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Dream Interpretation / Having dinner on the moon
« on: May 09, 2016, 08:26:40 PM »
I dreamt me and my son went on a space shuttle to the moon and once we got there we entered a building where we could peer through windows and watch the earth saftly whilst having dinner. it was a wonderful kind of erie and felt unstable. You could feel harsh winds blowing and rattling the building which didn't help because the view outside was spinning. Despite that the experience was incredible... I was having dinner on the moon with my son and front row seats of the earth.. perfect.

The second part of my dream .. back on earth.. I was swimming in the sea with a man and the tide started to come in, both of us struggled to make it back to shore as the waves would pull us back in. This continues on for a while until we make it back safely. I found out I was pregnant and wasn't long before I gave birth to what looks like a premature baby girl, at first I'm in love but quickly turns into rejection as the baby reveals its self to be an animal. I abandon the baby animal with feelings of relief that I could move on with my life.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Cleaning my brain
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:18:35 PM »
To be honest I couldn't put into words what ive seen or how ive changed because more than anything else its been a feeling. My relationships with people have changed as I have a greater understanding of who, why and how they are. I have a greater understanding and love for myself. My religious beliefs have gone which I only see as a good thing. I have developed a great love and fasination for the universe. anything that mattered before seems so small to me now, even my outlook on sex has dramatically changed. my mind has opened up and grown so much this year with a lot more to come.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Cleaning my brain
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:04:52 PM »
Hi Tony thankyou for your response. The article on how the universe works similar to the brain is fascinating. how you have explained my dreams, the one in may and this one, is very relevant to how my mind has opened up this year. I still remember when It started for me, I was sat up one night on the couch in silence when all of a sudden it was like I experienced a great epiphany, was very emotional and it changed my whole way of thinking. Religious beliefs went out of the window, my belief in gods was flipped upside down and the universe had just began to make a little sense to me, id never even thought of our solar system before never mind the universe. in the past I struggled with physical appearence but now there's not a day goes by where I don't feel beautiful because I see myself and have great love for myself. I struggle to put into words how I have changed but what I'm trying to say is that I saw things for the very first time for what they are and since then I have been growing as a person very quickly, a great understanding of myself, great love for myself and a little knowledge on the universe I live in and how i am connected. I have grown much more in this year than I ever have and its wonderful knowing that this is only the beginning

Dream Interpretation / Cleaning my brain
« on: October 22, 2015, 04:50:50 AM »
in my dream I had sliced open my scalp and taken out my brain. I saw that it was dirty and began soaking it in water. I picked it back up and was happy with how clean and "like new" it was but then dropped it. It seperated into chunks and that's when I realised how serious this was.. I began to panic knowing that I had no idea how to fix this but also frightened as it had only just sank in that I was looking at my own brain. I collected all the parts and put them together like trying to figure out a jigsaw and as I looked at the biggest chunk of my brain I said "so this is Jupiter" as in the planet. I squashed it all back together as best I could thinking of it as our solar system.. put it back into my head and thought to myself " every thought is going to be muddled up, I'm not going to make sense" . I remember that I was in a dingy street alleyway during all of this at night with only a street light to help me see. Any ideas of what this could mean? Thankyou

Dream Interpretation / a very peaceful apocolypse
« on: May 14, 2015, 02:35:47 AM »
last night I dreamt that the world was going to end. the world was dark and filled with panic but I was very relaxed. I was watching the stars whilst everyone else was chaotic, trying to gather things to help save their lives. I tried to explain that they where wasting their time because all of us are going to die. as I stood staring at the night sky I saw shooting stars and Pluto very clearly. planets started to fall but it all looked so beautiful. I stared through a telescope at the moon, which had a face, and he was very sad... but I couldn't understand why. At one point I remember a woman who ran over to my house and stole my door ??? what stood out most in this dream was space, very clear star constellations, planets, stars, comets ect ect very vibrant colours and very beautiful imagery. I knew this was the end, I knew I was going to die but everything was so magical  ;D

Dream Interpretation / second dream of a long forgotten baby
« on: May 14, 2015, 02:34:33 AM »
my dream started by receiving a phone call from a woman telling me my son wanted to see me. ( I have a two year old son in waking life) I said my son is here with me but she went on to talk about a child I had long ago that I had forgotten. I was then stood in some sort of housing unit for many children and introduced to my 13 year old son. At this point in my dream I was overwhelmed with guilt and sadness, I was crying hysterically but also extremely confused with questions that needed answering. whilst crying I was explaining to my son that I never knew he even existed, that I have no recollection of any pregnancy before my 2 year old son. he asked me why I never wanted him. I worked out that with his age and mine that I would of fallen pregnant at 10 years of age, which is insane!!! I then asked him if he knew the name of his father on record, the name he gave me was the same name as my 2 year old son's father. at this point the staff led me into a room full of people whom where all "involved in the case" and they began to put all the pieces together for me. at 10 years of age me and a boy (the children's father) age 12 where very close friends, inseparable, completely in love and innocent, but an accident happened in which led to me being pregnant. no one was aware of what had happened so the pregnancy went unnoticed until I was too far into the pregnancy for anything  to be done. they had then decided to separate me and the child's father for the best, I had the baby and they separated us also. they explained that the experience was so traumatic that my mind had blocked everything out. 10 years later I somehow managed to re-connect with the child's father and begin a relationship with him, become pregnant again, completely unaware of our past. They handed me photographs of me and the boy and played home videos of us on an old movie projector.. we looked so young and happy, so in love. I called the childs father and explained to him briefly of what id discovered and his words were "we will always find eachother".  the dream ended with me being stood back in front of my 13 year old son, crying and holding him saying "I'm so sorry I didn't know". I awoke from my dream covered in tears.

