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Hello, Jacqueline. It is lovely to 'meet' you...I hope it is all well and good if I come in with my thoughts as to your dream because I love the moon so. Thus, your dream speaks to me.

I too have had dreams of multiple full moons in the sky. For me, they represented something quite specific and this occurred during one of my lucid excursions. For me, it had been a portent--a premonition--regarding my overall health on all levels at the time (i.e., physical, mental, emotional, etheric and what needed/needs doing.

But as for your dream, the moon in its fullness represents fertility, vast potential, being 'pregnant' with possibilities. The moon in any of its phases can also represent intuition, psychic know-how, mystery and secret knowledge as well as fluidity since it connects to the ocean and its tides.

Five is a magical number (well, all numbers are magical) but it is indicative of the five points of a star, a pentacle, the four elements plus their complement, which is ether. It is a true power number. Tony's breakdown on numbers here at site and in his online dictionary is fascinating. As he said, numbers can also represent the timing of things: days, weeks, months years...Or even the date, or number of a month...Addresses...The possibilities are endless. I have found this, at times, to be so for me.

To me, your dream is quite spiritual and indicative of your great potential in not only your feminine aspect, but as a soul being. Roses...Again, a very feminine symbol and a very lush, fertile one as well. They are flowers of beauty, love, passion, growth, tenderness and compassion. One moon shone as though it 'was encrusted with millions of diamonds'...Again potential...In certain places on this precious earth, we can find these special, regal and powerful stones. Perhaps your potential evokes the idiom, 'a diamond in the rough'? You have the ability to 'shine' as though a diamond might, or like the moon in your dream did.

Because of this spectacle being fixed to the sky, I would say this dream is further communicating to you your limitless potential. You mention sky-born dreams as having been a pattern in your dreams over the course of years. Patterns always prove to be of important consequence and meaning. They are a way in which the Universe speaks to us, guides us toward and along our rightful path. Pay attention to them and work with them--always. The more you do so, the more the Universe will point you along the ways with yet more markers.

That the moons varied in size interests me: I would say that this represents the expanse of your potential, thus far, for each moon and its particular symbolism (.i.e., the roses in one, the diamond-like gleam of another). The normal-sized full moons formed a triad. Three--another power number...Three can be evocative of the Nymph, Maiden, Crone--the three aspects of the Goddess which the moon is a prominent symbol of.  Many magicians and witches work in threes. It represents union, but a union which includes not just the feminine and male aspects, but the invisible and  spiritual force which should always dance between them as an enforcement of harmony and maintenance of their individuality. In the dream, your potential has exceeded the number three into five. Your potential has surpassed the 'normal' appearance of those three moons into yet two others of varying sizes which are adorned with roses and a diamond-like glitter.

I hope you are acting upon your dreams and thus, fulfilling your soul's purpose because this dream of yours is beautiful and is rife with power.

These days, I am striving to live by Goethe's quote in all ways and in all things:

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it! Begin it now!”

I hope you are in the process of doing the same!

Best wishes--always.

Greetings / Re: My Hippie Mama Introduced Me to Mr. Tony Crisp.
« on: September 09, 2014, 07:18:12 PM »
Thank you, Tony, for such a lovely welcoming post. I genuinely appreciate it.

I just read that you suffered a health setback not too long ago and I hope you are recovering well from it. My wishes as to your good health go to you!

Yes, my Mama is still here and after her own health setback, is finding her way back on her own path: back to meditating, listening to her East Indian ragas, doing her yoga and eating whole, healthy, organic foods. I am so pleased. I will forward on your well-wishings to her.

I envy your generation and I thank you for the grand contributions you have made to subsequent ones.

I hope it is well and good for me to write of not one--but two dreams--in this post (I believe in multi-tasking where I see it to be fit!). Normally, I would not think to do this but because of each of them seeming to be mirrors of one another, I think it prudent that I do so.

