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Dream Interpretation / Re: City trip & goats
« on: March 21, 2016, 04:45:19 PM »
Thank you Tony  :)

Your insights always add so much and confirm so much of what I am already feeling, which is wonderful! At times I do feel uncertain because in a way I feel completely new to this level of sensing and feeling that is opening up and other times I feel like it's been here the whole time...ancient and waiting patiently all along. Also, the video clip was something I can relate to. I now feel much greater clarity on the symbolism of the goats and Mike. I found it strange for him to show up as a dream symbol but of course it’s no surprise given the nature of dream imagery and all the processing and integration going on inside at the moment. I also had forgotten that not too long ago I went through many pictures from the past (all the way back to childhood) and did this massive sorting…exploring the memories and experiences with entirely new awareness and deeper understanding. I felt both gratitude for things that I never recognized before, because so much of my feeling nature was totally shutdown at the time, as well as a willingness to let go of things and move on toward new self expression and experiences. Take care Tony! ~DT

Dream Interpretation / City trip & goats
« on: March 20, 2016, 03:05:04 PM »
Hi Tony

Hope you are well! My dreams have been very interesting lately and full of symbols of big changes. I had one last night that I would love your insight on because some parts of it I don’t understand at all.

As it began I was on a trip with my high school boyfriend from years ago (Mike) and we were in this unfamiliar city. All of sudden a series of big blasts or explosions began nearby and all around within the city. It was a bit confusing because it wasn’t as if there was panic but rather surprise and curiosity of what was going on and everyone was looking to see. These blasts sent what appeared to be building materials into high into the sky and yet there was a sort of design or organization to it because the materials came together in the air – settling into structures. At one point during this I had the sense that the city was or had been ruled by some sort of patriarchal authoritarian leadership. I recall then looking shortly after to see a massive new building had appeared that was very modern and located in the centre of the city – towering above the old city buildings. Next I was in this place to get my hair washed and cut but when I saw myself in a nearby mirror my hair already looked great (long, wavy, shiny brown) – actually more beautiful and healthy than it has ever looked. I thought maybe I would get it styled up instead because it was already clean and healthy.

Then I recall I was riding with Mike who was driving and I discovered that he had drugs that he had brought with him and was concerned about it. We were driving through this grassy, country field area where there was a carnival and country market going on. I felt he was driving a little bit carelessly given all the activity and people nearby but I didn’t speak up. Then I felt maybe I was being a bit overcritical because he wasn’t actually causing any danger. Next I was inside this area of children’s rides (like I used to love in childhood) only I was inside one of the rides in this darker area. There were a couple of men with me I think and I was looking into the inside of the ride somehow at these dark blue, metal tracks. I saw a carnival worker man enter this tunnel area, climbing up into the tracks inside the ride. I was about to follow but I didn’t when I realized there was no reason to follow. It just didn’t seem necessary. Then this black baby goat suddenly appeared in the spot where the man had entered and came to us and I took it in my arms.

Another thing that seems to relate to the end of this dream is that yesterday in meditation an image of a group of white, adult mountain goats appeared but I had no idea what it meant or symbolized.

Once again and always - thank you for your insights Tony and all that you share!

Dream Interpretation / Re: Giant Rabbit & Cat Union
« on: February 07, 2016, 04:14:19 PM »
Thank you for your insights Tony and the links. I have read these before and will revisit them again as I continue exploring this dream as well as others. The trip theme keeps showing up regularly in my dreams as symbolism of many new inner discoveries.  I do feel new energies emerging that are transforming everything I have known or believed myself to be but I have no idea yet where they will lead. It’s all such a mystery but I’m a lot more comfortable with mystery these days. :)

Dream Interpretation / Giant Rabbit & Cat Union
« on: February 04, 2016, 02:57:43 PM »
Hi Tony,

I hope you are well! I have continued working with my dreams and for the most part I'm able to understand and connect with them much more easily now but I would love your insights on a recent one. There was a lot more that happened in the dream but it's all foggy and I only clearly remember the beginning. There was a woman preparing to leave on a journey somewhere totally new and she was about to get into her truck to set off. Instead of a car it was a truck...higher up and better equipped for the journey ahead I sense. She was at the top of this mountain on the road and there was nothing else there other than the bare, dirt road and the natural landscape all around. It was in some ways more like a path than a formal road. Just before leaving she had to release this rabbit back into the wild. It was a giant rabbit with light coloured, soft fur. By giant I mean comparable to the size of a small bear or a large dog yet it was a gentle creature. When she set it free beside the road instead of running free it hopped along the passenger side of the truck beside the road and joined with this cat of equal size. The rabbit was somehow the partner of the cat and they were a pair of sorts. It jumped onto the cats back and there they sat together beside the truck sort of like a unified pair. The final sense of the dream was just that some sort of journey was about to begin.

