best we can to the unexpected. However, I can say that in my daily waking life I have faced and learned certain lessons and worked on healing which have changed my attitude in general; for instance, in a previous dream it was dark and a dangerous witch stood up in front of me, which would've frightened me before, but I began to say "I love you, I love you so much" and then it let me alone. By reading your articles and your interpretations I had the idea that we could reach to a point where we could always be aware of being dreaming and then control our dreams or do whatever we want, which I -dreamed about-, I wanted to get there. Although I've had more conscious dreams lately, I still don't know that I'm dreaming in most of my dreams and I think that that is for a reason, like if we are being tested in our unconscious world or the one beyond this material reality. I would love to hear your opinion on this, am I right? For instance, you mention the invisible force, which in this case you say is the wind. I thought it could be my unconscious. But it could be the universe too, or a master... Perhaps something that determined I could be ready for this new scene...? Although there are other forces interacting in our dreams, can we still become the masters of our dreams?       

Dream Interpretation / Powerful black vulture.
« on: November 30, 2015, 01:15:43 AM »
Dear Tony, I was this time passing by, like if I were sustained by a vehicle or something, I was neither walking nor flying, I was just like traveling at a constant speed observing everything around; it was night time and then I passed by a huge black vulture-kind, which slowly opened its wings as I passed by; It was huge and very dark black like death, like dangerous. I was glad it didn't do anything to me. Then I passed by another one, but this time I was very close to its head and I knew it could and it was going to attack my eyes, for I was right in front of its strong peak and it was like death, mysterious or something; Sovereign. I wasn't scared, I was resigned, there was nothing to do, it was going to attack my face for sure. But it didn't. On the contrary, as I continued passing by, I could see how its peak was turning into a delicate feather with fine tiny hair-sort-of, that was dark black and shone some colors while moving softly with the wind.
I'll share some comments with you after I know what you think about this dream. Thank you Tony! 

Dream Interpretation / Re: huge wave with eyes.
« on: November 23, 2015, 06:18:54 PM »
oh, :)  thank you again Tony, this info you shared here about the different layers of the brain and the reptilian brain was very helpful, I could understand other situations in my dream-life. Best, Patricia.

Dream Interpretation / huge wave with eyes.
« on: November 12, 2015, 12:25:43 AM »
Hi dear Tony. I would like to know ur interpretation of this dreams. Many thanks to you.
Night time, I asked somebody if he kew where the wells fargo bank was, he gave me some direction, but I couldn't find it. There people walking, nice grass, stores; I asked somebody else but I couldn't find it, so I decided to follow a group of people who seemed to be good and nice; I thought that was safer than walking around myself. We ended up on a boat going somewhere. We were all standing up, calm and quiet, just waiting; they were about 25 years old. When I looked to the back, I saw this huge wave about to cover us and I panicked. They all continued to be quiet like if they didn't care or didn't notice it. I remembered that I had seen this giant brownish wave in another dream, so I deduced that I was dreaming. The wave decided to go towards one side of the boat, away from us, leaving us  alone, and while it was deviating, I saw its eyes and mouth. It had eyes and it was like an alive being. When I looked to the crowd again, they had some snow on their heads and bodies and the atmosphere was grey. I didn't like this. But then I thought if I am dreaming I can do anything I want to change this. I expressed all loud: "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming, I can do anything I want" And then they all turned their heads towards me and one young woman said: "look, she seems to have some power to help us; to transform our lives". Then we all fell like inside a small tunnel and kept falling down really fast. I didn't see them anymore, but I knew we were all together, and then I felt claustrophobic and before I could wait, I woke up. I am on the next scene, doing pirouettes happily in my room while playing with two kids, one was a girl who happened to be my daughter. (I don't have kids yet in reality)   