This will be something in the way of a longer post (as I am a writer by trade) and I wish to include certain details of my life 'in the real' to assist anyone here who might be kind and gracious enough to afford me their own objective interpretation of these two dreams.

First I will recount each dream (mind you, neither of them are particularly long in nature).

Dream One ("The Lighthouse Dream"):

In early March of this year, I had a highly emotional dream in which I lived on an island (though the mainland did not appear too faraway in the distance) set with a white cottage and a white lighthouse. I was married to a ‘young and good-looking’ lighthouse keeper. I had exited the cottage and was on my way to join him in the lighthouse which was set a bit of a distance away from the house. I descended a steep and rocky incline to do so, but with little effort. I was aware that my ‘husband’ was having to light the beacon twice a day every day–both in the morning and in the evening (of course, in reality, lighthouses are lit only at dusk and are snuffed out at dawn). My ‘husband’ was in a specific kind of peril in doing this task and I worried for him–to the point of a pain in my heart, in my soul, for I could sense how especially dear he was to me. He had to cross a patch of frozen-over water and then cross over some snow-covered rocks to reach the tower. My fear was that he would fall through the ice and would drown--that I would lose him forever. I was not at all worried for my own safety in crossing over the ice. I was on my way to join him in the lighthouse that morning to help him light its beacon. I knew it to be our beacon, our lighthouse. I had ascended the full length of the lighthouse's stairwell and had entered the lighting chamber. The beacon was being lit and together, we were then aiming it and shining it out to the world. I recall speaking words of encouragement to him, but my recollection as to what they were is unclear. I was aware of my 'husband's' presence, but I did not actually see him at any point within the dream's context. I woke up not knowing for sure who my ‘husband’ was in the dream.

Come May time, I learn that someone beloved to me ('tis complex and I will 'go there' only a little) is to play a lighthouse keeper in a theatre production (he does some amateur acting here and there). There are facets to the play’s story which are eerie; some of these have similarities to one of two books I am currently working on (I am a writer) and have been working on for quite some time now–though I am (finally) near to completing it. Mind you, the stories are completely different but there are some details which would impress even Dr. Carl Gustav Jung with their synchronicity. My story even has its own ‘beacon’ via a Victorian oil lamp which plays an important role upon a symbolic level.

This 'beloved' and I had not so much as quarreled the previous autumn, but we had a very significant 'difference' or 'conflict'. He left, then returned and I then left, to return. Of late, we have been communicating but we are not 'together' upon a physical level. Last autumn, I went into a spiritual and creative seclusion which I am still in; I spend much of my time meditating and doing other spiritual work as well as working in a fury to finish my writing projects. He will be starting his role as a lighthouse keeper this autumn and this performance will endure for several weeks. I expect to be completing my novel set in the Victorian era also during this autumn.

Dream Two ("The Lantern Dream"):

This dream occurred in August. I was told by a male friend (someone I know in reality, yes) that I should view when some Lord and a Lady first met in their lifetime for they had since met again and were wedded. He was born of nobility and she was not. For some reason, I thought that it would not be that long ago--that their original meeting had occurred much sooner than what I was to see. Suddenly, I found myself to be watching, as an observer, what was a festive gathering celebrating Christmas. In the snow-covered field, were what appeared to be merry peasant folk. The dream seemed to be set, say, some two or three-hundred years ago. There were conifers shrouded in snow and decorated with ornaments and ribbons. There were even reindeer in the field and their antlers were bedecked by bells and greenery such as holly and ivy. I watched as a very small group came to join the celebration among the peasant folk. A few of them appeared to be those who served the one noble: a boy aged around eleven to thirteen. He was a handsome boy and he had dark blonde hair with hints of auburn. He was dressed in a fine purple coat of velvet and in his hand, he carried a lantern which was set aflame and it was decorated with yet more greenery. A little peasant girl with long dark hair--aged six to eight years-old--hurried up to greet him. In her hand, she carried another lantern also decorated with greenery. They seemed overjoyed to see one another as though they were somehow familiar to one another though they were only just meeting. I could feel the love between them was strong. At the end of the dream, they held each of their lanterns up and beside the other.

