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Dream Interpretation / Gunshot wounds/Hands & Feet/Deceased Husband
« on: December 11, 2015, 03:15:36 PM »
Hi everyone I'm new to the board! Just want to see if I can find a meaning to this dream I had earlier this morning. I'm totally open to any opinions, thoughts, & ideas.
The dream:
  I was on vacation at a beach, it was somewhere tropical, that had a beach & jungle. I was on this vacation with my husband (who in waking life has been deceased for 6 years) & some friends of ours. It seemed like it was a couples vacation retreat. We were all at the beach having fun. I remember my husband & I being pretty connected & affectionate in this dream. We were laughing, hugging, holding hands, etc. At one point everyone decided to go back to the resort we were staying at, to rest & relax. I decided I wanted to explore the jungle & went by myself. I got pretty deep into the jungle & came across a group of what I would describe as thugs. They looked pretty tough & most of them carried large guns. They were asking who I was, & what I was doing there. I told them, & they didn't believe me. I assumed that they didn't believe me, they continued to press me for information until one of these men shot me in both hands & both feet. I remember not feeling the pain of being shot, just a slight burning sensation. I also noticed that my wounds didn't bleed. I passed out & woke up to one of my friends taking me to a hospital. I get to the hospital & the doctor tending to me said he'd have to remove the bullets from my feet, that he would not be using any anesthetic to do so. I was pretty scared, & despite my refusal to have the bullets removed with out anesthetic, the doctor continued to go forward. I remember my husband coming & he was concerned, & stayed by my side the whole time. The next day one of the friends who came with us wanted to go shopping so I went with her. I was in a wheel chair do to the fact I obviously couldn't walk wih a gunshot wound to each foot. Somehow we ran into the man who shot me, he needed a ride home. For some reason I was cool with us giving him a ride. So we gave him a ride home, on the way we were talking & laughing with this guy. We got to his house & I told him I forgive him for shooting me, hugged him & then woke up.
If anyone has any opinions on what the interpretation of this dream is, please do share. Thank you

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