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Dream Interpretation / Hands cut off, buckled weddingrings
« on: February 14, 2011, 08:43:36 PM »
I walk on the local street were I´m raised, it is a grey feeling and also an empty feeling, but it is still the "normal" surroundings. I walk toward my old home where I was raised until older teen-age. In front of the entrance, just outside on the street, there is gravel and earth brusched together to form a softer edge to the trottoar. I here see a buckled ring, the same kind me and my husband has, as I look deeper in the gravel I see more buckled rings and I know it is weddingrings. There is also hands, pale and they are cut off, and all are shaped calm lame, but not bloody. I stand up, worried, look at the front of my old home, it looks really empty. I wonder if I should phone a friend or the police, I have the feeling this is something bad to report, I decide to phone the police. - End

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