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Questions about dreams / Baby and Dog
« on: November 06, 2016, 11:22:43 PM »
I dreamed I took care of a baby, he was not mine,he was the baby of my ex-boss (woman). I remember that I changed his diaper and I put him in the stroller. Then there is a dog in the dream, he didn't let me approach the baby. So I go to the kitchen, waiting for the dog to go away (I have feeling of neglect and / or abandonment in this part). When I come back, the stroller isn't. I find the stroller in the room, he's fallen on the floor. There is much confusion in the room, things are overturned. I find the baby alive, I take it in my arms, I apologize, and I give you affection (much love, as if he were my baby ), I hug and kiss him, and I say that everything will be fine. I go back to the kitchen with the baby, he looks dead, but I feel it's just sleeping, he's fine.

Any can help me with interpretation? Thanks.

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