I'm not sure but my sense is that this dream may be connected with my other rabbit dream I posted quite awhile ago and did exploration work with. In that dream I was in the house looking down from the upstairs window of my parent's bedroom at a backyard pond and there was something huge and black swimming around. It surfaced as a huge black fish that then shifted into a gigantic black rabbit that emerged from the water, hopped up to the house and sat below my window. In that dream the rabbit was massive in comparison to this dream rabbit and I was afraid/uneasy about meeting it. Very different but I feel a connection there.

Thanks for all your wonderful dream help Tony! Your work, site and this forum are such amazing resources!!  :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: secret room
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:12:52 AM »
Yes, Tony - as I mentioned in the reply I just finished for the conch shell dream - I started reading that book again the other day for some reason. I have read it before but I felt like it was time to read it over fresh and that when I came across the shell reference. My understanding is much deeper now as new experiences sink in. I think I will probably end up reading that book many times as the years go on. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / Re: broken artifact
« on: November 09, 2015, 03:03:54 AM »
Thanks Tony,
I understood the intuitive communication with Mary as such and I also see the two sides of the same coin that you mentioned regarding the two dream women - Mary and Leah. I have been hearing my intuition with much greater clarity and it's showing up more directly in my dreams in ways that confirm inner guidance I'm already aware of in my waking life or else it's the inner mirror of it perhaps...again two sides of the same coin it seems. The dreams seem to help confirm what I clearly sense and yet still catch myself questioning and doubting because it's so different from my usual or familiar ways. It's all in flux so to speak, but trust is growing. The other night I had another telephone call similar to Mary only with a favorite male spiritual teacher who was guiding and supporting me with how to be more active, effective and conscious in the world.

I was reading your book about the Time of the Quickening before your reply and there was a reference to shells that really opened up awareness of the dream. In the dream the shells had very beautiful, natural details on the outside as the conch shells in Eastern cultures you mentioned and I feel that it's very much about the damage to my sense of connection with life based on past experiences that I didn't understand or didn't have the ability to meet or integrate/heal. In another sense these experiences did break my shell and now everything is completely changing.

I'm working with the image of the whale as you suggested and what I most clearly feel is this sense of the sand draining out and it reminds me of the sands of time somehow, or as if the whale where like an egg timer that was broken and the sand spilled out onto the ground. There's this sense of confusion over how to get it back in or if it's even possible to get it back into the whale/timer after what has happened. A sense of the inability to go back because the changes can't be undone but it's actually a very wonderful change regardless of how it may seem. It's sort of how life can seem to fall apart or time can seem to run out even though really something new is actually taking shape, yet from a singular or individual view this can't necessarily be seen or recognized. I will continue to explore this. Thanks again for your insights!  :)  ~DT

Dream Interpretation / Re: secret room
« on: November 06, 2015, 02:45:03 AM »
Thank you Tony for all you share and all of your encouragement. I really do appreciate it more than words can express. With everything happening within me lately and trying to actually be in the world at them same time it has made things especially overwhelming lately in both a very wonderful way and also in terms of all old stuff coming up. I am so grateful for your books and site because it has been helping so much in this process. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / broken artifact
« on: November 05, 2015, 02:14:40 AM »
Hi Tony,
This is another recent dream I have been exploring but I'm stuck on the artifact symbolism part of the dream and how the artifact changed while being shown.

In the dream I was told that there were 4 telephone messages left for me and that a woman had called. Then I was speaking to this friendly lady named Mary about a job offer and some other information (I don't know any actually Marys nor did I recognize her in the dream but I did recently submit a job application). While on the phone with Mary I was outside and I recall I could hear her voice on the phone but also nearby and I looked up and I could see her sitting inside the house by an open window talking to me on the phone. Then this friend, Leah, (who seems directly tied to the feminine conditioning of my persona) arrived to ask me about this museum artifact and what to do because it had been broken. I looked at it and it was a long row of conch sea shells that were attached to one another in a line. One of the shells had been damaged. Then when I looked again the artifact had changed physical form and it was a whale statue made of glass that had sand inside and it had been broken so that all the sand was released. I recommended sending $500 to have it repaired at the museum where it was from. I also recalled in the dream how during my travels I have seen artifacts that were broken and hadn't lost their value - even though I knew that this piece was from more recent times rather than ancient. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / secret room
« on: November 03, 2015, 03:11:23 AM »
Hi Tony, I would like to hear your insight on this dream I had a few nights ago. I have been exploring it and have had some success but your insight always helps.

