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Dream Interpretation / Baboon Resurrection
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:29:18 PM »
I had these two dreams last night that I have been exploring but I would love to hear your insights on them.

It was nighttime and very dark outside and I was walking to a friend’s house for a visit. I realized that I was at the wrong house and needed to go back along the street. I switched on a flashlight to help me find my way. Then I found myself at some kind of compound that I had to pass through because there was no way around it. I was then aware that I was with a Hispanic man or else I was him. Inside the compound were piles of hundreds of dead bodies and I looked at them to see what they were. They were baboons and looked mummified - long dead and I knew that the people in the town had killed them all because they considered them irritating and misunderstood them. The man then started to bring the baboons back to life. The healing was instantaneous and completely natural yet miraculous. Because there were so many to resurrect he taught a few of them how to perform the same healing so that they could heal all of the others without him.

The second dream began with me looking at an image of nature. It was a picture but then came alive like a video only more vivid and lifelike as though it was alive with natural energy. The picture was of a covered bridge on a lake surrounded by calm water. The bridge seemed to have a golden quality to it. I wanted to go there and photograph it and my brother in law was then there beside me and I knew we had been there at some point long ago but he didn’t remember it or where it was. I was confused that he didn’t remember it because it was a very special place and one of a kind since it was the last bridge of its kind left in the country. I then remember looking across the lake to the left where there were these towering old historical buildings right at the water’s edge and I noticed the grand stone architecture.  ~DT

Dream Interpretation / saber-toothed cat
« on: January 09, 2015, 03:55:37 AM »
Hi Tony, I hope you are having a dreamy new year! :) I'm a bit stuck on this one and I would love to hear your insights...

There was a boy working at a farm and somehow I knew that he was well known because he had won a big photography contest in the area where he lived. He was working on the farm and learning from an old farmer and they were taking care of the cattle in a pen. I just seemed to be observing the scene and then the dream shifted and suddenly I saw that there was a huge, black saber-toothed cat in the pen with the cows. It was a prehistoric cat only pure black – very big and powerful and the same size as the cows. It didn’t hurt the cows and was just walking among them. Then I was there on the grass in the farmyard and the cat was suddenly over the fence and free. My older sister was there and a few other people and we all scattered and the cat was starting to wander, deciding where it would go. It started to go in one direction away from me, but then I knew it could sense me watching it somehow (possibly sense my fear of it) and it turned and started walking toward me and there was no way to escape. I was afraid but unsure of what it was going to do and then I heard knocking on the ceiling and awoke, which was really my brother knocking on my bedroom door. In the dream for some reason I had the clear impression the knocking was coming from the ceiling.   ~DT

Dream Interpretation / Battle field with dancing
« on: November 30, 2014, 08:48:12 PM »
Hi Tony,
I hope you are well! :) I have been waiting for your reply on the email I sent you with the sketch of the ring I made from my dream a couple weeks ago. I’m not sure if it didn’t go through properly or maybe ended up in your junk filter so I sent it again today in case you never received it. I had another dream that’s similar to a couple others I’ve posted in the past and I would love to hear your insights. I have some understanding of it and have been exploring it but you have a wonderful way of helping me see things in a deeper way.

I recall it was again like I was viewing a big movie-like battle scene again only this time it was much different. I knew that the two sides were humans and aliens but I never saw the aliens or witnessed any actual conflict in the dream. My view was from high above it all looking down with a broad overview like being in a plane. There were rolling green hills below and I could see the familiar side – the humans were all together in a large group preparing for what was to come. They were arranged in couples and the only couple I recognized was my cousin and his wife. I’m not close to them at all and my main associations would be that he’s a big, loud, tough-guy type (not in an aggressive way…more like opinionated and set in his ways) while his wife is petite and blond yet she keeps him in line so to speak – not in a controlling way but through understanding his personality and maintaining his respect. Anyway, all the couples (in preparation for the battle) started dancing and they were all perfectly in-sync with the music, which was some kind of waltz I think.  My attention stayed on my cousins dancing within the group and then I noticed a group of three children dancing as well. There was an older girl and she was leading two younger boys in the dance.

