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Dream Interpretation / on old houses
« on: June 07, 2015, 03:27:19 PM »
Hello Tony - and other members.  I am quite fascinated by all the insights here and am grateful for your time and energy on keeping up with this site and for keeping the information inside here. 

I am particularly being disturbed by a theme that recurs infrequently over my life, yet this is frequently enough to cause me to question why it exists - what am I trying to tell myself.  I guess I don't "get it" and so I need from time to time to go back over it and try to compare the commonalities.  I would appreciate a more objective insight by someone like you and the members. 

In these dreams, there is always a very very old house.  It is always in a state of abandonment but with all of the furnishings and originality there but aged, dusty and or not working due to nobody seems to live there.  I always find myself walking by and for unknown reasons suddenly inside.  In all cases, I am both the participant and the observer.  I both feel a familiarity a fascination with the old which draws me in, but also a feeling of that it is not really mine - this is the basic confusion I think - where I both feel it is mine from my past, and yet it is not and I do not know why I am there. 

The oldness is from varying era's from one dream to another - one time it was likely from the 15th or 16th century and more recently, the house was likely from a more Victorian age mixed with modern.  The time was night, the streetlights were burned out, the street was empty.  There was a male figure that came out of the shadows of the empty dirt floor garage area to greet me and together we went into the house from the garage.  The house had a dirt floor like it was the basement.  I went into the bathroom and saw that it was in great disrepair and tried to flush it but some water movement, but it would not flush and then a whole lot of water like a waterfalls came rushing from within the walls covering the walls which looked like they could be stone maybe - I next got into the bed because I was so tired - I just wanted to sleep.  I was awakened shortly by the male figure who was laying with me and seemed like he just had sex with my sleeping body - but I was observing and became aware of this.  Laughing at my attempts to make him stop, I rise to leave. 

As I looked up and saw the water, the dirt, and the neglect and at once felt also that the reason the house was remaining unoccupied was that it was also a haunted house - I fled but outside there was still darkness and nowhere and nothing in the streets of wherever I was.  And not knowing where to go except that I had to go. 

In the other dreams of old houses, I was the ghost and the person - the person observing the ghost and being scared of it - I was murdered in one of the houses. 

I n all cases of the old houses - they are abandoned, old, haunted, the plumbing doesn't work, and I am victimized in some way and there is a ghost which is usually actually me - and then I can't leave or I do leave and wake up. 

Greetings / Hello
« on: June 07, 2015, 02:37:38 AM »
I just joined - I am struggling with a dream I had that seems to recur from time to time in slightly different forms, but with the same theme and leaving me feeling very uneasy and not easily dismissed.  I don't understand.

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