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Dream Interpretation / Black hole Dream
« on: November 26, 2011, 11:07:37 PM »
Hi its been 6 months since my last and only post so here goes again:

I am looking out a window as we go past several planets & stars. It is like we are in orbit around something. I think it must be a black hole. I catch a glimpse of it - it is rings of brilliant white light with a jet black part in the middle. I am thinking it should be dangerous but it dosn't feel like it is - it reminds me of an eye with the black part as pupil. I point it out to a young man DB who was a colleague of mine briefly but he dosn't seem that interested. We continue moving as if I am on a train or even merry go round. Now the scene is a city with lots of tall skycrapers. However things are a bit odd like there are a few explosions or earthquakes in fact the laws of physics seem a bit warped. I look back inside where DB is. Although it feels like a train actually it is a very large white room. I walk across it - it could .be like a mall or something. Above me a large dull blood/ red wine coloured part of the ceiling falls toward me. I am not afraid of it and simple step aside as it crashes beside me.
Now i am walking on a narrow steep street with another man who is slightly ahead of me. However i turn back at one shop and sit down as I want to eat. I eat a red soup.

End of dream.

So dream started out very cosmic seeing planets and the black hole. I have had many dream references down the years to the white light - to turn and look/face it and I caught a glimpse of it this time. It seems to act like gravity - everything else rotates around in a circle over and over again - reincarnation?. As i said it it looks a bit like an eye - window into the soul? source of life/ god/energy/feeling?
The cityscape with its skyscrapers could be attitudes & habits learnt from modern world? and about changing them?
the red bit of ceiling falling near me is about being able to spot and avoid dangerous situations?
Lastly being on the street with the other man - not sure if he was same guy in train/room although just realised I met DB in real life in the "training room" when I started new work several months ago!! Anyway both Db and the guy I am following up the street could be my unrealised potential as you suggested in my last dream I posted. So me wanting to sit down and have some  red soup could mean being distracted when I should be moving on?

Any insights would be much appreciated!!!



Dream Interpretation / 4 part dream
« on: April 27, 2011, 06:25:12 AM »
here is a 4 part dream I had a few nights ago:

1. I have arrived in Dublin from Hong Kong. However I feel the situation is bad and I need to go back to Hong Kong. My brother E. and cousin F. are there on a street. However F. is in the distance and I don't go to meet her. I feel shouldn't meet my parents since I have that intense anxiety/sense of failure and I cant face them.

2. I am on the main street of dingle town. I am either in a car or floating along the street -not sure. I take a right turn onto a side street and go along this. This road bypasses the town and eventually I arrive at a T junction where I can only go left or right.

3. I am now in the countryside. The landscape is pale watery green. it is bright and sunny. I am at a raised bog. Part of the bog has been cut away and the sods of turf laid out in a semi circle on the grass to dry out in the sun. Beneath the green grassy top the sods are dark brown peaty colour.

4. I am now on a small beach somewhere on dingle peninsula. Behind me mountains rise steeply from the shore almost like cliffs. There is a man I don't recognise with me although he seems familiar. I am to dive into the sea. I do so. The colour of the water is brownish But i can see as well as i normally would as if I wasn't wearing goggles - everything is slightly blurred underwater. I realise that the sea is much deeper that it looked from the surface - I can see the bottom which has amongst rocks and seaweed patches of golden colour - sand I presume. Suddenly I realise that there is something directly beneath me - I am standing on a brown  wooden boat. Next the man and I carry the boat ashore. It is dark brown colour and made from very strong sturdy looking square planks of wood. I am at the side of boat looking toward end where man is holding it. The bow shape of end of boat with the layers of wood curving down reminds me of the doorway of an old style church where there are several levels of arch  inset within each other and the door at the center. This image has appeared several time s in my dream recently. The man is telling me about something or someone maybe from an Irish legend like Brendan the sailor. Not sure though.

here goes my interpretation:
Part 1 is about family /childhood issues I don't wont to face or anxiety about my current situation. Part2 is about having to make a decision having avoided for some time. I lost my job and don't know whether to stay in HK or leave. part 3 is about trying to uncover all the issues in my life that have built up and left me confused and depressed - the bog. By exposing them to the sun - awareness - they can be come fuel /energy?
part 4 is about exploring the unconscious contents and finding some thing - the boat. A way of getting around? Also I am not sure of the inset arch shape and brown colour which keeps
 cropping up in my dreams. Any ideas??


Greetings / Hello
« on: April 18, 2011, 09:25:42 AM »
Hello Tony & everyone!

I have been interested in dreams on and off for years - I first started reading about them when I read some of Karl Jung's books around the time I finished school. Not the easiest books to read and afterwards I didn't continue my interest in dreams or even remember them. Then maybe 10 years ago after I moved to Hong Kong I started reading up about them again and writing down the dreams. I would do this maybe for a year or too then stop for another year before getting interested again. I wasn't making any real progress in understanding them until I found a second hand copy of your Dream Dictionary in a bookstore in Manila. This book has been a huge help and last year I discovered this fantastic website and it has opened a new world for me. Now sometimes I remember 3 or 4 dreams every night and I feel I am barely touching the surface.
Anyway, since I have never participated on a discussion forum before this is a first so I hope this goes well.



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