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Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream about Facial Skin
« on: July 22, 2015, 09:54:40 PM »

You are witnessing first hand (in the unconscious mind's special way) the new perspective of yourself resulting from change.  It is a new and fresh start, as you have indicated. In any case, it appears as if you have paid your dues in some way and now are ready for this fresh change.

- So yes, this dream is pretty straight forward (looking at the information that you have shared). Keep in mind that our inner feelings are mirrored in our dreams, and the unconscious mind tells it like it is. You're headed for a new way, a new start, and a fresh perspective of yourself.


Hello Devon,

It seems as if you are being cornered by the primal aspect of self. The large lizards (lethal), represent the most ancient drives that are alive within. These drives are relentless in their pursuit to be satisfied, regardless of the perils as you see in your dream. 
What I am saying is that you dream helps you to bring to consciousness, the concept, that in order to love you must lower the natural emotional barriers, and in so  doing, the probabilities of being emotionally isolated or obliterated raise.  The dump (having been dumped or understanding the emotional pain and desolation of being dumped by the one that you love), and yet you have the fortitude to brave the sexual drive that could leave you in such isolation once again. The natural "need" to procreate wins out.

As well, this drive is capable of negatively affecting those we are physically involved with, if we allow it to dominate the relationship (overdoing things).


Dream Interpretation / Re: Hello, I am new in here
« on: February 19, 2013, 05:50:25 PM »
Hello Rebecca,
Hello Rebecca,

Your dreams appear to be related, and seem to deal with your path of life relative to uncertainties as to how to go about making "things" better. It looks as if you go about life, physically drained, and therefore emotionally challenged, from time to time (but in somewhat of a recurring pattern). While your approach to resolving this situation seems to be steady, it is predictable. As of the last presentation of your dream it would seem that your approach  lacks  lacking energy and enthusiasm? Putting one foot in front of the other and hoping for the best is not  as much of an issue an issue as the fact that, what you experience is recurring.

Reading between the lines, it looks as if you are shown what is not happening in your life, and from the recurring nature of this themed dream, it is time to take notice. Laying low, and weathering the storm, has it's benefits, (after all you get to live to see the next day) but there seems to be no resolution.

Think about the lack of energy and enthusiasm that you feel (emotionally and/ or,  sexually) and how to better deal with "situations in life" that leave you drained. Resolution to those issues are key to a peaceful sleep!

all the best,



Dream Interpretation / Re: My first flying dream
« on: February 12, 2013, 05:47:02 PM »

This dream in particular , chronicles your maturation, or  personal development over a period of time (and more as you will see).   The news is very good! The unconscious mind tells it like it is, and in this dream,  using it's own language of  symbolism mixed with your own,  parallel to waking life, story line, I can see that you have come a long way.

The question of, how you ever have managed to become the person that you are, is addressed. Self understanding is doled out here as a result... very valuable information, if I may say so.   

In a huge way, we, (as an individuals), are  products of that which we are exposed. IN this dream you are getting a front row seat to this process, as it has influenced your life.  Your are clearly shown that there were really a combination of mentors working on your behalf, both early on, and, as you have progressed.  In your waking life there were those who helped you to find your niche or purpose (the furniture reorganization scene). This was done through, the process of life itself somewhat involuntary exposure, to different situations and experiences, AND there were unconscious influences (dreams), the part of you that allowed you  the luxury explore (without boundaries). It appears as if there were times where you lacked the skills connected to self control and without those you lacked confidence. I'll call it growing up... but now you have the tools necessary to achieve your goals and aspirations. You have a much better sense of control, which over time has led to a much greater degree of self confidence.   The point is, that you are the person that you have become, not by accident, but because you have paid attention, to both, influences in waking life, and unconscious exploration thereof (dreams).

This is a wonderful dream that lends to a degree of self understanding and invites the question of, just who should be included on the credits lines as the script of your life plays. Because of these wonderful experiences, again both waking life and unconscious influences contribute to your persona. From the architecture of the dream, it would seem to me as if you are in the early stages of employing all of the knowledge that you have amassed. Could you be standing at the threshold opportunity? I think yes!

Interesting to me is the missing link... free will, which seems to raise the bar a bit as if to say - So, you are who you have become, now what will you do with these skills and knowledge. Yes, it is up to your free will, as to how you will utilize the valuable knowledge that you have gained.  In the game of life it appears to be your move! Remember, you have the tools to follow your dreams!

all the best to you,


Dream Interpretation / Re: Factory in the woods
« on: February 11, 2013, 05:26:41 PM »
Hello Ruby,

It seems as if you are getting a review of with how you see yourself,(the person that you have become),  relative to "people & things" (events in your waking life) that you have endured or experienced. You have some degree of uncertainty about how you feel about yourself, and the unconscious mind has served up this food for thought especially for your benefit.

