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Dream Interpretation / Re: alien mosquitoes attack
« on: July 25, 2012, 05:15:30 PM »
Dear Tony,

Thank you so much for your answer. I never really opened this door, interpreting my dream myself. Maybe it's scary to figure yourself out. I read through the guidelines for processing dreams and I gave everything some thought. So here is what I got.

I do think the plane crashing isn't about death, I think it's more about missing an opportunity or abandoning your dreams or your life as it should have been. I have often believed my mom missed her ride being with my father, they were really different, while she was really dreamy and sensitive he was very uptight and unemotional. They had a really normal life, working the same job for 30 years, getting married, having kids, doing nothing out of the ordinary and never questioning this normality.

The alien mosquitoes scenario revolves around two things: my dad and everybody leaving a nice, holiday environment and going home.

I am currently living in a different country myself and plan on traveling the world, moving from continent to continent. The whole returning home scenario, in the dream, has a negative connotation, so it might be about me being afraid of settling down, not following my heart and repeating my parents' mistakes. While I feel my mom made bad decisions, I feel my dad is the embodiment of a failed life, a life of duty as opposite to a life of freedom.

So maybe the whole dream is about being afraid of parts of them in me. Not following through with my dreams because of a certain comfort rooted in me through them, being stuck in relationships that revolve around predictability. My sister seems to be on the same level with me, although the fact that I am protecting her in the house could mean that I feel she is not aware of these things that are bothering me. Which makes sense, given our different lifestyles.

I don't know if the explanation I came up with is to literal, but I feel I'm on the right track. At least the dream is not scary anymore.

Thank you again.

Dream Interpretation / alien mosquitoes attack
« on: July 14, 2012, 06:35:26 PM »
Hi, Tony&everybody

I know you're busy right now, but I'm just going to leave my dream here and maybe when you have enough time you can take a look. Also, if anybody has any ideas, feel free to pitch in :)

The dream starts with me, my sister and my mother on vacation, at a seaside resort. My mom has to leave early, so we take her to the airport, which is on the seashore. As we watch our mom's plane and another plane take off, we suddenly observe both planes falling into the ocean. It doesn't look really bad, the planes sort of glided into the sea, so my sis and I head for the hills, where our house is, to make some phone calls to the hospital, police and such.

As we enter our apartment, I look out the window and notice a helicopter heading for our house, so I jump behind a couch as the helicopter starts shooting at us. I head for the other room to get my sister, grab her and kick some furniture to hide behind, but it's no use, so we run outside, where my mom, my dad (who, in real life, died recently of cancer) and my aunt (mom's twin sister) are waiting for us. Not only them, but everybody from the city is outside, waiting.

They tell us that the planes were highjacked and that everybody was ordered to return to their hometowns and houses by the new occupiers.

We find out that dad never had cancer, he was actually drained by these aliens which he calls "mosquitoes". He also never died, but was taken by the aliens, which pray on human energy to live.

As we all reach our apartment building at home, waiting for the aliens to arrive and do what they please with us, dad looks at me, laughs and asks me: "Don't you want to be his? Don't you want to belong to one of the mosquitoes?" And here we are, ready to be drained.

So that was is, it was pretty scary and really vivid, the action was very very coherent. I don't know, it felt kind of depressing to have a nightmare about someone who passed away. Usually you get to see them in your dreams and get to talk or interact, but this scenario was really grim.

Thanks for listening and good luck,


Greetings / Hello
« on: July 14, 2012, 05:42:15 PM »
Hi! My name is Maria and I discovered your website while searching for meanings about cats. Your interpretation was the only one that didn't involve omens, bad luck and such  :)

I'm registering because, starting from 2010, I've been keeping a dream journal. I decided to do so because I sometimes had beautiful or strange dreams which I felt were too interesting to just forget. As I am also a writer, I thought I could resort to my dream journal for inspiration.

Anyway, long story short, after deciding to keep a record of my dreams, I started remembering them much more often, which is nice. It has now become routine to wake up and write what I remember.

I never really thought about dream interpretation until some weird dreams made me think there's more to them then imagination gone wild.

I'm gonna post some in the dream interpretation section soon.


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