I had a dream almost a year ago that was very almost exactly the same but nowhere near this in-depth, emotional or detailed.

my 2 year old sons father and me separated when he was only 3 months and the father has had no contact with him since.

General Discussion / giant stone dog
« on: March 18, 2015, 10:48:22 AM »
I dreamt I was in a fantacy land.. like the setting of a old castle that had been destroyed in a war.. None of it was standing. Another person was with me but I'm unaware of who, both of us had 3 tasks one of which was to slay the dragon, a huge dragon had 3 charms on the collar which it wore so once the dragon had been killed we took the charms from its neck which was supposed to help with the next task. We went on our way in search of a dog, it was ginormous and made from rock.. As it started to run our way I felt doomed, this was it, no way could I defeat this dog. Once the dog approached us i realised he was harmless and a little sad, his owner had left him for thousands of years.. One of the charms was his dog tag and as soon as we returned it to him and tightened his collar he turned to a normal furry dog (still enormous) he showed love for us. I never got to the third task as I awoke x

Dream Interpretation / animals in glass boxes built into a huge tree
« on: January 14, 2015, 12:16:41 PM »
Last night i had two dreams that I remember. First dream it was walking round anew outdoor market with an old friend (me and this old friend walked away on bad terms) in the dream he bought me a big fleece blanket which gave me comfort and security. We continued to walk round until we got to my house ( a house that is unknown to me). When we arrived in remember my 2 year old son Hugo and started to have a panic attack..I'd fogotten about him
..I was devastated... Ran into the house to check he was safe but when I entered the house it was flooded and falling to pieces.. I found my son instantly and he was curled up in blankets fast asleep. There was water spilling out everywhere. Yet again Hugo knowing he was safe, had left the dream leaving me with this old friend and I apologised.         

When I woke up i immediately got in touch with this old friend and apologised to him. Then went back to sleep.

I was in a car driven by somebody else.. Along the way we stopped at a field because i had spotted a big beautiful tree.. I was telling the woman who had driven me to look at take in all its beauty but she said "it's an awful tree look at all the knots it has". As we got closer i noticed that the tree had glass boxes with caged animal built into the tree.. Right at the top was a very unhappy bear, I stepped into the tree and all the animals where going crazy and the bear was breaking free.. We had to leave as it was dangerous and started back on the road to the previous house that was in my dream earlier only it was completely untouched and so grand, an amazing house made from glass and granite. I remember of being scared of slipping because it was slippy everywhere haha. I then quickly flashed into a shop trying to buy juice, I slipped and fell in the shop breaking everything close to me.. The shop keepper went crazy so began fixing everything.. After I'd fixed everything and done it well the shop keepper said to me " your only so good at fixing things because you have broken everything your whole life"

Anyone have any ideas hahaha xxx

Dream Interpretation / Re: Transparent total solar eclipse
« on: January 14, 2015, 11:53:19 AM »
Thankyou so much Tony, hearing this has made a lot of sense, i really appreciate it :) thankyou xxxx

Dream Interpretation / Re: Transparent total solar eclipse
« on: January 14, 2015, 01:17:38 AM »
Hey jacquie I presume you are talking about a spiritual/psychic ability within myself? my ex partner and myself only split very recently so I am very sure he was only in the dream because i havnt yet let go. I'm very greatful fofor your reply... Please could you be a little clearer for me on what you saying :) thankyou xxx

Dream Interpretation / Transparent total solar eclipse
« on: January 12, 2015, 01:48:41 AM »
All my life and almost every night i have very vivid dreams... To the point where I sometimes don't even feel like I've slept at all. I can have lots of dreams is one night and remember most of them. This one isn't the most bizarre dream however it really stood out to me, I can't seem to stop thinking about it since I woke up 2 days ago.....I dreamt I was living in the attic of a unknown house (although In my dream I did feel although this was my home). I was stood by the window speaking with my ex partner but in the dream we were together. All of a sudden this total solar eclipse occured right in front of our eyes and so close to us aswell, such a huge sun covered by a huge blue transparent moon… The room went pitch black and I watched as the moon left the sun and everything went light again. My partner left down some stairs uninterested in what amazing thing just happened. I then stood in this room on my own and seconds later realised I was pregnant, I turned transparent and could see a tiny baby nestled in my womb.. Everything was warm. Could you tell me what this means? I later found out that there is a total solar eclipse visable from where I live in the UK on the 20th of march this year xx

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