Your take on this self evaluation, is rather positive. At the same time, it appears as if you might secretly wish you had been one who had taken more risk, one who had lived a bit more on the edge, as opposed to  being more cautious in your choices.

The symbolism is wonderful showing the person who strives to stay balanced on the journey through life, (this is you), pouring out a ground up concoction (the raw make up of a person), only to find out that it was served up as a hamburger. I know, as this appears, it seems rather sick, but taken as the unconscious mind's symbolic presentation, it shows you are getting a self evaluating in a manner that is consistent with, pound for pound, the person that you have become (a purely objective view courtesy of the unconscious mind).
In your early childhood, you were fortunate to have a very positive influence, who helped you greatly...and is it paying off.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream within a dream
« on: February 06, 2013, 05:29:14 PM »
A dream within a dream form is often the minds way of offering a buffer zone of sorts... Allow me to explain.

When very emotional subject matter in our dreams is dealt with, we often wake up. Emotional frustration, anger, fear etc. in effect, hijack our dream to the point that adrenals pump chemicals into our veins and we wake. When a dream within a dream architecture is employed, we are less likely to wake because we realize that are not directly affected. The dreamer knows that he is dreaming and this awareness allows him to continue on and gain insight of the message from the unconscious that is so very important to us.



Dream Interpretation / Re: nightmares about the person i love having cancer
« on: February 04, 2013, 05:49:26 PM »
Hello Juliet,
Yes, dreams can be precognitive, and it is difficult to know when a dream is such, until that which is depicted, takes place in waking life OR, unless the dream takes a certain form that the dreamer understands as precognitive from specific prior experience.  While some dreams may be precognitive, it is my belief that the majority of our dreams are more of the highly intuitive kind rather than ones the show specific future events.

Lots of information is collected by the mind, reference points and self understanding is built,  and used to help us grow as a person. We gain "balance" as an individual  in this way. Through certain types of conditioning we build a collection of puzzle parts (in a manner of speaking), that give us higher and higher probability of anticipating probable events in our life.  All the while, priorities are placed on the subject matter that our dreams will cover and very near the top of the list is fear.

Your dream is, in fact, addressing a legitimate fear that you have based on a probability which is based on fact.

Given this, how could you not be concerned for your loved one. Unless specific events  or lapses  in his health are causing your concern,  you may want to call attention to your concern and ask him to have regular checkups that may detect threats to his health.

IN precognitive dreams that deal with illness, there are often very special warning symbols. In my experience with other dreamers through the years,  dreams that address illness feature in very specific symbolism. When the dreamer does not pay attention, the features often become even more glaring in dreams that follow. 


Dream Interpretation / Re: Last night's dream has stumped me. HELLLPPP!
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:47:59 PM »
Perhaps you are feelings as if you are taking on more of an authority figure role in life as of late. Realizing that you have more hair (as mentioned, and in places that you had not noticed)...may also point to the fact that you are taking on responsibility (decision making or becoming more authoritative), in areas of life (yours or others close to you) than you have previously realized.

In a manner of speaking, this happens when someone is not stepping up to the plate and the we take charge and finally realize that it is a role that has taken us over (not one that we had consciously decided to take on).


Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream within a dream
« on: January 21, 2013, 06:37:13 PM »

It seems as if you were quite smitten, and it appears as if either you were, or she was, hindered in some way as a result...


Dream Interpretation / Re: two questions..
« on: December 10, 2012, 04:51:44 PM »
Hello Anchy,

It is always helpful to know the details of the dream...the more detail that you include, the better probability of accuracy from my end. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the specifics I know.  Even without specifics important aspects can be gleaned.   

To shop in ones dream shows often indicates that the dreamer has something to decide or looking to fulfill a need (especially since this dream is a repeating theme for you). So during the period of  the time you had these dreams you were likely searching for answers, or looking to "buy into" a concept or idea. In the dream, if you had actually made a selection and then purchased you have likely made a decision. If you feel that your forgetfulness dream was directly associated to the decision and purchase dream, then it is possible that you have not followed that which you have decided upon.
Example... I once worked with a dreamer who had similar theme dreams. Like yours, they were presented back to back over a short period of time.  In her dream she was shopping for a book that would help her to understand and implement a better nutritional lifestyle and she was pleasantly surprised when she found just what she was looking for. She left the store but she also left her book, her wallet, and her purse. She went across the street to a cafe and had a very expensive lunch that she knew was bad for her health.  When she could not pay for the lunch (because she left her stuff across at the bookstore she asked the manager to allow her to leave to get everything she had forgotten at the bookstore.