Then the dream shifted and again I saw a broad overview perspective looking down at a large, oval clearing in a forest where the battle had taken place. I noticed that there were no bodies – not one and no signs that a conflict had ever occurred. Then the dream shifted and Maid Marian was checking on Robin Hood who had been in the battle and she was very concerned for his welfare and had somehow misunderstood him before, but I wasn’t exactly sure how. He was resting under a dark colored blanket (almost like a cocoon) and the only part of him that was visible was his clean, bare forearm. I knew he was fine – just resing and recovering.

Dream Interpretation / Kittens at Church
« on: November 18, 2014, 03:29:05 AM »
Hi Tony, I just saw your note on the ring dream post and I'll send you the picture to your email after I finish this post. Thanks for taking the time...I'm still very curious about the significance of the design.

I forgot about this kitten dream because I recorded it in a separate notebook while I was on a trip recently and then I forgot about it until today. I had this dream about a week prior to the ring dream and some of it's pretty obvious in terms of the changes I've experienced in my spiritual beliefs but I would like to hear your insights, especially regarding the colors and the kittens that keep showing up. I find it very interesting in terms of my journey because three years ago I posted a number of kitten dreams that you helped me to explore and now it's all coming full circle in a wonderful way!  :D

I recall I was at church and the children were going downstairs to nursery and some of my cousins were leading them. I wished I could get out of attending the service too. The children were playing as they left and tossing their toys down the stairs at the entrance of the sanctuary – it was part of their exit somehow and they didn’t get in trouble for it. I recall my cousin Christine wearing a blue print dress and looking very feminine and she was with the children. I was then sitting in the service and gazing upward at the ceiling in a dreamy state not bothering to focus on the sermon and I didn’t care if anyone saw me because I wasn’t trying to fit in anymore. I was only there because my family was.

After church there was a BBQ planned out behind the church in the cemetery. On the other side I found my kittens had followed me to church and there was a new bright orange male kitten that had shown up. The kittens followed me around outside. Next I recall being inside the church back in a room filled with junk behind the sanctuary and the kittens were still there following me. The mother cat was there then too. I kept an eye on them ensuring none got left behind because I was leaving the church. I then noticed these two trays of poison pellets left for animals in the junk room and nearby I also saw a pile of vomit from something that had barfed up the poison.  I saw the mother cat start eating the poison and she ate two tiny pellets before I grabbed here. I then left the church ensuring all the kittens followed along and were safe. I sensed the mother would be okay and vomit up what she had consumed if necessary. I knew that it wouldn’t kill her.

Once outside the setting shifted to my backyard. I saw my mom barbequing just for herself and the rest of the family had gone. I asked what happened and she said all the meat got dropped on the ground so they cancelled the BBQ. I then noticed three new kittens had shown up and I held them. The first two were white twins – both male and the third a female who was an incredibly beautiful color I had never seen before – her fur was a vibrant deep burgundy color and had this beautiful shine to it. I remember feeling especially amazed by the vibrant color and I showed my mother who was amazed as well. I was excited to welcome the new kittens and aware that my mother didn’t want me to have more kittens but I knew it would all be okay because they were part of the family too and I would care for them.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Sunset by the ocean & a ring
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:05:04 PM »
Anna, I don’t have any reason to approach you or Tony with ‘any sign of friction.’ I enjoy the forum because it is such a wonderful place to explore dreams and I find Tony’s site is an amazing source of wisdom for me where I am now with my journey. I’m not sure why you have such a strong association between me and the other woman you know. I know of the Course in Miracles and I have looked at the book but never studied it with any depth or been a part of any related groups. Also, the knowledge I have about jewelry is what I would consider to be only basic at best. ~DT

Dream Interpretation / Sunset by the ocean & a ring
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:07:35 AM »
I had another curious dream last night that I would like some help with that happened in three parts but I'm not sure if they are directly connect or not...

In the first part of the dream I recall I was outside my house looking across a field to the horizon where the sun was setting and the sky was beautiful soft shades of pink and purple. Also at the horizon there was the shore of an ocean and I wanted to walk through the field to lay on the beach and feel the warmth of the last of the sunshine as it set. I invited some other people nearby to come along with me and there was a man who silently came along. Before we set out together to cross the field we found a whole bunch of torches that were like tall staves of vibrant red painted wood with some kind of bird design on them. I thought they would be great to stand on the beach and to light our way back after sunset but we didn’t need to bring them all. For a moment I considered using them to create a trail or path so we could find our way back but somehow I knew that it wasn’t necessary.

