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Dream Interpretation / Being trapped in a lift
« on: September 16, 2011, 05:12:09 AM »

I recently had a dream that I was somewhat stuck in a lift. The dream started with the lift full of other people I don't really recognize and I know that I was supposed  to get off on the 7th floor. But when the lift stopped on the 7th, somehow I didn't get off. And I only realized that I passed the 7th floor when the lift reached the topmost floor, 18th floor and I was the only person left on the lift. So I decided to operate the buttons but eventhough I keep pressing floor number 7 somehow the lift just goes up and down but never really stopping on the 7th floor. Finally I decided to just get off on the 10th floor but getting out of the lift was not that easy. I had to use the emergency stop button and had to crawl my way out of the partially opened elevator doors. When I got off on the 10th floor, I ran across an officemate and just took the stairs to get to the 7th floor. And the dream ended there.

Two days later, I dreamt that I was riding a passenger jeepney directly behind the driver. And as I was passing one of the passenger's fare, the driver looked my way. And although I can't really recognize his features, somehow I know that I know him. The scene changed after that and I was riding a car with my family and me being the driver. The scene suddenly changed again and I was outside the car running trying to keep up with the car.

I don't really remember dreams as vividly as I had these dreams and I feel like these dreams are trying to tell me something. I have recently been having frustrations both with my work and my relationships and I'm hoping you could all help me understand if these frustrations have something to do with said dreams.

Thank you! :)

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