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Dream Interpretation / Re: Water Tank Leak
« on: January 20, 2023, 05:02:31 PM »
Thanks Tony.  I wish and hope your new home brings your intuition back!

I haven't had any problems peeing uptil now (I think). 

And I still can't connect the repair part. The water tank is repaired and it still leaks profusely. And I am dismayed at the money lost.  I have not been to a doctor about any such issues before. So feeling a bit lost here.


Dream Interpretation / Water Tank Leak
« on: January 01, 2023, 11:12:39 AM »
Happy New Year Tony,

I know you are busy these days, but would appreciate, if you could reflect your wisdom on it, whenever you have time.

I am standing in my green bathroom door, waiting for the cobalt blue "overhead" water tank to fill. The water tank has been repaired, and I am watching to find out if it would leak.  To my dismay, it starts leaking water profusely from three different directions. The leak in the center is worse. The splash is so bad, it affects the top of the bathroom walls. I am distressed, and think, what a waste it was to spend Rps. 24,000 on its repair.

Best regards

Please see Read This First

Dream Interpretation / Re: Red and White AND Black and Brown
« on: July 19, 2022, 05:10:00 PM »

Giving feedback after ages. Because real life happened in between ;D

I resigned two months ago from this job, as I found this boss to be rather unprofessional.  Also found him to be a bit of a sleaze ball.  He might have intrigued me earlier on, but the fact that I make his physical harassment attempt unsuccessful, draws to the point, that I realize he is a sleazeball.  The last scene probably shows, how proud I am of my action, when I look over my shoulder.

Thank you, as always for making things clearer.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Star Gazing
« on: April 23, 2022, 08:08:24 PM »
WOW Tony!
I thought it was a spiritual dream. But I have never considered myself worthy of it or that I am at any spiritual level at all. I feel I am just ordinary.

And to this. Wow. Stay blessed.

Much love


Dream Interpretation / Star Gazing
« on: February 16, 2022, 10:40:04 AM »
Hi Tony,

Hope you are hail and hearty.  While waiting for your wisdom on my other dream, I decided to post another one for you. It's brief and simple.

I am gazing at the night sky full of stars, big and small. Right in the middle of the sky, a star explodes and gives birth to seven (7) discs, which kind of dance around, then form a line and go back into the exploded mass of the star.   The star then disappears leaving a blankness in the center of the sky.  While the rest of the sky shimmers with other stars. While this is happening, I am awestruck. I think really I have been chosen to watch this scene!! Like its really unbelievable!

Saw Kaaba in my dream. Kaaba, the holy cube structure in Islam, also known as House of Allah, inside Masjid-e-Haram, the mosque in whose center its located. That's it. Just that.

Looking forward to your wisdom.

Best regards

Dream Interpretation / Red and White AND Black and Brown
« on: February 13, 2022, 04:18:18 PM »
Hi Tony,

Hope all good with you.

I have had a couple of dreams that I can't get to the bottom of. And the common theme is my new boss. These are couple of months apart.

I am sitting inside a Cafe around a small round table, facing the road. The Cafe seems empty and there is no food or drink on my table. Neither are there any customers. And no staff to serve either. A beige Fortuner comes and stops outside this cafe and my new boss alights it. He silently stands outside it, looking in, thought the glass wall. I reluctantly get up once, and then sit down again. I do it once more and on the third attempt, I get up and go sit in the passenger seat of his car.  I am wearing black trousers, earthy-brown shirt and a black scarf.  As he has barely driven a couple of minutes, I realized that I have forgotten my laptop and handbag in the cafe. He reverses the car, and I get off, thinking he is going to scream and get angry. But as I come back bringing my shiny silver laptop and a black handbag, I feel pleasantly surprised about his patience.

I am wearing a pleasant red shirt (I still own it but haven't worn it for a long time), have short hair (I am looking younger and smarter than I am in real life) sitting at a boardroom table. The new boss is sitting at the head of the table. He moves his arm as though to graze my chest, but before he could, I move my right arm in front of my chest, as a barrier, making his attempt unsuccessful. His upper half seemed to be half lying on the table in this attempt. He is wearing dirty-earthy brown clothes. Then I am standing somewhere in the open wearing this red shirt and white trousers and I just look over my shoulder.

There is a large age difference between me and my boss. I thought I had understood the first dream, but this second one has me confused, because they both seem to be polar opposites of each other.