I recall I was at this very old house and it was like a mansion sort of house where men held secret, private meetings of some kind only the men were no longer there anymore. I was in this room on the second floor at the front of the house directly above the front foyer area on the ground floor below. The room I was in had the feel of a library or meeting room of some kind only I don't remember any books. I was there with two other unknown women and I was showing them something I felt was important. I went to the wall opposite the door to this secret switch that opened up the entrance to a secret room that was concealed below the floor in the center of the room.  I wanted to show them how to open it and then I was going to take them down into the room. As I was doing this something else caught my eye - there was this small rectangular area on the floor at the front of the room where I could see down below to the front door. There were metal bars across that I could see through and I noticed that I could see right outside through glass windows above the front door. It was used to see who was coming to the house from the inside. Also, I remember a sense of uneasiness about who might come to the door. Then I awoke before we were able to go into the room. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / travel dreams
« on: October 26, 2015, 12:30:46 AM »
Lately I have had a number of dreams with a travel theme, which I sense relates to my movement through life - new directions and the expression of a new state of being. The three dreams below were from the same night and I would like any helpful insights especially on the last dream. The second dream seems linked with the cow sacrifice dream but it's the third dream that I'm really unsure about.

In the first dream I was preparing for a group trip. I was unsure where I was going but my suitcase was all packed and ready for the trip. I thought of a swami I know briefly at this point in the dream sort of like a passing thought. For a moment I thought I forgot something and I felt a little anxious about it but then I realized I had everything I needed - I was all ready to go and felt relaxed with this realization.

In the second dream I was watching TV and multiple channels were playing at the same time and my awareness was flipping between them. The first program was a show about sexual intimacy, then my awareness flipped to another program there was a medieval drama with a knight taking off his helmet and armor as though returning from battle but he didn't look like he had been fighting, and on the final program I saw Red Sonja (which seems totally random to me, but she is a character from the 1985 movie titled with her name that I saw years ago and haven't thought of since). She has long, fiery red hair and in the movie she was a warrior. In the dream she was almost naked and her arms were tied back as she stood in restraints and was being publicly shamed by some sort of authority figure in front of this huge gathering of people - like in a outdoor auditorium of some sort. She was being shamed for the way she expressed her femininity and the fact she did not conform to the feminine ideals of the time, which seemed again medieval. On exploring the dream I could feel a lot of personal understanding related to the shame and how it is carried inside and influencing my self expression as well as related cultural conditioning, yet it also feels much deeper somehow.

The third dream is the one I would really like insights on but I included the first two in the sequence to help put the final one in perspective because I feel like there's something important that I can't seem to grasp. I was with a friend who is a massage therapist and I was discussing how I really want to tour Europe someday to see the culture and the incredible landscapes (which is something I do hope to do on a personality level). My friend then told me that she wants to go to the island of Crete to study and take a course about healing there.

What I'm mainly trying to understand is the symbolism of Crete. I have heard of the place but I don't have any real knowledge about it or what this aspect of myself is sharing. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / cow sacrifice
« on: October 21, 2015, 01:25:36 AM »
The recall on this dream was a bit hazy but I recall I was outdoors in this familiar place (yet not from my waking life or memory) and there were others standing with me. From a distance, we were watching this strange scene of a living cow  being sacrificed to this massive machine. The machine towered above the earth and seemed somehow very alien to me and I recall watching with both curiosity and confusion as to why it was happening. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / 3 dreams - 1 night
« on: September 14, 2015, 02:42:47 AM »
Hi Tony! I hope you are well.  :) I had the three dreams below a couple nights ago and I've been exploring them with some success. The first dream seems pretty obvious to me but I'm confused on the meaning of the second and third as well as how these dreams are connected. I would love to hear your insights.  ~DT

I was in an elevator with a man about my age that I don’t know in my waking life but in the dream he was very familiar and felt like a partner to me. There was this military man chasing us and we were trying to escape him. We got out of the elevator and I decided we should take the stairs down in order to confuse him and hopefully get away. He heard us and followed us down the stairs. I was feeling very panicked about what I feared he would do to us if he caught us. I then realized I could go invisible, so I did, and I was concerned for my male friend who would have to face the man alone. I then suddenly realized I had been mistaken. The man lay down on the stairs landing beside my friend sort of between us from where I was invisibly watching.  I had misunderstood him completely. He was acting all tough and macho as a defense against feelings of vulnerability, which he was taught to view as weak. He was a very strong man and had bottled all his natural warmth and compassion to try to fit in and survive within his family and culture. Later he discovered me hiding invisibly there because he touched me and could feel I was there so I reappeared. I realized he was a sort of tough authority but no threat to me.

In the second dream I recall observing a scene in which a man was going prison because he shot someone and then the police staged an arrest where in was shot in the same way – in the solar plexus. I knew that the shooting was somehow fake - like a sort of trick and it wasn’t really happening, but the police were doing it more to teach him some sort of lesson. It looked real only there wasn’t a bloody wound where he was shot but a black hole appeared instead. The shock of the shooting caused him to lose his memory and his identity. I found it strange that he was going to prison for his actions even if he didn’t remember them.

