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Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream about being held back a grade in Jr. High
« on: September 07, 2016, 02:36:16 AM »
Thanks for the reply. That does seem to make sense that I seemed to have met one obstacle after the other. I can see that it shows that something is missing. Thank you for the encouraging words about potential. When I was younger, I thought of facing adversity in a different way, like you showed that you were better than your challenges by getting into a better situation. I can see the wisdom of seeing that the difficult aspects of experience are a part of oneself and one can accept it and use it to become a better, more evolved person. So instead of fighting and rejecting, envisioning and making progress towards a greater self and to realize a unique and valuable identity that includes experiences and challenges.

I really had a strong preference for a rags to riches identity when I was young, and it doesn't always seem to have worked for me. I still want to feel like I have transformed my life, and get away from painful situations and it seems like how I view that journey needs to grow and evolve into something that makes more sense for adult life. It was really easy to have the mythology that I was Cinderella and I was going to make everything better and really apply myself towards that. Now, I have no poor background and discrimination to fight against and I have had feelings of having less hope.

I attempt to find some kind of framework that will carry me on my journey, like maybe adopting positive beliefs/ outlook again and being aware of the outcomes I want and moving towards them. It is hard to find a belief or outlook to hold on to to make life seem like I am going in the direction of a positive future again with the things I want.

Maybe in adult life you don't have big ideas, you just take steps forward until you get there. I think succeeding on the way is the only way to find out, and despite the meaning I had in life as a younger person, taking on the world to overcome things, I didn't succeed at everything I that I could have because that is exactly what was missing, having the resources and awareness to succeed at the things I needed to that were important.

I guess it is okay to still have obstacles, but I can work past them and still see that meaning and hope and get through them. And obstacles still have to be met before you get to the next thing. I didn't see the obstacles as so bad when I was an adolescent, and maybe they don't have to be bad now. They are still the same obstacles, and I can see life as being just as good, and it being just as much of a journey to overcome obstacles and make life better. So I guess in summary, it helps to see one's experiences and challenges as having potential. It can be confusing to get to where you want to go, so I guess it also helps to make progress and see that things are changing. Also,when you are an adolescent, it is easier to face things, but maybe as an adult, you need to see obstacles in the same light, and to find joy in dealing with them and the process of life.

Thank you again for the feedback and sharing the video about the girl with autism. Thanks again.

Dream Interpretation / Dream about being held back a grade in Jr. High
« on: September 06, 2016, 12:28:24 AM »
I had a reoccurring dream that isn't as strong now, but I still have traces of it. It starts with getting to jr. high, so I would be about 14 and ready to graduate from jr. high. So I want to catch the city bus to go to school, but don't estimate the time right and I seem to have missed it. Then once I get to school, I might not know my locker number and feel like I may never have. Then I am trying to recall what classes I am in because I have a concern that there is one class or a few classes where I have missed a lot of the classes, but I am not sure and can't remember, so I have to figure it out. I have to locate the office to get my class schedule so I can figure out if I there was a class I missed so many days from that I have to extend the time I am in school and I cannot graduate at the right time. I do not necessarily ever get to the office, because I can't seem to find that either.

This dream bothers me because it takes place in such a "regressed" "elementary" setting and I am actually kind of behind where I want to be because I have bipolar, and it has held me back a bit in life. I am guessing the dream has something to do with not living up to my potential, despite the illness.

I would really appreciate any insight. Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / repeating dream
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:28:46 PM »
Hi, I would appreciate help with a dream I can't figure out.
I can't totally remember the beginning of the dream, but I was I think in the central city where I worked and there were some people coming out of a house who were criminals. Then I saw a celebrity who said, "it's always like that." But his face was distorted and he didn't look as pleasant. It's a little sketchy what else I can remember, but I do know it started off with something to be afraid of. At the end of the dream, it was very clear. I at the window in my grandmother's bedroom where spent the summers as a kid. The window is in the back of the house and it is in the country. It is on the second floor over the garage. She doesn't live there anymore in real life. I am hanging a sheet down the window, like a rope. I look down and there are a bunch of people, like just people in my environment who I went to school with, not friends, just people I have seen or know. They say they have to kill me. I ask why, and one girl says, "because you are too busy." They say something like, "That's to bad, that's just the way it is."

I had another dream like this that I was eating dinner with my "family" but they were just people I have seen in life and not my real family I grew up with or anything. I have a sister and a father, and there are other people. The man says, "We have to kill you." And he means cut me in half. He also gives me the impression that he is saying, "Too, bad, that is just the way it is. We just have to do it."

I am confused because I don't know if this is some inner dynamic, or it is really something that is that bad on the outside.

Thank you for any help. It seems important. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Greetings / hello
« on: June 17, 2015, 04:12:50 PM »
Hello, I have been using the dream dictionary for a while and I really appreciate how accurate and trustworthy it seems to be. I am starting to realize how important dreams are, so I think I will be studying them more. I look forward to learning more about dreams through this discussion.

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