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Dream Interpretation / The host/teacher disappeared in a hole of ice
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:12:41 PM »
This dream makes me a bit uncomfortable:

We, a not big not small group, are in a room similar to a classroom, the building though is feeling more like a conference-building. The door from the room goes directly to the outside, where a wooden-deck is following all the building, and outside this deck is a big water, in this dream covered by ice.

We have recently gathered and someone who seems to be the leader of us, a small happy and forward women (I recognize myself in that behaviour), starts to say hello and gather us for telling what we are there to do. I don't know what it is but all of us had something in common. But just as she started to talk, she turns, goes out on the deck. We/I followed, stunned by why she made so, I just see her hand reach for help up from an ice-hole not bigger than the hole after an ice-drill for fishing. I get really stressed and try to grasp the hand but she drops down out of reach into the hole, I then go after something, and find a long stick to put into the hole to her to fetch. But before I put the stick into the hole, I see the hand disappear in free water under the ice, very thick ice, about 2 meter thick.  And i feel I can't help her anymore.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:06:59 PM »
And still my question about the port-dream, howcome this concrete and containers? I wonder if they is comparable to like shallow, materialistic values? I in a way am a bit afraid that I in my new life has to pass a time through people and values which I value as shallow, and this in a city, but also I think I am wrong about this. I am very peculiar about that strange landscape in my dream.

Well actually when i travel I have mostly pictures of the different landscapes we have passed, I think it tells so much about a country, what struggles has been done to come to the society that country is today. So perhaps this is why this port-landscape has been stuck on my eyes since i dreamt this dream.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Port, crowd, containers, forward
« on: July 22, 2011, 08:53:44 PM »
Still about the river-dream. There is a bit interesting for me that during the time between the dream where I got stuck in the middle of the river and when I later dreamt it had a bridge, I have been psychologically working, on a decision of a "good" separation (as good it could be), I.e a divorce. Actually it is the later dream who told me that the harmless crossing by a bridge, was why I didn't act quicker in my decision, I wanted to build a bridge over trouble water...

When I first wrote about the river you suggested me to follow the water down the waterfall, I asked you if my holding to the bottom of the river was because i was a chicken. I now has found out I am, it has taken long time.

Anyway, what I think will be fun later is if I will dream with me on the other side of the river or not. I have always been on the right side of the river, according to the water flow direction, also in another dream who was close before my life changed earlier in my life.

Dream Interpretation / Abnormal cat and me in a pit on a field
« on: July 20, 2011, 06:50:43 PM »
I am on a nice grassy field, there is a cat around me, on the behind of me I see another cat coming, I suppose it is the shy one I happened to lock in the basement for a couple of days (in reality), yes it was that cat, it passed me quickly running. On the other side of the field I see my own cat, and I feel both the I like him and the worrying feeling, because he can be bothered from other cats, and friends with some (in reality). I take some steps and am suddenly in a pit in the field. Around the pit walks an abnormal male cat, big, very muscular also in his face, and his fur has bright varying colours like floated spread around. I try to take control of him to make sure he doesn't bother the other cats, especially not mine who (in reality) is used to be chased from bigger cats. I am lucky with my attempt directly, the big cat seems to make no harm, but instead I am physically bothered because the big male cat wants to be too close too me.

Dream Interpretation / Port, crowd, containers, forward
« on: July 01, 2011, 10:15:25 AM »
Hello, I haven't dreamt so i had remember for a while. But now I've had holiday for a while and things is still changing in life, and it gives me interesting dreams.

This is what i remember from my dream this night and i wonder a bit about parts of it, especially the landscape.

We are a huge crowd walking with quite determined direction, I cannot see towards what, but we are among big dark containers in a big huge port, there is anyway daylight and good atmosphere. There is a calm big (boring but fresh) water surrounded by this port, all very exploited, no nature. I see no ships. We are a happy crowd and some of us is searching to find a quicker way forward, running in between the containers looking for better passages.

What I'm most concerned about in this dream is the very exploited landscape, I am a person who loves nature, I see the green parts of the world as provided for the survival of human living and engage in environmental causes. And have most of my adult years lived close to nature.

Well. I also want to mention a development from another dream I sent you some months ago. The former dream was about a stream, waterfall in a big wild landscape, I tried to cross the stream but by half I stopped, and the stream almost took me towards the waterfall, but I kept holding to the bottom.

The development: I dreamt yesterday about a very similar landscape and river, there where though a bit more people around, and there was a simple bridge over the stream. I was still though on the same side as I started.

and my dreams reflects my life and feelings and thinking, like it.  :)

Questions about dreams / Waters, rivers and to feel the bottom
« on: March 19, 2011, 10:10:25 PM »
Hello Tony, I have had a dream about av strong vivid water river, in a wild typical Nordic forest landscape. I crossed this water half, always holding myself safe to the bottom cliffs. By the middle the other side was more vivid, like a stormy water and the stream/direction was directly before a hash waterfall. I lost for a second my contact with the bottom and felt me nearly taken by the stream towards the waterfall. But I grasped again the bottom, it ended there: I understood my dream from your book, I am still in that position, i.e before the big trouble to make a difference. But in your book there was nothing said about bottoms of lakes and rivers. I suppose my strong holding to the bottom has some meaning, am I a chicken (hm my bad English skills lost the real word..) or is this dangerous water something to consider before big life decisions?