In the third dream there was a massive mother elephant caring for a baby seal. The elephant was keeping the seal safe and warm for the night in a bath of fresh water – sort of held in her arms and protected from the cold winter night outside with her trunk. She had created a cave like space with her body as a shelter for the baby seal and it was a very warm and comfortable place.

Dream Interpretation / Christ awakening at a monastery
« on: June 08, 2015, 09:23:26 PM »
Hi Tony, I had this dream last night and I understand some parts but not others and I would love to hear your insight on it.

My older brother and I were at a monastery and the monks were all excited because a big event was happening – Christ was awakening! They brought in this very old man that reminded me of a mummy but he was just very, very old and starting to come back to life as though he had just been asleep at the monastery for 2000 years. The monks laid him on a wooden bench and he was face down and his eyes started opening – starting to blink. He had long white hair and he looked Asian like the monks. I knew that in some places and times people live to be very old but I found this truly amazing. The monks then came to help him up and carried him to a place of renewal or revival of some sort and left my brother and I with this other ‘part’ of him.
I don’t really understand this second part well… The monks gave us this little mini wolf man creature that was also waking up and it had a gray fur coat that looked like a coat you wear rather than actually being its natural fur. It was like it was another part of Jesus that he needed and sensed it was something related to vitality perhaps and it was also coming to life and very unpredictable. My brother put it in a brown paper bag with some flowers and tall green grass to sort of contain it without harming in or being harmed by it. It was still so small but growing steadily. It was a very bizarre little creature and I found it rather amazing but also a bit frightening and I was glad my brother was managing its care by keeping it contained but cared for until we could return it to the monks.

The dream then shifted and I went to flush something down the toilet and I was in a barn that reminded me of a barn from my childhood only it had a very small bathroom with a low angled ceiling. I noticed the toilet was piled up with old waste and it was old fashioned with a lever-dump mechanism, so I grabbed onto a wooden support beam along the ceiling for leverage and started flushing all the waste away and it was going down more and more. Then I saw that my brother’s blue asthma inhaler was in with the waste and I wasn’t sure if he had mistakenly dropped it and also felt that it likely wouldn’t go down, so I was going to try to fish it out somehow. Then I was suddenly back with my brother with the little wolf creature still in the brown bag and safely contained for the monks. We were taking it to them but I’m not sure why.

Dream Interpretation / Lizard-Dragon & River
« on: May 02, 2015, 06:49:05 PM »
Hi Tony,
I hope you are well! I had two dreams last night I’d like your help with. :)

The first dream began with this sense I was watching a news program only I was directly watching it rather than it being on TV. This massive black lizard-dragon creature rose from below the earth in front of me. It reminded me of Godzilla only it was much, much bigger. I was on the ground and I recall seeing its huge lizard foot beside me. I wasn't afraid...just watching in a more curious or observant way. Then my perspective shifted to high above, looking down on the landscape below, where I could see what was going on. It wasn’t aggressively attacking but just walking upright and incinerating everything in its path and leaving nothing behind but ash. There was a village of houses that it was moving through but no people visible and it looked deserted. From high above I could see that it would be moving over a hill very soon and on the other side I could see a large suburban development that it was heading toward and it looked like sunrise there even though it had been daytime before too.

In the second dream I recall this historical building with a river beside it and I was with this man who was wading his way across the river with a spear or poll he was using to check the depth as he moved. Suddenly the spear went deep and he caught something and pulled it up. It was a metal plug to a drain that looked like a giant thimble. The river began draining into a tunnel or basement area of the building. I somehow knew that the water would reveal some sort of treasure in the building in an area that was hidden before. I then looked upstream and I saw a wide and beautiful view of the river as it flowed toward us and there was a waterfall and hundreds of large rocks that were all very smooth and rounded from being in the river. The rocks were scattered all the way up the river and even in the waterfall. Some of the rocks were even moving down through the drain into the tunnel below. I then noticed how the drain plug had been blocking the flow of the river to this underground place for a long time and I knew that it had been put there by men.

Dream Interpretation / meeting the fool in white
« on: February 07, 2015, 09:24:33 PM »
Tony, I had a dream recently where I was moving away to school into a house with a group of new roommates both males and females that all symbolize different aspects of myself related to present growth. I'm trying to understand one of the characters and I would like to hear your impressions of him. He is a young celebrity who is very comedic (symbolizing part of my unacknowledged potential) and I was shaking hands with him. He was very goofy and lighthearted and in my dream record I wrote that he was "a real joker." He seems to very clearly symbolize the fool or clown archetype but the thing that I'm trying to understand is that he was wearing a suit that I recognized very specifically as a navy uniform, only it seemed very unique for some reason because it was pure white and looked very new. I'm trying to understand the significance of the clothes with this character. ~DT

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