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Greetings / House, Dogs and see through head
« on: January 25, 2015, 02:06:07 PM »
I have been battling to decipher and to interprete the following two dreams for these two years.

May I add that some items, people, places and occurrances come to a reality within 10 years of my dreams.

1. My eldest sis and I were standing beside my farther's grave when the soil darkened and turned into a mud pool. In the middle surfaced a light brown curly wig with the skeleton being pushed from beneath upwards. I then lifted the skeleton and we decided to take it to another place assumi Nguyen that my dad was not happy were he was put to rest. As we were walking, the skeleton whispered in my ear, "I have a beautiful place in Limpopo" I was then wide awake and could fall asleep again..

2. I was standing in the reception area of my modern house. The dark red, orange, green yellow colours stand in contrast with the dark wooden antique furniture. As I admired the beauty, a transparent white human head with tiny arms and legs, floating on my right hand side. Where ever I go, this head was with me. It wanted to show me something important outside the house. It was a irritating head, however, I followed it outside. As I closed the door behind me, looking back and admired the colours of the reception area once again. The head leading me into a dry bush and disappeared. There was nothing in this bush. Finding my way out of this horrible bush and once outside, was in a footpath with long green grass leading towards the house again. Got to a closed old rusted gate. as i was opening the gate, big dark brown labrodor-crossed-graydane dogs waited for me to open the gate. Once again this head appeared on my left hand side. I felt very agitated, angry and very fedup with this head, but let the head through anyway. As I was closing the gate, two of the dogs and the head rushed very quickly to the house, now in sight. One of the dogs was on my right hand side, moved in front of me, hindered me not to proceed to the house. I tried to walk around it, but it grabbed my right leg with his right leg holding me to a stand still. The dog finally let go and lay arrest a distance from me on my right hand side with his front legs crossed and his head on his legs. I proceeded to the house. Opening the front door, noticing white wall paper being ripped off the walls and the reception disorganized with furniture pushed over. Feeling very confused and ill, thinking to start all over again fixing my house. Deciding to inspect all other rooms, approaching a partly open door. Nearing this door, noticing load music and disco lights from this room. As I got to the door, I heard the head laughing like a demon. Decided not to inspect this room. Approached another closed wooden door and as I opened it, it was my ordened, neat, tidy, colourful kitchen, with my deceased grandmother standing with a warm welcomed smile.

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