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Hi Everybody,

I'd like to highlight an article in Tony's dream dictionary on Beauty. I read it when I was trying to explore the meaning of a dream. When I read it, I realized, it never occurred to me to look up the word Beautiful or Beauty and yet it appears to be so very important. I will have to re-examine older dreams and I will probably get another perspective.

As Tony points out in many of his articles, all objects (and people) in your dreams are aspects of yourself. And in his article on Beauty, he explains, that if something strikes you as beautiful it has something to do with your Core Being, your Divine Being. He says it's very worthwhile to explore the dream and find out about this beauty within you.

So don't forget to look up this keyword!

Some 20 years ago, I had an astonishing dream, I still remember vividly.
I was looking at the night sky from my bedroom window at my parents house. But I think, I already lived on my own at the time of my dream.
In the sky there were numerous 3-dimensional constructs of light. They were each very complex in shape ... they were constructed of many different shapes of many different colors and they seemed transparent. They were not solid, but rather had a framework or skeleton build. Some of them were absolutely huge and others were big, but smaller. The biggest one seemed infinite in size and I couldn't discern whether it was far away or closer by. Also the number of them seemed infinite. Yes, even their complexity seemed to have no limits.
They all moved, some really slow, other a bit faster.
I tried to hold on to that sight, hold on to that dream, but ultimately it faded away, as dream always do.
It was absolutely breathtaking beautiful.

Now, after all these years, I can happily explore the real meaning of this dream and hopefully discover something of my core beauty.

Here's the link to the article:

Hi Tony,

Yes! It was my cache. I cleared it and now the link works fine. I tried another browser first and the link worked right away.

Thanks for the advice.

By the way, your article on Beauty is absolutely a very important one - seeing something of your beautiful divine core. But I think I'll start another post on this to point other people to it.



Hi Tony,

I checked again.
Now, when I hover over the link Beauty Beautiful in the search results, I see the URL in the lower left corner of my browser and now it says:

But when I click it, I still end up on your main page.

Please, try to solve this in your own time, I've got plenty information from all the other articles on your site. This one is not crucial.  :)
I do want to test and give you feedback, though.



Hi Tony,

I love your site and your work has helped me so much in understanding my dreams and myself.

But, I'd like to report a broken link to your article on Beauty-Beautiful.
The URL is: http://dreamhawk.com/dream-dictionary/15772/
instead of your usual format:

Clicking on Beauty-Beautiful in the search results takes you to the main page.
I tried to change the URL to your usual format, but that didn't work.



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