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lol yea, well we can discusse our dreams together. I never could understand my dreams since i was a lil girl. I used to have this 1 dream for a long time till i was talking to some 1 about it. And at the time of the dreams i was always running away from my fears instead of faceing them. So after some 1 told me to try and tough it out and face my fears and then see what happens. So i did just that and about a yr or so went by and never had the dream since. Now i am having a different kind of dream and i can seam to figgurre out why i am having it. and others cant answer for me as well. So now i am on here to try and find some clues about it.

Greetings / hi new here and hopeing i can find some answers from this
« on: April 06, 2012, 02:17:01 AM »
Hi i am new to this. I have been haveing problems trying to find out why i am haveing these weird dreams and hope that i can find some answers here. And maybe also make some friends lol

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