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Dream Interpretation / Re: Circle within a circle
« on: July 22, 2021, 04:37:09 PM »
hello i think your dream adds yor gardeingproject and you feeling towards allmighty, together. You want help to grow, to come further, and you also have made a good preparation for it to be functional, so why is this not happening yet, is some of your feelings?

Dream Interpretation / Terrorgroup in town
« on: July 22, 2021, 04:26:22 PM »
Some morning ago i dreamt this

I was walking in the center of my town, behind a corner i see a long weapon, I turn to take another way. There just after turning I see all corners occupied with a terrorist with kalaschnikov, I did pass one but could feel my stressed appearing made harm, I did look inside stores to find if I could walk in and flee. I was then back to where I saw the pattern of them all, and I didnt know where to go to find my way away from this situation in the town.

And this is a sad reflectation over what I feel for the Talibans in Afghanistan, for what terrorist has managed to do with me, after happenings the past years, and how I feel som people live in their daily life, this is not how earth is meant to be.

General Discussion / The appreciation of a good site!
« on: June 22, 2016, 02:35:27 PM »
I never found a site where the owner and responder is the guru itself, until I found this site. And I am amazed to the engagement in the answers the respect of us questioning and the time it must be to make this effort. Thank you so much!!

So you others lets continue this thread  ;)

love from ToBeAware

I remeber this time i life to be a bit caotic according to relation, sex and lonliness-feelings. So the lizard could be my loneliness who had sex with one I didn't wanted a relation with, and also told so (the wasp), and anyway I let it happen and asked me after why. Me and my lonliness use to argue from time to time during all my life. Me and my sexual me has been supressed for lo g time but was free after many years, and still are, now with more sense according to how I prefer it to be.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Advice from a centaur?
« on: June 22, 2016, 12:57:52 PM »
I'm so greatful to your answers, I'm not continously sitting by my different homepages, and that makes me forget to look for the answer, and sometimes the connection interrupts before I am finished. And my life changes so now it was years I looked closer to this site.

Thanks anyway I'll go to answer the lizard-dream question. The competition is life where you are involved in the rules of the commerse, and you helped me understand. That even if I am a idealistic wanna-be I think also we idealist tend to be competing between each other, some of us, inside the commerse but between each other. Anyway I belive we can come outside the competing society, but I have comfortness in parts of this life I value high, even if it makes me limited.

Questions about dreams / Flash dream? a special kind?
« on: October 17, 2013, 06:26:35 PM »
I haven't often had Flash Dream but I am curious about them.

For me they have happened just as a fall asleep, or I am not really asleep but almost there, but I have a strong feeling, a feeling I cannot really tell in Words, I need to have time to learn to know it. The two times I've had this kind of dream the feeling has been not positive.

The first was when I was into my divorce some years ago, in the bed just Before sleeping we hug, and my flashdream appear. it is a rat running out a slightly open door, inside from where it comes is Bright light.

The next was some Days ago. I had a bad feeling and couldn't understand why it was in the way it was. So actually I thought, well, let's sleep I might Dream to understanding. And very much more quickly than I expected, a flashdream showed a spider on a rotten Woodblock, moving quickly. I reacted physically direct, my reflection was very hard, like when I see snakes and jumps Three meter in real, but this in bed without body-control since I was recently asleep.

read the dictionary about spider and can find my feeling fit to - to eat or be eaten.

But just this flashes, they are like not really a Dream,I have been very awake directly after them, they like hit me. is their kind some typical Quick-fix for make my feeling more visible to me. And how they appear? Are they typical, is there more to know/understand about them??

Dream Interpretation / Same person falling down stairs again and again
« on: October 17, 2013, 06:02:26 PM »
Long time since last time, I've had simple Dreams I've understand for a while, this anyhow, gives me some questions. A short memory from the Dream this night.

In my Dream I am seeing this as I see a Movie: on the stairs into a/my home, it is outside, is a person, I recognize her from past time not friend not enemy, it was just the same place where we educated. She was a bit slow in her mind and her body was a bit wrinkled, but she could manage Life with a Little help. As she comes up the not very high stairs, she falls down from them and she links up again and fall down again. I'm not sure whether she is falling herself or if "the house" doesn't let her in.

Why falling many times? I she a part of me? or, as she is outside, could she be someone I try, to let in to my "home"/,myself?

She doesn't fit to be my boyfriend from how she were when we educated, but his ache is able to be long-time body-trouble , and that is a worry.

On the upper floor of my house (me?) on the writing desk in a cup among a few pencils, is the back of a lizard (perhaps a salamander) with its nose down, it is struggling to come up with not very good success. I really don't like this lizard, I feel disgusted and run downstairs to find something to get rid of it.

There I meet what seems to be good friends to me, a wasp and something else I can't remember. We discuss whether the wasp is big enough to fight the lizard out of the house. The wasp turn and sure, it is big, almost as big as the lizard.

