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Dream Interpretation / A dream of blood and multiple perspectives
« on: December 03, 2012, 12:06:15 AM »
In the dream I am within my own body and feeling sensation, but I am also (simultaneously) seeing myself from a third-person perspective. Both perspectives, although clearly me, seem to be separate beings. To complicate things even more, there is a 3rd person also present who remains shapeless, and exists only through his/her feelings.

I am clothed in white and feel as if I am laying down. However, the third-person perspective sees me as simply suspended in white space. Until this point I am unaware of the 3rd person. Blood begins to flow from my lower abdomen, and gradually soaks through my clothes.

This is where the dream gets the most complex: I feel the presence of a "3rd" person in the dream, and I am aware that they are horrified, and their response to the blood both confuses me and makes me concerned for them. From a first-person perspective I know ahead of time that I am going to bleed, and so the blood does not shock me. The only sensation I feel is warmth (presumably from the blood) over my lower abdomen. I feel completely relaxed. From a third-person perspective I am concerned and confused by the blood, and begin searching the body (which I can identify as my own) for any lacerations. I first evaluate my bare thighs, then my clothed hips, and lastly, the clothed center of my pelvic/lower abdomen region. There I find a dark circle of blood, which I decide must be a puncture wound. Then I - from both 3rd and 1st person perspectives at the same time - open my mouth to speak, and I wake up.

Greetings / Hello...
« on: December 02, 2012, 11:33:47 PM »
I am thankful to have found this site.
I have always been an avid (and often vivid) dreamer.
However, I did not begin to understand the significance of this until recently.
I was largely unaware of how disconnected many people are from their dreams, as my dreams have always been important to me.
The desire I feel to explore my dreams more deeply borders on desperation. I feel compelled to learn more.
I am looking forward to learning with/from others.

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