She went to the bookstore and retrieved her wallet, and purse but she could not remember what she had bought.

IN essence she had made a decision, and a commitment, (buying in to the idea to do the right thing) but she did not follow through because she went across the street ( back to the old ways)  and forgot about it. 

IN reality she admitted that this is indeed what happened. She planned the perfect diet and new way of life but she soon fell off the wagon, (forgetting her commitment).

In some parallel way, it is likely that you have also forgotten about a commitment or have not followed through?


Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream Call from Ex
« on: December 01, 2012, 05:40:06 PM »

While it is important to pay attention to the details presented in the dream, remember that it is of equal importance to remember the feelings that were brought out by the dream experience. Dreams mirror our deepest feelings and emotions etc. and your dream seems to be showing that dealing with your ex is an annoyance to you. Such contact in waking life draws you in but in reality it is counter productive to moving forward. 

Stepping back a step or two and seeing a bigger picture,  (looking at the dream in the same light but in a more general way), the dream is about a control that your ex has over you. Apparently your life is disrupted when there is contact or perhaps event just the thought of her (or people in your life that are like her) is a disruption and it is annoying.

The dream brings to consciousness these feelings within and allows you to explore how similar situations make you feel.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Dreaming of myself with Red Eyes..
« on: November 21, 2012, 02:12:30 PM »
Hello Alissa,

Our dreams are very often filled with word play and metaphor that reflect our deepest feelings and emotions and your dream seems to be no exception.

A bit cliche but so true, is the saying, that the eyes are the windows to our souls and when combined with your recent  homecoming there is information being brought to consciousness in your dream. Think of the symbolic aspect of all of the facets of your dream and you should find questions that have been raised and awareness of how you feel in waking life relative to changes that you have experienced.

It appears that you have returned to a place that you have known well, yet it so much is different these days. Yes, the eyes give it away. Red in the context of your dream reflects mounting anger (from deep within) and symbolism that shows that there is much emotion that you are revisiting, as a result of your new/old environment.  Going  further, the anger that you feel is not simple anger but but an increasing amount of deep seated anger (residual anger from unresolved past issues.

As a result of this dream you may wish to meditate or think back for the purpose of identifying the source of anger and anxiety left unresolved, from the previous station in life that you are revisiting. Address your emotions and you will find resolution and inner peace. You dream is one of acknowledgment so that inner healing may begin. It is time to search, find, and heal.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Giant oak on a cliff
« on: November 14, 2012, 06:50:34 PM »

Your dream is quite interesting to me. I have read and reread it several times and it leaves me wondering what might have incubated (caused) this dream. I can easily think of several scenarios.

Rather than speculate about a specific cause, I will take a couple of steps back, and say that your dream seems to be showing quite a bit about the person that you are (as of late).  It shows that you have been involved in a thought process that is rather open minded.  You have stepped out of what might well be a norm, for you, and explored options.   The fact is,  that you are very much inclined to cling to a strong and traditional way of thinking (maybe even a way that your ancestors have seen things). If nothing more, you understand the stability of tradition (the oak growing out of the rock) although you are very open minded. In some way you feel trapped by traditional  or ancestral thinking although you are not afraid to revisit it. In so doing you find it difficult to return to your mainstay.   A new way of thinking has been on your mind but it is difficult to move from the stability that you have enjoyed.

If your dream has to do with presidential elections and the politics associated, I would not be surprised, but looking deeper your dream shows that you are rather set in your ways, and at the same time very open minded (at least thinking about change).

It is always a natural and good thing to visit the strengths of past ways and traditions that have facilitated success. In the same way it is good to have an open mind.


Dream Interpretation / Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
« on: November 14, 2012, 06:11:35 PM »
Thanks for clarifying, Tony. I thought that I was clear, in making the point that this was only an issue of mistrust...not reality.


Dream Interpretation / Re: My Dream About My GF and My Father Having Sex
« on: November 08, 2012, 04:15:19 PM »
Hello Hiroyuk1,
I will try to be succinct and at the same time gently broach the subject  matter of your dream.

The information that you shared regarding waking life "stuff" that has occurred between your father and your lady, and the dream that you were presented with, shows in a very direct way, that you distrust your father, and, or, girlfriend...depending on your perception, (in your dream) of her willingness to engage with your father, in the dream. 

The part of you that is your mentor and friend (the unconscious mind) brings these emotions to the forefront in your dream for a reason. Plain and simple, you harbor distrust toward one or both of them. In addition, I see this dream as a wake up call that your emotions regarding distrust need resolution. The emotional kettle is on the boil and it is time to work on this issue of distrust before it boils over (so to speak). 


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