Well the question is mostly about bottoms of waters, what do they represent?


Greetings / This about me
« on: March 04, 2011, 11:04:20 PM »
It was in a bookshelf 22 years ago, by my sister, a black and purple pocketbook. "Can I borrow this?" I had had a dream about me and my classmates in a bus seeing a nuclear-bomb. This was a few days before I would finish school, next semester would be a new school, new classmates, different subjects and harder studies. The book explained why I had dreamt about this.

Once it told me that I on my way towards a depression would find a happy life soon again. It took about two weeks after the dream. That dream was a lively light water and the path along it easy, but while I walked along the path the water started to became a green calm smelly water and finally, surrounding the path, was snakes and rough forest, I turned and walked back.

I've used the book ever since, sometimes forgotten in a box, and happily found when the box is emptied.

Only a few weeks ago, I thought of searching of the name Tony Crisp, actually since my life has been filled with feelings who affects my dreams since some moths ago (I also has forgot them a lot for some years). And this forum is, yes, i think I lôve it, thanks for help Tony.

ToBeAware, from Sweden

Thanks for answer, I don't feel the happenings in the two dreams relate to the same situations, even if some reasons of what feeling the dreams reflects could be similar. They are dreamt with about five years between. So I can't think the male cat in the basement has something to do with the work situation before the boxwall-dream.

So I try to remember my situation some days ago and recent. It could be what you say about unwanted sexual attention. I had a "flash-dream" or more a sight, where your book told me the same, just a few days before; After a short intimate situation it flashed: A door opened, not widely, bright light on the other side, a rat came running in to my side.

So then I´ll try to add the kitten with wounded stomach, I'll try to find out if I had some bad public feeling or similar, some day there around. Thanks for helping me. :)

Hello Tony, I will first tell about a dream long ago. It was a kitten, it wanted to come to it's mum, but the mum was on another side of a boxwall, she also tried to reach her kitten. I know both of this cats was me.
The situation in life was then an occasion on my work. I had made a decision for acting which made medial news and list from activists against the decision, it was in order with law, but could be seen unethical. The thing is that my bosses didn't support me, and I felt really alone and sad. After that the kitten/mum-cat dream came. I suppose it said I tried to find support from my adult me.

Now I have the feeling the cats in this dream is also me, but it could be different. I just don't understand from what feelings/occasion they come.

I am in a basement, it feels like ours but looks different, I see my cat, a male, chasing another female cat, he has hurt her a bit, and she is trying to be apart from him. I try to separate them and suddenly sees a kitten, also wounded on its stomach, I take it up to save it from my angry cat.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Hands cut off, buckled weddingrings
« on: February 27, 2011, 09:00:33 AM »
Thanks Tony, the rings is definitively a visualisation of my thoughts, my relation situation is complicated, the house I've thought has to do with feelings according to my family, and the phonecall to the police is like you say a kind of helpcall. The thing is that I thought of phoning a friend instead, I have the feeling I thought what I saw in the gravel was the result of a crime and that's why i choose to call the police. I still wonder what the hands is doing in the gravel?

thanks again

Dream Interpretation / restaurant, sallad buffee, eating directly, african
« on: February 15, 2011, 09:44:46 PM »
I am at a quite big restaurant serving perhaps lunch buffet, it's on the second level of a big building. I'm taking food directly from the pots into only a spoon (like I do with a spoon when I'm eating from a plate), and finish by going to the sauce which is served far away from all the other food, there I have trouble getting the full dripping spoon into my mouth, but it comes there anyway with some effort. I go once again and make another spoon of the same kind, like it is the way I eat my meal there.

suddenly i stand by a fantastic salad buffet, i have a quite small plate, the table is round and in the opposite of me is two or three African women behind the salads, it is all lovely green, I have the feeling the salad ingredients origin from African vegetables. I'm not really tall enough for the table, I reach just to see all the nice salads in height of my head and I stretch to reach the things I want. Beside me is a tall man, and also like me a small woman, all three of us see a huge lovely bowl with beans, green and shaped with three corners, the bowl is overfilled. The man put his head down the bowl and eat directly, I start to laugh loudly and reach for some beans and put inside his shirt by his neck, and I'm very amused by the situation.

Dream Interpretation / Hands cut off, buckled weddingrings
« on: February 14, 2011, 08:43:36 PM »
I walk on the local street were I´m raised, it is a grey feeling and also an empty feeling, but it is still the "normal" surroundings. I walk toward my old home where I was raised until older teen-age. In front of the entrance, just outside on the street, there is gravel and earth brusched together to form a softer edge to the trottoar. I here see a buckled ring, the same kind me and my husband has, as I look deeper in the gravel I see more buckled rings and I know it is weddingrings. There is also hands, pale and they are cut off, and all are shaped calm lame, but not bloody. I stand up, worried, look at the front of my old home, it looks really empty. I wonder if I should phone a friend or the police, I have the feeling this is something bad to report, I decide to phone the police. - End

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