Please help.


Dream Interpretation / Stomach Cancer
« on: September 04, 2021, 05:21:44 PM »
Hi Tony,

Thank you for your generous interpretation of "Circle within a circle" dream.  There is much to chew there.

I had a disturbing dream and have been using your dream dictionary for interpretation, but am still slightly off track, I think.

I am busy cooking in a wide, open kitchen, and my brother is talking to me over my shoulder. He keeps talking, as I keep moving about. Then we go into some long discussion, that is completely erased from my memory. I have white plate in my hand with white boiled rice and cooked veggies that I am separating with a fork (there is shredded carrot there). Then the plate only has white rice and cooked leafy greens (spinach).  I am about to feed my mother who has long black hair, lying on her side, with a protruding stomach.  She has stomach cancer, and has only two days to live. Meanwhile, my brother leaves the room via a connecting passage which has big windows and you can see the daylight outside. He closes (almost slams) the door on his way out, taking away the view of the passage, while I am standing with the plate of food by my mother's bed.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the content of the conversation between us.

In reality my mother died one and a half years ago of ripe old age. She was 84, and had mental health issues her entire life. My brother inherited some of those mental health issues. My bro had partly taken care of my mom when she became bedridden.  He also had plans to migrate, which have not transpired yet. On the other hand I have had crohn's disease and am currently down with gallstone pain, and wonder sometimes if it could be more serious than that.

If this helps in any way, I had another weird dream a couple of weeks before this one, in which I saw the same brother fallen over his back with a rod sticking out of his stomach. And I am the one taking out that rod.

So is this indicating a health emergency for me? Or is it about him? Or is it about my mother's anti social, anti human attitude that i have never been able to digest? Is he forcing me to take an action, I don't want to?

Please help.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Circle within a circle
« on: August 14, 2021, 08:29:12 PM »
Dear Tony,

Your responses are always worth being weighed in gold.  8)

That said, I will not pretend to understand everything you have said, but at the same time, I think I do.

When I turned 40 (which was quite sometime ago), I had done major work on my psychological being. The first thing was to get rid of the negative influences on the self.  The influences that took too much head space and wasted so much life.  And in a lot of ways that was enough. As you said you remove the water plants and there is water. I removed those thoughts, and I found myself (it was a humongous task, but at least I got there).  That work also revealed to me, that all you need is inside of you.  And all you really need is you.

Despite doing so much hard work in the past, I am back to being stuck in a loop.  Same influences, same thoughts, and unable to get to the core of self, that operates me so well, where lies my peace.

Maybe its psychological laziness, or maybe I am just tired of this struggle, and for once, I just wanted Higher Being to intervene for me.

But apparently the Higher Being is telling me to get my act together.  So let's see.

Waiting for your book to be published soon.

Stay healthy. Stay blessed.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Circle within a circle
« on: August 01, 2021, 08:12:43 PM »
Hi Tony,

I appreciate Anna and ToBeAware's interpretation, but is there any more meaning to it then interpreted by them?


Dream Interpretation / Circle within a circle
« on: July 16, 2021, 07:45:02 PM »
Hi Tony,

Hope you are doing great.  Touching base after a long time.

Lately I have been devoting time to container gardening as I live in an apartment. A lot of dreams I am having for the last few months tend to pick symbols from this hobby. This is one such dream too. Also I am going through some tough circumstances on a different front and was angry with Almighty, during the prayer and before I went to sleep and had this dream. I was angry that I was not being heard, my prayers not being answered and he is not giving me a break.

The dream;
There is a small circle within a big circle. Both circles are full of soil and dark compost, like it has just been spread. The boundary of the circle seems like a black biodegradable material used these days to do container gardening. I am sitting in the smaller circle on a stool, with my gardening tools in a pot beside me, looking up.

The spread of compost is very neat and even.

After I woke up I thought, maybe I was looking up expecting rain!

Feeling frustrated at this end. Please help interpret.

Best regards

Dream Interpretation / Re: A Series of Dreams
« on: February 29, 2020, 05:11:50 PM »
Thank you Tony.

I know I am confused, but I believe that murderous rage is better than actually allowing ourselves to become exactly our parent, without even questioning what we are becoming.  Her lack of compassion, one-dimensional attitude towards people, her own children and the rest of the world, is what I dread, and at the same time fear, that I have absorbed it so much, that I have become her. God forbid.  And on another plane, I feel guilty for not taking care of her more. As children we are just destined to be f***** forever.