Then the dream shifted and I was visiting an intuitive healer that I know from my waking life for a brief stay. I was organizing vegetables in baskets in a bedroom. There were some other young women staying there with her too. Then I had eggs as a meal and she was asking me how long I would be visiting her and I had the sense that she didn’t want me to stay there too long. I then explained that I knew I would be leaving for another trip soon because the omens indicated it (I am presently on a trip).

Then the dream shifted again and all I remember is that there was a very beautiful and unique engagement ring I was looking at (I am single and I’ve never seen a ring like this one). I was very carefully studying or observing the rings design and awoke with a very clear memory of it. The ring had a large square, princess-cut diamond in the center with 2 round sapphires on either side of the diamond. Around that there were 4 smaller round pink stones of rose quartz and around the perimeter of that were 4 curved lines of tiny diamonds with 4 stones in each line for a total of 12. All that really stuck out was the unique design of it.

Thank you for sharing your insights Tony <3

Dream Interpretation / Island dream
« on: November 04, 2014, 02:32:26 AM »
Hi Tony, I would love to hear your insight on this dream I had recently.

I was on a plane with a small group of people and the only person I recognized was the actress Julia Roberts and I recall she was making a passionate speech about a man whose actions had greatly inspired her from the everyday world. Then for some reason she and another man started practicing for a crash landing and they laid back side-by-side in reclining seats and they were kind of floating in the chairs as the pilot dove downward. As this was happening somehow I knew that they were falling in love. Everyone else in the group including me remained standing. I then realized that the plane was actually crashing but the passengers were not anxious about the unexpected landing. I knew that we would all be fine and the pilot was able to glide down and brought the plane down on an island below in a forest.

On the island there was a tribe of birds that were some kind of large falcon-owl species. They were the last remaining tribe of their kind and were in a battle with some other species that had invaded. They were losing the battle but not giving up. I recall seeing the invading species attacking with some kind of huge robot machines in the jungle. Somehow I knew that the falcon-owls would win in the end and new tribes would be established by a young apprentice protégé who had been trained by the Grandfather of the tribe. All of the ancient wisdom and skills had survived in him because it had been passed on to him. In the forest I saw the grandfather bird land with some sort of package her brought that he dropped onto the forest floor and I wasn’t sure of its contents but I knew it was important. Originally there had been 50 tribes on this island or planet at an earlier time when the species had flourished and it would again once the conflict was over. It was simply part of a grander cycle in time or progression and the changes were natural – in a sense nothing would be lost.

General Discussion / Cheshire Cat?
« on: September 08, 2014, 01:53:38 AM »
Tony - I'm curious to hear your thoughts on this symbolism. I enjoy reading signs and noting synchronicity, which seem to happen very frequently for me. Lately the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland keeps coming up synchronistically in my waking life in various random ways. I'm wondering what does the Cheshire Cat symbolize from your perspective? Also, another curious thing is that my older sister used to call me "Cheshire Cat" when I was a little girl. It was only when I was very small before she moved away to university. She said that I smiled just like the cat and my eyes had the same twinkle. Nobody else in my family called me that nickname though and my sister had other nicknames for me as well. This memory popped up after I started to notice the Cheshire Cat kept appearing in my life just recently. Any thoughts on this symbol?

Dream Interpretation / Underground prehistoric/mythic creature
« on: August 28, 2014, 07:47:33 PM »
This is my most recent dream that I've been exploring. I have a few ideas and I've been connecting it to my dream with the 2 dogs I posted not long ago but still I sense there's more going on, especially when it comes to the symbolism of the creature. I'd appreciate any insights or pointers that you feel might be helpful Tony. :)

I was at my old house that I sold last spring yet it was also the house where I live now simultaneously. It was like the two where seamlessly blended together as one place. I had gone home for the weekend but somehow I had forgotten that I sold it and my things were all still there as well. At this point I became very confused because I realized that the new owners must be away at the moment and I suddenly sensed this strong feeling I was going to be in a lot of trouble when they arrived home and found me there, because I didn’t belong there anymore. I then looked out the window and saw a large red truck backing up to the house and I knew that it was a fuel truck filling the tank for heating.  Then I looked out the kitchen window and saw men out in the back field digging. They came up to the house, walked right inside, and seemed to already know I was there. I asked if the middle aged man was the new owner and he said yes and shook my hand. I remember he was attractive and a bit rugged with some facial hair but nobody I know from my waking life. He had no problem with me being there. I apologized for somehow forgetting that is was no longer my house. He was totally fine with it and I felt very relieved.  There were also two young guys with him and as we were talking they went down the cellar steps to the basement to get something. One of them was a bit freaked out by a spider web in the doorway to the basement and then I noticed a couple of flies randomly buzzing by his head.

