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Dream Interpretation / Floating tree
« on: November 13, 2016, 06:32:43 PM »
I had a weird one last night:
Me and my two daughters are on a small field, not far from a river. I can´t see the river, there are trees around the field, but I know it´s there. It´s a beautiful place, calm and quiet. All three of us have sleeping bags, and we have just woken up after a night sleeping on the field, and the plan is to stay there for two more nights.
Suddenly the weather changes. Wind starts to blow, and dark heavy clouds gather above us. I can feel a few raindrops, and I am worried if we stay, we will get soaking wet. I am convinced that a thunderstorm is coming. I tell my daughters to start packing so we can go to seek shelter at my grandparents house, which lies on a hillside not far away. But then, the the wind stops just as suddenly as it started, and light breaks through the clouds. I look up, and I am amazed at what I now see: Just above the tree tops, I see a big old pine, floating in the air. My immediate thought is that it must have been carried away by the storm that seemed to just pass us by. The roots can be seen at the bottom, and earth, grass and moss form a round plateau above the roots. There, a small white dog runs round and round the tree. I shout to my girls that they must look, and we are all amazed. Of course my girls thinks the dog is the cutest thing ever.
The floating tree is heading in direction of the hill, and finally it lands on a round wooden terrace just outside my grandparents house.
Next, I´m in the house, telling this story to my grandmother and grandfather. My grandmother is listening, but my grandfather is not paying attention, he wanders in and out of the living room. When I have told them about the floating tree, I get them to look out the window, and there the tree is standing on their neighbours terrace. Below the terrace the hill is steep. It looks much smaller now, and the man who lives next door to them is trying to secure the tree. When we go outside to help him, the tree is no longer intact, he had to let it go down the hill, because it was too heavy for the structure of the terrace to bear. The only thing left of the tree is now a small piece of the trunk, and he is trying to carve some kind of figure from it, with his axe, something to keep as a memory of this fantastic event. When he carves in the wood, big orange larvas crawl out of it, and I try to keep them from coming into the house. I shut the door an go upstairs, feeling a bit disappointed. Any thoughts on this one?

(My grandfather passed away 12 years ago, and my grandmother is 95 years old, living in a nursing home. There is nothing familiar with the scenery in the dream, it doesn´t remind me of anywhere I can remember to have been i real life.)


Greetings / Hello!
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:18:39 PM »
I´m 36 and live in Norway. I work as a teacher and I have two daughters. I have a strong passion for art, music, theatre and of course; dreams.  I have been using the dream dictionary on this site for a while, and I find it very helpful. But often my dream images are too complex for me to interpret on my own, and I hope posting some of my dreams here will help me to a better understanding.


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