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Dream Interpretation / The Forest Walk
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:48:21 PM »
I had a dream last night. In this dream I was suddenly in the body of an older man. Him and others were being marched forward through the forest using a well worn path.

This man had his hands folded over the back of his head, as did his son who was roughly 14-16 and had blonde long-ish hair, quietly following behind him. They were the two in the back of the line.

Several men with rifles and guns were ushering this group quietly forward. The men with guns looked very different - and were from the region, the others I don't believe they were. They appeared more to be tourists nor persons not raised in that region.

The man following up the rear was grumbling that his son was not walking fast enough, and he'd nudge him with the butt of the gun. The child was afraid, and trying his best to be calm, but his whimpering was bothering the man and he hit him harder until the child stumbled.

As his father, in the dream (I'm a woman in real life), I grew angry, turned, posed in a fighting stance... there were words and the gun pointing to the side of my sons throat. I turned, knew I needed to keep quiet. These men meant business.

My son fell, I turned and once again the man pulled him up, butted him with the gun and I had to keep from being angry, but I misspoke.. and turned smugly to rethink the verbal barb I had landed on this man.  See? I had no weapon but my wit, and they had no chance with that. 

The man with the gun saw the smile on my face, and even though he might of not understood my comment to him, he knew I was being ... overly confident.

Then I heard the shot... and I looked to see my son falling.  He had pointed the tip of the gun to the back of my son's neck, and pulled the trigger.  I fell to my knees, picking up my son and cradling him in my arms.

I woke up crying and I said something aloud that woke my own daughter ... I don't remember but I think it was the child's name.

The dream was vivid, and I could feel the tropical heat... I was sweating and hot as if I had been there... all along.

I remember the sounds, the smells, the colors. I remember the great pain of the father...

Greetings / New Poster - Introduction
« on: June 26, 2015, 05:35:01 PM »
I am an older woman, Native American Indian, and I often have dreams where I am in the shoes of another, going through the movements, but as them.

I get almost trapped in the dreams and only can pull out when something wakes me (loud sounds) or something in the dream is unsettling. Then the dream begins again later, but each time I see more than I did before.

They are so vivid and true to life and sometimes they haunt me.

Very nice meeting you all.

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