So together the wasp and this other creature goes to the lizard and while it is struggling they get it down to first floor, and drops him before they manage to get him out. The lizard seems to be light-shy and is directly going towards closest pile of stuff, there he finds plastic things with similar surface as his skin, and seems to find comfort among them. During this situation I change my feeling from disgusted to "what a sad creature".

Dream Interpretation / Re: new to this
« on: January 13, 2012, 10:32:42 PM »
Perhaps MEASURE me don´t mean by length, instead give me limits and frames in where I can live free and anyway handle the fears you have for what I am tempted and pushed to try when I go to test my limits.

Dream Interpretation / Advice from a centaur?
« on: January 13, 2012, 10:27:55 PM »
It's far between me remember my dreams now, but this I am Happy y I remember parts of.

First I ask, howcome the dream created a centaur?

And the dream

I am according to my surrounding situation asking for advice. My searching let me now I will go to that "person" a small walk from my situation. There I meet a handsome centaur (horse and human), he understand my need without asking, carry me in his arms for a while towards what I suppose he wants me to see. After a while he gets me up on his back, a really tempting feeling while riding further to the place occurs in me.

The place might have been by this shore where we stop, the tempting feeling is away, but I am more safe with the centaur now. A big bay,  the thing we look at far over the water is a velodroom-formed competition arena. There is white cars, all similar, on their way to start a competition between each other. Behind them big lorries for the same reason. The centaur drops me off, and leave me for joining this competition, it is a long distance  to that place, but he went there for a competition between centaurs.

I have some kind of view of the meaning, but I'm so curious why it was a centaur?

Dream Interpretation / Re: burnt snake
« on: September 26, 2011, 09:06:40 PM »
I want to give my view of a part of your dream. For me the snakes in my dreams tells me about my feelings according to changes. I've turned back to a happier life in a dream when I met the snakes, not that I feared them, but they were a bit part of a not nice place, and i have eaten snake.

And if it could be similar in your dream that snakes have a meaning according to your feelings/thoughts about a change in your life. Perhaps that can help you understand what feelings your dreams attend to. And then add it to Tony's interpretation and make the meaning of your dream even more clear. Or just leave this ahead, its good for me to think so, I don't yet know if it fits others, I'm fine anyway  :)

Dream Interpretation / Week-end, time for good sleep and dreams.
« on: September 24, 2011, 02:11:45 PM »
I really looked forward for a long morning and time to sleep, just to be able to dream and this I got.

Dream 1. I had the feeling we were outside a house just by the wall of it, sitting close to the ground. There was me and a few children, and this children seemed to be brothers and sisters, They had a baby, sister or brother, sleeping in a ground pit of sand, by the wall of the house. The baby was a bit covered by the sand and the head was almost covered that too. I felt this was not what it should be, but the children around meant this was how the child use to sleep. The sand seemed to partly cover both eyes and mouth, almost to the amount it would bury the child. I almost stretched my arms to grab the child to sweep off the sand, but as the children told me that this was how it was used to be when their sister/brother slept, I felt I perhaps shouldn't do it.

My own interpretation of no1. Hm, I need to check a bit in the dream-dictionary, I'm a bit confused over the content. But in a way, one thing I know about myself is that I often prevent myself to do what I feel to do, because I think it is not what someone else (mostly someone close) expect me to do. And I have no children.

Dream 2. very simple, I remember just a pair of rubberboots in a house hallway, almost empty but the rubberboots.

My own interpret of no 2. I like rubberboots, I have some practical things i need to do before I feel home where I live. I often use rubberboots, for sure, when I do practical things outside,  I think it was something about my "need" to start those small projects I have in front of me.

Dream no 3. me and a guy I can't replace in real life, come with a bus to a simple busstation building. By there is plenty of young people. We will go further soon, by bike out in a landscape of agricultural land and forest land mixed the roads are mostly gravel. But not the one we came from with the bus. I (this is quite usual in my former dreams) walk a bit stressed around in the waiting-room-area of the busstation-building, trying to find what we need for our travel. While this the young people walk around among me. I go out and ahead of me, behind a hill/ (small long hill, like a loudbarrier), there is a typical Swedish red villa with white corners. High up in the sky I see a big big bird, flying in a strange way, I cry out, "look there is an eagle". When focused the eagle we see it it stuck in a kite, where the end of the rope is in the eagles body, and the kite itself hanging down. The kite goes stuck into a mess of powerline, mostly into the one closest to the villa, witch leads into the house. Suddenly a yellow-green smoke comes up from the villa, it coveres the sight so we can't see the eagle, it disappear quick and we see flames from both the chimney and the rooftop of the villa, enough to be a huge emergency.

My own interpretation of no 3. It´ll take some effort, many questions, quite interesting..