Dream Interpretation / Iguana
« on: February 28, 2015, 10:36:04 PM »
Hi Tony and every body else. I would like to share this dream and know what it means. I was inside a building with a lot more people, perhaps a school or something when I passed by a place where they had an iguana. The green iguana wanted to como to me, but I didn't want to. I kept walking but the iguana walked next to me, she needed to be with me, so I had to accept it, while thinking that I didn't what I was going to do with it. When I was in my place, meaning in my bed, the iguana jumped to me like if she desperately wanted to be part of me, so I felt it sticked in my torso and I felt that part of my skin really hot. I got her away from me and covered her with the blanket pushing her away from me while she continued pushing forward towards me. The friction of the blanket on its body got the green color away from its skin, so it became whitish or pinkish because of some blood came out, like if she was hurt but she didn't complain and then I decided to walk her back like that to where she was. In a different scene, I saw a two green still real bears lining up with men. And then in the next scene I felt that the sole of my foot hurt a lot. When I lifted it to see what was hurting me, I had a spider biting me, next to a snail maybe and a scarab. They were all biting me. So I got one by one and thew them away, but when I got the scarab, I saw how its cranial horn made of plastic came out my foot slowly and then I noticed that the scarab was a toy, but it could move. Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / Flying.
« on: October 30, 2014, 01:43:12 AM »
Hi Tony, thank you, I'm reading your articles. I just had another mystical dream. And I would love to know your comments about it. My body started to float in my bed and pretty soon I knew I was going to fly again or being taken... (I'll explain this better another time) Once I realized I was going to fly again, I thought I didn't want to fly again in my apt. I reached the window to go out. But I thought, if I opened the window the wind will wake me up. So I wondered if I could pass through the window without opening it. Then I saw a beautiful garden outside with nice motorhomes so I got distracted and I went out by looking at that with out opening the window. And as I am trespassing the glass I said to myself: remember I left my body here on bed. And then I also planned right away to fly to Robert's house to see him. (He is the man I love but I haven't seen him in about a year  :-[) Once I was outside my porch I started to ascend. I had to look up and think higher cause I had to pass through a lot of electric cables. Once I could ascend above them, I headed straight to his neighborhood. I flew over a park full of families and children playing around, they were probably in a national celebration or something. Some of them looked at me and I heard a woman saying, wow, we had never seen something like this before. I kept flying ahead, feeling like my body was covered with a sheet or a blanket. I wished they didn't stop me from flying or by calling the police or something; nobody was supposed to be out in the evening, I didn't expect to see so much people out in the dark. I was able to go ahead and then I started to fly over temples. I saw two Krishna followers coming out of one and one of them raised his arm and pinched my foot, he wanted to see if I was real. I kept flying ahead and they came in to the temple really quick. Then I saw a Buddhist temple and I thought if I see more devotes, I will bow to them as I pass by. Then I flew over a butcher and I could see everything inside like if it didn't have ceiling. There was one woman doing the bloody work, cutting all the animals in pieces. I saw a huge tongue of a cow maybe, and it was divided in two with a machete and I saw its inner parts, which was estrange. As I flew over, the woman looks up at me and I told her: I used to eat meat and I became vegetarian and look, now I can fly. She just stayed there quiet. I kept going ahead and then a bird flew to my legs and I thought, oh no, I will not be able to fly with weight on my body, so I reached back and got the dove in my hands and put it in the next spot I saw on top of the building and then I kept flying. I flew over a building where many black cows were kept. They hardly could move. As soon as they saw me they started to...mew.. They were expressing something to me, muuu muuu muuu all of them, and specially one of them seemed to be desperate and I could see its face, so tense, so dramatic, like wanting to tell me something badly, muuu, muuu, muuu and then I began to feel how I started to wake up or to come to my body little by little. When I woke up I had mixed feelings... I was very content to have been able to fly for the first time for too long and to control my thoughts or my mind to go ahead. However, I was sad cause I didn't make it to Robert's and because I could not know why I was awaken!!   Thanks Tony.         

Dream Interpretation / Re: Huge ships
« on: October 25, 2014, 10:58:15 PM »
Hi Tony. Excuse me, when you affirm: "Such riches could be seen as riches of your inner self, but the images do not suggest that" means that this riches does not necessarily come from my inner self? If that is correct, then, not everything in a dream is an inner projection..? Can some elements come from... the universe.. or something else besides or beyond the dreamer's inner world? Thanks.   

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