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Greetings / Hello!
« on: September 06, 2013, 07:00:09 AM »
Hi, I didn't see this before i posted my first post. But I've being using your website for a few years. I am very excited about this forum!  :D

Dream Interpretation / Spirits
« on: September 06, 2013, 06:40:14 AM »
Hi Tony -- I love your work and always go to your site for guidance, but I cannot seem to piece together this dream I had recently.  This dream is so vivid, that I still think about it -- even though 2 weeks had passed.

The dream started off with me travelling with some of my relatives on a standard van-bus (it was a cross between a van and a bus). I remember sitting in the back seat and turning to look who was travelling with us -- which included my closet cousin, her parents, my uncle H and my grandmother (who's passed on). My uncle H was the driver and my grandma as riding shot gun with no seat belt. I remember sitting at the very back and wondered how my grandma in her tiny frame got onto such a monstrous vehicle. Then I realized how unsafe it was for her to be there.  As soon as that thought entered my mind, she suddenly rolled to the front of the bus to the foot of the door. I hurried to the front and placed her back in place. Feeling frustrated at the situation, I stayed and awkwardly acted as her "human seat belt" to prevent another fall until our stop. Strange thing was, I don't remember seeing my grandma's face the whole time, I only saw her back and myself holding her.

The bus-van continued on through narrow, winding mountain roads until it came to a place which felt almost like paradise.  It was a clear blue lake nestled between the magnificent mountains. In front of the lake was an observation deck enclosed at the top with a chair in the middle. Everything appeared serene and calm on the surface -- but there was a slight feeling of unease.  I carefully transported my grandma from the bus-van to the chair on the observation deck. As I helped her into her seat, I was suddenly uncertain of her identity. She was somehow no longer my grandma --  as she was significantly younger even though I still could not see her face. The only thing I was certain of, was that I knew she was a woman whom I had to protect and be responsible for. At that same moment,  her clothes were someone stripped from her body and her limbs became weak. I held her in place, once again acting as the "human seat belt". Except this time, I also had to keep her from being exposed using these white cloak/sheets that magically appeared into my hands.

I remember feeling frustrated and tied down (literally) by the responsibility.  I turned to look at the body of water in front of us for a split second to take in the serenity. And I don't remember letting go, but I must of because she now disappeared from my arms. From the corner of my eye, I saw her behind me, gathering some refreshments on a table with white table cloth. I rushed towards her, feeling relieved that she was safe, and not as weak as she once was. I was so close that I could almost touch her, but I didn't.  Something didn't feel right. I turned around and looked back into the body of water pass the observation deck. There appeared a boat and a woman with long hair in jeans and a white t-shirt. I watched carefully not making any moves. I knew she was going to fall into the body of water. But I didn't know what to do. Suddenly, there was a man with her and I felt relieved. I could tell, they were both searching for something. They looked into the water below and I followed their gaze. Below the boat in the water was a child playing.  They signalled for the child to swim towards the secret passage underneath the boat. I felt their urgency and worry, and I too want the child to be safe in the secret passage way. As the child entered into safely, someone else appeared. I always knew someone else was there with them on the boat, but I didn't see him until now. "He" stood at the edge of the secret passageway  beneath the water. He was a "spirit" and he was not going to make things easy for the couple on the boat. I continued watching, and suddenly the man and woman on the boat was thrown into the water by invisible forces. It was obvious that it was the spirit who was causing the disturbances and there was nothing i could do.  Each time they almost reach to safety, they were thrown back into the water. Finally, the spirit let them go and they were safely on the boat far from harm. The spirit and I are now looking at one another from afar.  I looked at him until I woke up. The spirit was not evil, nor did I feared him (despite his act). There was a feeling of familiarity and  intrigue from him.[/color]

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