Hello again, again,
the thing about this dream is in a way telling me things I perhaps can interpret myself. The guy, we don't meet or talk perhaps only once a year for some minutes, but we happened to have a god chat about a year ago for some days. I had the day before the dream, got a letter with participants for a meeting I was going to, his name was there.

In real life shame is what I surround my feelings with all day, because of my recent divorce. I meet another guy, and to have a partner that quick make the shamefeeling really huge, it is in a way enough with the divorce itself. I know I don't need to feel ashamed, it is just the feeling I have. The guy I meet is special, I like him, we're trying that is all, and there had been an arguing between us the day before the dream.

So the dream. I think it was telling me that with that kind of guy I would not feel ashamed among my friends etc, we are more the same kind of persons, he fits into what I feel, perhaps proud of, for my parents and friends. I think it was an example to show me how to have a relationship and not feel ashamed also. He does not live close so the start of a relationship would be easy to make discrete. Then the really narrow road could be that I think a future with him will be really not mainstream according to our similar evaluations, and I will like the "landscape".

I don't let this dream lead me, I like it though, and I would like to meet the guy. He did not come to the meeting. I don't even know if he is single so I don't make big thing of it. And I don´t like that I would feel better with another type of guy, I don´t want that? I want to feel good with the one I have, at least first. But the dream could have told me I have lost the feelings I need for a relationsship with him. So I go on to my struggle to trust and know what my feelings mean, I just have to learn to interpret them, also outside my dreams, he he.

This dream makes me of course curious about future...and gives me a bit to talk about with the guy I meet...

So that's what I think the dream meant and gave me, but I am still confused over the visiting of the old people on the upper floor and especially the TV-program, why did it concern everyone? And how narrow and weak anyway of stone, can a road be, what can that tell in a dream?

And also, yea it was a pretty good day for relationship :)


Dream Interpretation / Re: The host/teacher disappeared in a hole of ice
« on: September 20, 2011, 10:23:13 PM »
Hello again Tony, it is always a bit of a happy jump in my stomach to have got an answer :)

I think you are right about that I wanted to let a part of me disappear. I felt uncomfortable the morning I woken after this dream, perhaps just according to that I felt the girl disappearing actually was the part of me that I usually show and think I am. But what happened the following days in my sense was a feeling of relief and freedom. So I actually think the disappearing part was the one who tells me what is right and wrong according to "what is expected from me". In a way I am on my way to come to trust to my feelings. Well at least that's what I believe, but I'll perhaps know later, life goes on. and well yes I am on the other side of the river I think, free and a bit lost, I don't know how it looks here yet, but am anyway ready for...whatever comes.

Thanks for your interpretations,

Dream Interpretation / Why the house with the oldies, the narrow road etc?
« on: September 11, 2011, 10:27:48 AM »
This dream I want to keep, to compare with according what is happening to me in future:
I think the parts I remember in the dream started with me and a guy I have a good eye on, and have thought of for a while, though we have no contact. We went off something, perhaps a bus, we were then in the middle of a street party with joyful people of all ages. We did not know what they celebrated. The place was where my parents had their house until my mother died five years ago. It is a nice quite idyllic village and the surroundings around where they lived was old with nice old villas and big green gardens. In this dream the area was a bit different. Me and my friend, we where close friends in the dream, passed the celebrating people and went in to a white typical old Swedish villa, and there we ended up on the upper floor. We sat concentrated in a bed watching TV, I have the feeling the program was about something who concerned everyone and that was why we could go in to this unknown house and sit down on a bed. When the program was finished, we stood up. In the bed we had sat on the edge, behind us laid an old man, not particularly weak, instead just part of the interest of the program and the bed was his so he lay down among us to watch the program. Also his wife appeared old and strong her too. I tried to tell who I was according that they were neighbour to my parents. I'm not sure I succeed to make them understand. There was no harm that we had been there, we just thanked that we could be there and on the way out again just outside the house I saw my parents house.

Howcome I don't know. Instead of walking to my parents house, we walked a bit, we were close to each other and I made some invitations to have sex while walking, the place was not good for that, but I was not refused we just saved the occasion for later. Suddenly we had jumped on a bus (again?). The bus took us directly out in a strange green altough nice landscape. There were cozy houses and gardens on one side of the very narrow road, and forest on the other side. The road was too narrow for the bus, in reality, and for some parts built with big flat stones. We went over a bridge also with this flat stones to drive on, in reality the bus' wheels would get stuck on each side of this bridge. The bus seemed to drive over to very nice calm cats laying on the bridge, they made no attempt to move and seemed pleased even when this big bus drove over them. The road had also very sharp curves, and the bus could make them, some of them more than 90 degrees, without destroying the surroundings, fences to the gardens etc.

I tried to tell the busdriver and another women that we had taken the wrong bus, or the wrong direction. They did not stop the bus anyway and there the dream finished. All the time in the bus my friend was sitting back in the bus, and did not take much notice of my talking to the others.

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