There are times, I take my dreams too literally.  Till your interpretation came to surface, I thought the first dream was about my sister being hoodwinked out of her rightful inheritance.  And with my Mom anything is possible!

Since these dreams, I have had more dreams about shipwreck, car getting out of control, catching fire and turning into ashes in a couple of seconds etc. 

Anyway, I am trying to keep a stiff upper lip. Let there be light, for me and everyone else looking for it.

Stay blessed.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Sun in the rain
« on: January 16, 2019, 06:03:13 PM »

Your last sentence hit home with such force that it took me a while to absorb and respond to you. :o

My mother was a controlling schizophrenic, who wanted the lives of her five children to revolve around her. Suffice it to say she succeeded quite well, as 4 out of 5 of us are single, never having been in a relationship.

I am 46+, so very much middle aged and ugly. And I think this dream came as a response to my internal argument. I was thinking that I never had children because I didn't want the psychological issues carried to another generation, and how in some ways its a good thing.  But maybe deep down, I know its her, and its hard to forgive her, for wasting my fertility.

With much love to you


Dream Interpretation / Sun in the rain
« on: January 08, 2019, 06:06:45 PM »
Hi Tony,

I hope life is treating you well. Seasons greetings.
Writing after a long time, as mostly I attempt to interpret a dream myself. However this dream left me disoriented for the day. So I need an expert opinion.

It's the old house where I grew up. One of it's room was semi constructed, space for two windows had been left but no windows had been installed. Brick walls would show because there was no plaster, and the roof was made of corrugated sheets. I am standing on the ledge of these windows, looking at the first floor neighbours window and there AC. Later, my brother is standing there with me but then he gets down and leaves saying something I don't remember. From the same window sill I see a light grey sky with a perfect round, sun. It's windy and it's drizzling, I can see the rain drops in the wind going in all directions but amid all that, the sun is very much there shiny, and round.

Later my mom is sitting in front of the other window in the same room. She is saying something, and as I look up, I see around five unattractive men, walking in a file on the neighbors roof and are looking at me. I tell Mom, who asks me to ignore them, but I go and stand by a wall, away from the gaze of men, and listen to my mother talk.

Its a bright sunny day, and a couple with their children are standing in a bazaar or a road. The husband is ugly. And they have two children a girl and a boy. Apparently I am middle aged and ugly, and I am giving advice to the woman in the couple about child rearing. She is young, fair, pretty, and pleasant with red lips. She tries to answer my objections but I don't let her, I keep talking. And I think, why am I giving her advice, when I don't have children of my own?!

Please help. Thank you.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Jugs
« on: October 03, 2017, 05:54:56 PM »
Thanks Tony. I am really confused.... :-[

My feelings for my boss are; that I like him, and I also detest him at times. So you could say they are conflicting at best.  The boss himself seems interested in getting to know me, but till now I have kept a safe distance. Strictly maintaining a boss-employee relationship.

Though I have not given mustache much thought lately, I remember, that I used to think that it represents a certain state of mind. Maybe men think they look more masculine, more strong, if they have one.  Trying to alleviate themselves in the eyes of others in some ways.

Jugs are the last thing that I think about these days, so that draws a blank. Is plastic worse than glass in dreams? And why green?

If this could help clarify it a little more, I would be grateful.

Thank you

Dream Interpretation / Jugs
« on: October 01, 2017, 06:28:13 PM »
Hi Tony,

Back on this forum after a long time. Hope all has been good at your end. :)

"I am lying sideways on a bed with white sheets. I am wearing a light blue printed shirt and white loose trousers. I am assuming that I am hiding myself with pillow on my face.  Right across from my bed is my boss sitting on a chair watching me.  He has a mustache, which he doesn't have in real life. I decide I might as well get up as the pillow doesn't hide all of me. There also seems to be a third person, somewhere on the side of the room, whose identity and presence are not well defined. As I sit on the bed, I see a slightly old, unclean, cloth lying on the ground.  On that cloth is one green, plastic jug/pitcher which belongs to me, and then there are several others, of different shapes and designs, all green.  All the other jugs have been brought at my boss's behest to match the one, that is mine, but they are all slightly different shades of green. There is no exact match.

None of the jugs have any water in them.  Its almost like they have been put there for exhibition."

Couldn't understand it, so writing to you.

Thank you

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