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I am familiar with Casey. :).

As I said, reincarnation would explain a lot, but I can't say I know anymore than I know.

As for religion, ugh.  My family history is rich with religious conflict among sects, inflicting misery on multiple generations.  Somehow in my mother's family they managed to incorporate the "gifts" with their religious myths.  I think it helps to have lived in New Orleans, a city rich with things not explained by physics, lol.  Or maybe it was just so strong there was no escaping it.  I know growing up it was simply accepted as fact that certain people in the family "knew" things and occasional had interaction with those departed.  I think it also helped that often the one with the strongest gift was also the solid, sober, grounded one that it would be hard to discount.

There seems to be a strong energy afoot in my near family which keeps return to this realm, right down to me thinking of that dream and stumbling on to your page. :)

So if I'm not being to pesky, what do you mean by "a gift"?

As for the symbolism of the dream, that was always easy for me, and the comparison between the three of us interesting too.

It fits that I would be the one who only reached the top room once and struggled so hard.  The very thought of a tight, dark space is an issue for me as I am pretty claustraphobic.  I have never been physically graceful or atheletic.

Of the 3 generations I was the least adventurous.  I am the least strong-willed in a trio of exceptionally dominate women.  I have probably lived a life the least to my liking of the three of us too.

For my Mom the trip to the top was difficult, but nearly always achieved.  This seems reflective of her life also.

My daughter saying she simply became the size of a 4yr old also fits.  She has not only excelled at everything, she has ventured far off the beaten path along the way.

It also fits with my daughter's description of being born, looking at me and thinking "You, oh no, you are not going to be in charge of me!"  I'm not sure what I believe about past lives, but again, it fits with reality.  This was a child who would argue about everything from wash dish soap I used to who was running the house, all before age 4.  She was a totally different child with my Mom.  She believes we were all witches, or shamans and have crossed paths before.

On my Mom's side there are quite a few people who seem to deal with things not of the world explained by conventional physics.  My other daughter has dead people talk to her, generally against her will.  One of my sons and my grand-daughter have a list of things too.

These things have always fascinated me, but I am seldom the one to experience them.  I think my Mother has worked very hard to keep them at bay.

I know all of this is way off topic from dreams, but when you mentioned "gifts", I thought this might be the sort of thing you are talking about?

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Is this common dream across generations unusual? 

A number of years back my Mother, oldest daughter and myself were having the same recurring dream.  I mentioned mine to them and found out they had it too.

The dream is a house dream.  It is a large house and seems to be on a cliff overlooking the ocean in a location that evoked New England to all of us.  This is odd since family history shows no one south of Virginia since 1700s.

There is a hidden or out of the way small door which reveals a cramped, winding stairs.  If and when we can negotiate the stairs we find ourselves on the top story in a room that is our individual "dream rooms".  (mine was a fabulous sewing/craft/reading room.)

Stepping out of the room to what feels like a 'widow's walk' we all see the ocean view.

My daughter seemed surprised that I had trouble getting up to that room.  She said she navigated the stairs easily by "just becoming small".

My mother would often struggle up the stairs, but would reach the top room.

I only reached the top room once.  The rest of my dreams were struggling to navigate this cramped, dark, winding, space that led to it.

None of us have had the dream in over a decade, but we all were having it without knowing about the others for several years.

Any thoughts?

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