The new home owner invited me to come outside with them because they were expecting to make some kind of HUGE discovery. They were digging or excavating and had found the underground home of some sort of ancient creature. They considered it an incredibly exciting find and wanted to share it with me. I wasn’t sure if I should go because I wasn’t sure if I belonged there for some reason, but he was so welcoming and kind and I wanted to go. I remembered that my mother was coming to pick me up but I really wanted to go with them and thought I should call her to tell her. The dream ended at this decision point.

Also, in the dream I somehow knew that the underground place they were about to find was a sort of sleeping cavern of an ancient creature, both prehistoric and mythic, that wasn’t believed to be real in today’s world. They were not necessarily going to find the creature itself but rather its home and specifically some kind of bed chamber or resting space where it once lived. Also, for some reason I knew that the creature was huge and it was part bird and could fly but it was also a mixture of other animals too - like some sort of prehistoric blend of creatures. It had an eagle head. 

Dream Interpretation / 2 Dreams - unsure of the connection
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:21:26 PM »
These two dreams are from the same night but I'm not sure if or how they're connected exactly?

I recall a dream with an old man - very mature, wise and passionate about life in a very authentic, open and heart centered way. He was planning to make love to two young women who were much less experienced or virgins.

Later I recall a second dream where I was sorting clothes and packing them, but all I clearly recall of the clothes is a bunch of brightly colored, rainbow panties. I wasn't alone - there was also a minister with me (I know him from past involvement with the church and he counseled me at one point). He was there with me and I didn't feel ashamed or shy.  He didn't seem to be reacting at all either...I was just sorting.

Dream Interpretation / 2 Dogs
« on: August 18, 2014, 06:04:02 PM »
Hi Tony! I have this curious dog dream that I've been exploring and I would love to hear your thoughts. :)

I am returning home, walking toward the door to my house I see an old dog and it looks like it's sickly or else just very, very old and I know it will soon die. I didn’t want to approach the dog but it wants to connect with me somehow. I recall feeling a bit conflicted because part of me felt sincere compassion but at the same time I wanted to avoid it. I decided to go around back and then I was jogging around the house with ease and decided to see if it was still there at the door. When I came around the house there was a different, new dog where the old dog had been. It was a huge black and white dog – mostly black. It looked exactly like a Great Dane only giant in size. I recall specifically how muscular it was and knew that it was incredibly strong. Also, somehow I knew that it was male. It started to approach me and I felt intimidated and afraid it might not be friendly yet somehow it seemed to know me.

Dream Interpretation / 2 dreams - same night
« on: July 26, 2014, 09:25:16 PM »
Here are two dreams from the same night. I'm not sure if they are directly related or not?

1 - I recall I was showering naked in some kind of outdoor shower stall outside in the yard at the farm where I live. I recall two tom cats were coming into the stall at my feet but they weren't really getting wet. For some reason the colors of the two toms seemed to especially stand out to me in the dream. One cat was white and the other was a black and white tuxedo cat. I also recall seeing the image of my naked body reflected in a mirror and it looked goddess like – there was a sense of the beauty and sacredness of the feminine form that I could see in the reflection. I also recall that the water in the shower was warm and there were two shower heads instead of just one for some reason.
2 - In the second dream that followed the first I recall that it seemed almost like I was being told a story and viewing it as a detached observer. I recall that a man had been banished from a kingdom (I think he might have been a wizard or somehow magical but misunderstood) and there was also a young apprentice involved that I felt somehow identified with. The young apprentice was close to the banished man. Then all of a sudden this flaming creature became involved in the story. It was half man and half bull and I recall it had an especially big, flaming penis. It sounds funny to write it but it really stood out in the dream! Somehow I knew that it wasn’t flaming in a way that could actually burn and I sensed that the apprentice was close to the bull but all the other people in the kingdom were very afraid of it.

I'm pretty lost in terms of the meaning of the second dream and I'm especially curious about the first dream because the black and white colors of animals is a reoccurring dream theme recently.