Do I have long dark hair? Yes, yes I do. Does my 'friend' have blondish-auburn hair? Yes, yes he does.


At one point, over this summer, I inquired as to the first dream via both the "Tarot" and the, "I Ching". The readings depicted some accurate symbolism such as my receiving of, "The Hermit" card (which pictures a lone figure standing atop a snowy, icy precipice and holding a lantern containing a six-pointed star. Note: my real given first name is, "Star"--in case that is of significance in this instance at all.) as to the former oracle. I even got two moving lines in the "I Ching" hexagram I received (Hexagram #38: "Opposites") which read as follows:

Nine at the beginning means:
   Remorse disappears.
   If you lose your horse, do not run after it;
   It will come back of its own accord.
   When you see evil people,
   Guard yourself against mistakes.

Even in times when oppositions prevail, mistakes can be avoided so that
remorse disappears. When opposition begins to manifest itself, a man must
not try to bring about unity by force, for by so doing he would only achieve
the contrary--just as a horse goes farther and farther away if one runs after it.
If it is one's own horse, one can safely let it go; it will come back of its own
accord. So too when someone who belongs with us is momentarily estranged
because of a misunderstanding; he will return of his own accord if we leave
matters to him. One the other hand, it is well to be cautious when evil men
who do not belong with us force themselves upon us--again as the result of a
misunderstanding. Here, the important thing is to avoid mistakes. We must
not try to shake off these evil men by force; this would give rise to real
hostility. We must simply endure them. They will eventually withdraw of
their own accord.


Six in the fifth place means:
   Remorse disappears.
   The companion bites his way through the wrappings.
   If one goes to him,
   How could it be a mistake?

Coming upon a sincere man, one fails to recognize him at first because of the
general estrangement. However, he bites his way through the wrappings that
are causing the separation. When such a companion thus reveals himself in
his true character, it is one's duty to go to meet him and to work with him.


Thank you for reading this and a double 'thank you' if you respond.

Pleasant dreams...Goodnight...

Greetings / My Hippie Mama Introduced Me to Mr. Tony Crisp.
« on: September 08, 2014, 10:20:34 PM »
I found this site in wanting an additional and objective interpretation of a dream  I have had which has, thus far, turned out to be precognitive to an extent (precognitive abilities run in my family on the maternal side like my Irish grandmother, Julian, who was an intuitive and a healer and my mother who read the Tarot for people back in the '60s and '70s). I trust my Higher Self's guidance and feel that I have since had another, more recent dream of a similar meaning. My creative activities 'in the real' as well as another's seem to be reflections of these two dreams and involve details I was not consciously aware of at the time of the initial dream. I later cast the I Ching regarding that initial dream and was astounded by two moving lines which I received which conveyed certain details of the dream in a 'crystal-clear' fashion.

I was delighted to see that it is the site of the author of a book ("Do You Dream?") which was an important to my mother's metaphysical library--a library I often perused as I grew up. This book has long been of great value and insight to me. I tend to go lucid and my dreams have gotten 'heavier' as I have taken up meditation for the past year-and-a-half (after years of my mother encouraging me to do so).

Recently, my mother mailed me her own copy of the aforementioned book which she bought back in the early '70s (I am California-born but have been living in England for the past several years). I was surprised, but touched that she is willing to part with it--until I might return home to live as I know how much this book means to her.

Upon the inside cover of the book, she scribbled some 40 years ago:

I cannot be grasped in the here-and-now. I am as much of a part of the dead as the unborn. Somewhat closer to the heart of reality than usual but far from close enough... (Paul Klee)

It is lovely to meet all of you and to potentially, consort with Tony Crisp!

Brightest blessings...Peace...


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