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Greetings / Newbie here - lifelong lucid dreamer
« on: October 27, 2013, 06:34:00 AM »
Hi everyone,

I recently joined after finding this website. I'd had a weird parasite dream, it felt very physical.
. I have narcolepsy which means I am tired all the time and don't get any None-REM sleep and for which I have been on bin loads of meds for 20 years.  I began lucid dreaming when I was 7 years old, just after developing my illness.  I used to have up to 6 'epic' lucid dreams every night. I can control my dreams or decide what to dream about if I wish to, but my nightmares, when they do happen are extremely vivid and disturbing. I used to have a lot of nightmares, basically i ended up 'getting good at them'
I don't bother to choose what to dream about as much these days but if a dream isn't going quite how I want it to, I become the director and reshoot scenes or change the plot.

Some crazy and awesome things I can do In my dreams:  I can drive, which is something I can't do in waking life. I can also fly, be invisible, manipulate time and the speed of travel, transfer between characters or experience all characters views simultaneously ... actually there is very little I haven't been able to do in my dreams except make myself actually sleep walk during a dream. ... Although being narcoleptic I can fall asleep whilst standing or walking around during which I can go into a dream.
Another symptom of Narcolepsy is sleep paralysis and hynogogic or hypnopompic hallucinations which I experienced on a daily basis throughout my childhood and teens. Much less now though.
I used to struggle to make people's facial features look real and also struggled with the 'accuracy' of the speed of travel whilst driving or walking but I eventually managed to achieve more realistic enterpretations of those things.

I would like to find new ways to challenge myself with dream techniques and be able to use them as a tool in some way.
Although being narcoleptic is not at all pleasant, I realise my ability to lucid dream is quite a gift.

Nice to meet you all! ;)

Dream Interpretation / Parasites
« on: October 21, 2013, 11:04:55 PM »
I just had an extremely vivid dream in which my body was riddled with very long thin wormlike parasites.
They were crawling out through my gums at first and I had to pull them out like long thin strings, but there were more and more. It became terribly embarrassing as they would appear suddenly when I was talking to people and I’d have to excuse myself and run somewhere to pull them out.
I went to a doctor who told me to take a pill, she said the worms were attracted to metals and which the pill contained, it would draw them in to my stomach before excreting a poison which would destroy them and they would then be broken down and leave my body, but anyone I had come into contact had to test for the worms.

There was one bit where I could hear them literally crawling through the walls of my family home (where I grew up) but in the dream I was a child and my family was a different family. No one else could hear them so I think I could just hear them crawling through my own skin. I had to take the pills for several months during which they kept coming back before finally dying off. The second I woke up I searched for ‘parasite’ dreams online.

I am a natural lucid dreamer and have a lot of bizarre vivid dreams, normally I would have identified something like this as an anxiety dream as i have had lots of dreams about infestations of snakes and spiders but something was different about it… that being that they were actually growing and living inside my body! I have no idea what they represent and will be spending much time trying to figure that out. Any thoughts on that?

Update: I just spoke to my fiancé and he had an equally bizarre dream about flies laying eggs on his face! Weeeird! Something is bothering us both?

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