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I had a dream, what i can remember is being in a car parked, seeing a big houseboat on wheels next to me, and a much bigger one on the street, a fire in a building i was in, running with a glass table to save it, then a bar, a arguement over a quater for the jukebox between two people, then someone died, my granddaughter appeared, i grabbed her and ran, jumping down through a hole along way down with her, then i was in a big basement of some kind, someone was after us, then im in a room it was dark,, and there were people crying, i felt very sad, then my granddaughter is in front of me, i ask her where her mommy is, she points, and i see my daughter in law across on a couch crying, she is wearing pajamas i bought her for christmas, i call her over to me and we both are crying about the death of this person, but i dont know whe it is, i dont remember, im bothered because i normally have dreams about death and it usually happens soon after, what does this mean

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