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Ever since we moved in our home about 17 years ago I always had a nightmare of me being scared in my house and I try to turn on the lights and the lights will not turn on they would not work I would go to everyroom and none of the lights would work. As years went by when my daughter got older I was talking about I had another nightmare of the lights not working well my daughter heard me talking about it and she said every time she has a nightmare she tries to turn the lights on and they don't work.We have seen ghosts in our house mostly in the day but sometimes at night.I have a picture of a orb and inside the orb it looks like a demon face. I don't get scared during the day just annoyed sometimes I'm sleeping and you hear them or it running from down stairs up to the upstairs and into my room and just stands they're right by my bed so if I'M really tired I just ignore it but if it's intense I have to turn around and see why it's looking at me but of course when I turn around No one is there.I also have a dream of my house but in my dream there's a secret door and I go thru the door and it's a whole other house but the house is huge tons of rooms more than one kitchen just a huge house and it's all behind
this secret door this door though is hard to get to and it's a tight door like you have to be skinny to get thru the door.I hope you can come to a conclusion to this I'm just lost what to think or do.

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