Thank you for any helpful insights! :)

General Discussion / Re: Speaking to Plants
« on: July 16, 2014, 02:41:31 PM »
Tony, I understand what you mean and your perspective makes clear sense. It brings me back to the sense that everything is happening all at once. I can see how the symbolic drama that appears to be a past life seems more like a function of the mind to keep one unconscious of a direct experience that couldn't be processed or digested. Once again...thanks for sharing! :)

General Discussion / Re: Speaking to Plants
« on: July 15, 2014, 10:22:00 PM »
Tony, I quickly checked out the link and plan to read it over again later on. I think you experience the richness of life far beyond myself but I definitely sense that things are constantly opening up. I'm grateful for all that you share, so thank you for that! From my experience, the vaster experience of oneself seems like a process of acclimation. I'm familiar with the discomfort along with the bright spots. Also, I'm definitely familiar with inbuilt and personal resistance to direct insight, yet at other times it comes so naturally that it seems like there's no resistance at all. It just is as it is and that's all.

I had a dream last night that I sense is tied to another dream from not long ago due to a common element. I'm curious to hear your thoughts because I have some understanding but still not sure as with the other dream about the pool and the lightning. At times I am able to move beyond the symbolic but other times it seems like an unsolvable puzzle....I do need to ask more questions of clarification for sure!  I'll post the dreams in the Dream Interpretation area after I find the notes on the earlier dream.

One question that has come up for me about the self-regulation process.... During this process, or as you're starting to relax into it, is it common for impressions of past life memories to 'arrive'? I had a new experience today. I wasn't really intending to be doing anything beyond enjoying free movement - feeling stiff, I was just trying to get my energy moving to flush out the tension. I'm not sure if this would be the same thing or not because I wasn't trying to do any process at all.....which makes me think of the process of Lifestream you describe.

General Discussion / Re: Speaking to Plants
« on: July 13, 2014, 11:50:09 PM »
Tony, thank you for sharing your experiences and wisdom. Seeing the brain as a master translator that can become restricted and limited makes a lot of sense to me from my own personal experience. Your experience with the plant and your description of it as a ‘mass of almost formless impression’ reminds me of a time not too long ago. I was enjoying a relaxing walk outside in a wooded area with a number of towering pines nearby when suddenly a huge flock of birds came out of the trees. They flew high above in huge spirals and were very vocal as though excited about something. In a somewhat dreamy state I wondered silently why the birds had suddenly become so excited and all decided to fly, because they didn’t seem to be going anywhere, but instead just flying around in a massive circling cloud. Then a response seemed to come from somewhere that seemed outside of me, yet it formed distinctly in my mind as a knowing that the birds were enjoying a last flight because the rain would start soon. About five minutes later the birds had settled again and it started to rain. I didn’t really think anything of it - just that it was curious how the knowing seemed to arise naturally and I wondered if it was simply an intuitive knowing of sorts (from my own ‘massive unconscious’ as you mentioned) or if I was actually translating something the birds were communicating to me. I have had similar experiences since that time with other animals as well as when asking more personal questions. Sometimes I do have difficulty translating and understanding the information though.

Thank you for sharing your insights on how to work with intuition. I find that yoga, art and creative writing have recently been most helpful in terms of releasing blockages in my body, emotions and mind in order to allow for clear receptivity and easy response. Experimentation with free physical movement is also wonderful but I find it challenging because I don’t have a lot of private space available for this type of exploration at the moment. I can relate to the attitude linked to being gullible and I have been trying to just allow myself free expression through writing and painting, which has in turn influenced opening and shift in other areas. In some ways I feel that my family and education really taught me to think and perceive like Sally in your example and it’s almost like the openness and receptivity is either never fully developed or just forgotten. It seems like so many people only see what they want to see and become so stuck in limited perceptions of themselves/others along with the world/life. I recall I was far more receptive as a child, which is coming back as I allow myself free time for creative expression.

Over the past few years I have experienced some major clearings or releases from my body and mind but I’m not exactly sure how it’s all evolving. I am finding that uncertainty is a great place to hang out as I become more comfortable with it. After going through some pretty big shifts related to the release of inner tensions and childhood traumas I am finding a much greater trust for life and the light within all of us. I hope to one day experience the type of waking lucid dream you describe and I wonder if it’s anything similar to journeying in shamanism, which is something I have recently been exploring.

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