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Dream Interpretation / Re: Disturbing dream and Help needed
« on: December 04, 2014, 03:28:03 AM »
Just remembered that few days ago I had a dream where I was lying on the cliff, my head and body on the top of it between two rivers and I could see my feet on the earth on the left side of that cliff...

I have always been very sensitive to different energies around me and couldn't be or sleep on some places, even in my home, I have two houses and there I can sleep only on one spot...

And now when awaken I felt nausea, dizziness and that energy flow through my body..

I guess I am thanking my Body for being such a sensitive instrument

Dream Interpretation / Re: Disturbing dream and help needed
« on: December 03, 2014, 12:03:28 AM »
It is one in the morning and I cannot sleep. Feel some sensation, like a burning energy in my chest and the flow in my entire body. It has to do with this apartment I moved in on Saturday.
I don't know what to do who can tell me why I have this sensitivity and what to do with it. I cannot stay on here because it is not good for me, and how to explain this as a reason for breaking the one year contract

Tony, perhaps you would know where to go for help,

Thank you

Dream Interpretation / Disturbing dream and Help needed
« on: December 02, 2014, 07:39:07 AM »
I was closing doors on my Cabrio marcedes Benz concerned with a protective high quality cover being aware of the group of men looking at me. Went to the house spoke with a friend of mine supposed to be traveling soon to New York. I warned her we need to close the doors and started doing so, and there was one key like key as a thin wire than a window that couldn't close entirely and than the doors I opened to find myself in a room I've never been before; dark with floor covered with carton pieces and a huge white bed or alike agin white at the end but there was also a girl dressed in white and I called her to come to me, she had a face like a doll her legs were thin and all about her was somehow Ether like ..I called my friend to see her but the white girl dissaepeared and I went to the side area of that room that was L shaped...I feel disturbed now while awake


And the meeting was due in two days time so I entered the characters; firewoods lady- I got the feeling of imence joy and enthusiasm; pijama man fest his love rushing towards the firewoods; than I felt the presence of the unseen person and entered it and I saw  felt a man and felt his sadness, he was observing the firewoods.
In the real meeting we were sittingI in the dining room around the dining table (no fireplace) and IT looked as follows: I was sitting in the middle, on my left was a very nice man, a former owner of that apartment, opposite me was his uncle, a new apartment owner; and on the place of the invisible was a former owner wife. NeXT to me on my left was a Real estate agent, a woman that refused to give away her coat.

So basically, I entered some out of time Experience with a husband as some kind of Children playing and we were trying the real fireplace that almost burned him.
So as I need to leave my current apartment by 1st Dec, I almost took the flat and signed to wander around the town for three weeks and than move because the couple bought a new house where they could move on 17th Dec and than would need to rest one day and than to clean "my flat", the uncle was prepared to give me 1500 EUR to buy some furniture, And when checking the prices IT wasn't enough for a decent ones for two rooms...
And the next day I felt so tired, and realised how much I am ready to sacrifice in order to belong...and I felt IT while going around the apartment with the pijama man :))) I was spaced out so deep that caught my self saying when looking at the plant outside of the flat; "is this also ours?"

So I am curious what Tony, you would say about all.
So, i canceled this apartment and took another one where I can move in smoothly and even earlier than 1st Dec.

ALL the Best

The entire dream goes on in a living room of an apartment I am considering to rent.
I am entering the room standing at my left is a person dressed in few layers of coats, I am introduced to the man sitting right from me in a fouteille, dressed in his pajamas and wrapped in few blankets. We shook hands but he remained sitted and I thought how disrespectful that was. Than opposite from me, and there is an open fireplace in reality, sat an older lady with a huge hat holding a cup of tea and moving from side to side while following the conversation between the man in pajamas and someone sitting on a left side from me, quite invisible to me.
The old lady was made of firewoods and I could see how those woods turn from her waist from side to side.
At that fireplace few faked firewoods are placed that when gas is switched on they seem burning but the fire is real.

So what to say..
Please advise


Dream Interpretation / Re: Father, flowers, bee, flying
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:47:12 AM »
Bless You

Dream Interpretation / Re: Frightened by the Cow, Dream
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:55:52 AM »
Dear Tony,
I explored as you advised and spoken with my mother and her Labor took some time because at one point IT stopped and She was there the whole next day. Than a nurse who was with her a day ago returned to her next day shift, finding my mother still there, said oh what is this, you Are still here, now we will deliver the baby, and than there was I, IT was around 21.00 hours, with rain and strong wind
In my life I had periods of waiting, being stuck and somehow powerless, as if in a different space, disconnected in my balloon...didn't know what to do, how to act..
And now I think that could be due to my birth story :)

And while I was on a helicopter underwater emergency training I remember while upside down in a helicopter, I was just sitting there water around me, and a diver came to see what is happening, I was just at peace waiting for the right moment to leave the helicopter. Everyone else was out already :)
Funny but now I understand
Thank you Tony

Dream Interpretation / Father, flowers, bee, flying
« on: November 08, 2014, 03:36:56 AM »
In my dream I walked towards my father, he died in 1981, he was smiling  and holding for me four white  flowers buquets and one empty vase among them also wraped in a white paper. Flowers were fresh, blooming, and I didn't know which one to choose, I took the one, believe Margareits
And than I was out and there was a huge bee in something that looked not exact as a flower, She was there at the ground and than starting to fly towards me and I was a little concerned but than changed direction and flew up infront of me in an oprostite direction, and I could see she had huge honey or similar at her feet that she collected and bringing upwards...


Good Morning,
So tonight I was walking through the dark corridors and there was a Cow somewhere, I could see her back in one of the niches. I was kind of scared somehow.
Wherever I went that presence of the Cow was there...

A Hug

Dream Interpretation / Re: Holding My whole hair in my hand dream
« on: October 21, 2014, 02:17:07 PM »
Hey Anna, thank you, I have entered that hair as advised in some Tony's texts on dream exploring and the hair was very alive, self confident and powerful, so it gave me an insight to somehow be safe...I cannot explain it well

I have nowadays plenty of dreams...will see

Have a nice day

Dream Interpretation / Holding My whole hair in my hand dream
« on: October 20, 2014, 03:18:29 AM »
In my dream I took my hair as if it was in its entirety taken from scalp. It had some kind of bump at back as if there were more hair below the surface but I was looking at it and it was my hair long as it is and I was examining its shape.
Than I was looking at my hair from above and saw a white area at the top of my head hair and in a dream realized I need some coloring, than that white seemed like a two parallel white lines again at the top of my hair, and it looked somehow flat.

Very unpleasant dream

Best Regards

Dream Interpretation / Re: A screaming pig
« on: October 12, 2014, 04:17:42 PM »
Thank you. Few years ago I went to the Vipasana meditation retreat for a week. Afterward on my way home I stoped at the gas station where a truck stood full of pigs. I remember today how I was able to feel their fear.
Kind Regards

Dream Interpretation / A screaming pig
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:52:47 PM »
This was the first time to dream aboit a pig.
I was looking to my fight side and as of through a window or some other opening or niche, I saw a huge pig, his arms were hold by some men and the pig was struggling screaming and shoping its huge white teeth. Discusting, I remember my fear of seeing them killing him with a knife but no, the pig was just screaming, his head was huge, ears and teeth. ALL in some kind of horror.
Well, hopefully, there would be something interesting there
Kind regards

Dream Interpretation / Re: Airplane nose vertical downwards
« on: October 09, 2014, 09:19:20 AM »
My God
YOU sure have placed a huge smile on my face Dear Tony!
I will do IT!
Cheers from London

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