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Dream Interpretation / Unknown Corpse in My bathroom
« on: July 07, 2014, 12:36:09 PM »
I never dream about death or think about death. Last night I dream the following:

My Dream
There was a corpse of an unknown person in some sort of vehicle. The corpse was inside a very simple black (i think) wood coffin. I helped take the coffin/corpse out of the vehicle into what seem like the funeral home (which had many people in it). One strange thing is that this funeral home had cubicles (like an office) but it also have a couple of beds. I personally removed some of the cubicle panels in order to make room for the coffin. However, we did not have a table for the corpse and somehow to take the coffin into my house and placed it in the bathroom. So there is was the corpse lying in the bathroom of what was supposed to be my house. I did not know the person in the coffin.

Possible related facts:
1) I have a fear of loosing my job, but might be a very stable job (been there 8 years)
2) Someone from my past offered my a new job paying more than what I am currently making
3) As a child I used to have a very significant relationship with God. Situations in life have completely changed me and I feel like a lost a gift. I want to have that gift again.
4) I was thinking of all the facts above right before falling sleep.

Questions after the dream
1- This means I should go for the new job, because i will loose my present job? or witching to the new job is really the mistake?
2- Does it mean that that gift is gone for good? or those it mean that I have an opportunity to get it back?
3- None of the above, what does it mean then?

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