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Greetings / Hi ya Tony and forum members...I'm new
« on: January 13, 2013, 06:06:48 PM »
This is the first time I've ever joined a forum, but I came across Tony's site because for the first time in years I had to look up the meaning of a simple dream I had last night .  

Tony, I have been reading your thought provoking articles all afternoon and your biography was a very interesting read, you have done so  much, thank you for sharing it all with us. :)

I know you are a very busy man, but if you do have chance to see what you can make of my dream that would be great.
I dreamed that my old boss Karen (who is now a v successful sci fi writer and a strong woman who I admired a lot and have not set eyes on for 10yrs) gave me a little black pet mole as a present.  It was cute at first and I studied it closely and can see its face now in my mind, but have never even seen a real mole or a close up pic of one   lol.....I was holding it and stroking it , but then it became aggressive and bit me and would not let me hold it.  I was in a Library full of shelves of books and this mole kept nipping me and escaping from my grasp and I was chasing it all over the library in between the shelves for a long while.........I don't usually dream about animals, but a few weeks ago I had the same sort of dream but about black Ravens attacking me and one just stting there staring at me by my bed.....it was so real I can recall the birds face and how it looked at me!!

I have always had v vivid dreams and as a 6 year old was told my Mother died in my dream.  When my Dad came to wake me and my 11 yr old cousin (who was staying over) and tell us the bad news, I told him first and he never forgot it.
He was amazed how I could ever possibly know, because we were fast asleep, both of us were totally unaware what had gone on downstairs that night before.
I've had many prophetic dreams too, I have dreamed my teeth fall out and then learned a family member has died the next day, this happened with my Nan and two Uncles.

I used to own dream interpretation books in my twenties and just before my wedding I woke up choking.... dreaming that I had swallowed my engagement ring!! The books said it was not a good omen for the marriage but I still went ahead anyway. :-\

I've been married 27yrs in May and it has been difficult.  

Anyway,  I have continued to dream consistantly, but for about 19yrs, ignored looking for meaning in them because after studying the bible and attending Christian meetings I was led to believe that dream interpretation was a form of divination!!.....but was not always convinced it was a bad thing, but stopped anyway ???

However, in the last 4yrs since my Dad died I have has a massive change of mind over everything!!  I have woken up to so many things and how we have all been lied to so much. I have read as much as pos re other religious philosphies, secret societies and the secret agenda, meta physics,  Astro theology, exo politics, ancient civilisations etc.....trying to find some answers I suppose.

I think now Tony, as you said in one if your articles, maybe we have the answers ourselves and just need to pay attention to find the meanings behind these pictures and symbols.

At this point, I have over the past few weeks paid attention to my 'other world....which is incredible and sometimes exhausting...my dreams'.  I'm keeping a diary for a while of them to start with.

Sorry, this was a bit long, but no one I know even remembers their dreams, I think it's a taboo subject so I don't really discuss them with anyone except my husband and now you.!

Take care Chrisitna   

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