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Dream Interpretation / Re: a fat baby bird coming down home
« on: January 31, 2018, 08:58:30 PM »
Dear Tony

I don't have the words to thank over and over again for all your big-hearted answers. It's a gift of wisdom you pour for everyone who wants to share the experience of dreaming and learning from it with you. I'm in big debt now! All I can do (and I've already done) is thank God and remember you in my prayers. Your posts and your answers have helped me through a healing process full of hardships, but also of joy and marvelous encounters!

Be blessed!

Dream Interpretation / a fat baby bird coming down home
« on: January 29, 2018, 12:06:25 AM »
Warm greetings!

After having read the post http://dreamhawk.com/interesting-people/animal-children/#Program you suggested on a recent topic I started, I began to reflect about the non-human characters so frequent in some of my dreams since a year or some more ago. I'd like to refer to a dream I had yesterday because it kind of sums up  dreams where different types of birds come around "my house", trying to get in here. The first was a duck, then something I'd identify with an albatross or a sea bird of some sort (I've seen just in tv and pictures), and an owl becoming man. Yesterday it finally made its "descent" in a way me and  my family could interact with it. The curious thing was that it was not an identifiable species of bird, and it was very large and fat, almost like a stuffed animal. It could be described as the ugly duckling (I knew it was a baby), was about my height (short for humans but big for a bird) and its feathers were yellowish and looked like plush.

The dream occured in a room that has functioned as a drawing room, where a closet that has been removed appears as when we were children, where we stored books and toys. I'm there with my sisters, it's afternoon and my attention is captured by the vision of birds approaching through the window. At first they are "normal", a pair of those little singing birds, then maybe a dove, they seem to push their way through the open window so I talk to my sisters alerting them to let them in. It isn't clear why those birds are coming so abruptly and earnestly but we are very attentive on letting them in; so we observe them passing across the window and then making their way through the cabinet, as if it was a kind of chimney, with an opening they could use to go out again. (As I write it I notice the apparent nonsense of them entering the room just to use the closet as a passage and getting out again; I think now it is as if they are entering another completely different place, a different "sky" when they pass through our window and then the hole in the cabinet's ceiling). For a while my sisters and I are just making it possible for them to come in by keeping the window open.

But then it comes the fat baby bird, and of course as he tries to cross past the window it's obvious he won't do it without help because he's so big. I try to keep the window open but as he pushes in it gets closed again and again, so I manage to stick it against the wall with large pieces of adhesive tape (the one I use for any emergence at work:) It's a weird moment because the bird moves and strains as a real one would do, and I fear it could get hurt. But finally he gets in and enters the closet, so in a moment everything is quiet, it's getting dark, I watch outside the window and see some birds yet flying high, and I take a look inside the top drawer to watch if he's still there, because I think he won't be able to pass through the hole in the ceiling. I see no movement, and there are some stuffed animal toys that we've kept since we were children there. After a while I convince myself he's there even when it's quiet, and he's mixed up with the toys. I'm worried because we have many dogs in this house and maybe they could hurt him if he's out. So I try to keep the door of the room closed but then he gets down and runs very fast, and goes down the stairs. I go after him.

He ends up at my mother's garden, I fear and even imagine a dog biting him but then someone blocks the way and again all the family is gathered there, I take a look and see the bird's changed the color of the feathers in its chest to blue (It reminds me of some feathers I collected years and years ago that I keep in a locket as a reminder of some events in my life). The bird is certainly not beautiful but it's magical, as some fairy tale beast; it's almost funny as I remember it but we all are acting really discreet with him. We don't seem to ask ourselves what in heaven is he doing here, or what we'll do with him, we just keep around him for a while and then I see one of my sisters comes and feeds him with an extremely curious food: They look like small sheets covered in precious materials I just identify by the colors (maybe I mention the only "audible" words "Are those diamonds?" talking about the food)... The sheets resemble the shapes of leaves or feathers, but covered in gold and silver. In this astounded glimpse, the sky slowly darkening above our heads, the dream ends. The morning after I read
"Even while you sleep among the sheep pens,[e]
    the wings of my dove are sheathed with silver,
    its feathers with shining gold.” Psalms 68

Dream Interpretation / Re: cicadas, settings, moist fields
« on: January 26, 2018, 03:30:45 AM »
Dear Tony

I'm very thankful for the gift of your responses. It takes lots of thinking to grasp the wonderful and various aspects of them, so I take each one of them as a journey. They rise lots of questions too, and make me think of all the ways I can undertake to explore the full significance of my dream experience.  It's so true that "dreams are the real but hidden power in our lives"... Also I'm getting used to amazing synchronistic events that occur when you answer! (even though for some people they are just "coincidence")... I can just humble myself before the loving power of God into it, making those wise and kind words of yours be unveiled and fully understand not by my head, but my heart. I surely appreciate and am delighted by the way you share these concepts with us, like that of "our human brain sits on top like a rider of a very ancient beast – our body". Wow.

Now the "curious event": After having read your answer I took a silent time to reflecting on it (mainly the part on which you ask "why the extraordinary power in our lives is hidden or ignored"); I've slept on it also as a way to see how the images take me back to that place, and of course I've prayed for that clarity. So today I was trying to write (an excersise that turned out to be difficult for me after a relationship that ended real wrong) and I was also just hearing some old music; one of the songs was called "like the cicada", and well, I must say it's like a translation of this very dream to the words of a poem that actually exists! (but I didn't know that existed, and had never heard but today!) It manifests to me the connection with the purest forms of praise and adoration, the way nature, the whole creation sings! (And as you note, I'm trying to find my voice in here:) The song compares the beginning of cicadas' singing with a rebirth in life.-.
Here I share a translation (it was written in spanish and it sings):

"So many times I was killed,      
so many times I died,         
nevertheless here I am         
rising from the dead.         
I'm grateful to misfortune   
and the hand that holds the knife   
'cause they killed me so bad..
and I kept on singing.         
Singing to the sun like the cicada   
after a year beneath the earth,       
the same as the survivor          
coming back from war.   
So many times been obliterated,   
so many I disappeared,
to my own funeral I went      
alone and crying.         
A handkerchief I knotted      
but I've almost forgotten         
it was not the only time I did...
and I kept (came back) on singing.

Singing to the sun like the cicada   
after a year beneath the earth,       
the same as the survivor          
coming back from war.

So many times they've killed you,
many times you'll rise from the dead,
how many (so many) nights you'll spend
And at the time of the shipwreck
and at the darkness' time
someone will come to save you
to keep on singing.

Singing to the sun like the cicada   
after a year beneath the earth,       
the same as the survivor          
coming back from war.
Written by María Elena Walsh and sung by Mercedes Sosa.)

And a most waited answer arrived! Thanks!

Dream Interpretation / cicadas, settings, moist fields
« on: January 21, 2018, 05:13:17 AM »
 :) Hi! I'd love being helped out with this!

This dream begins as a confusing kind of drama acted out by a strange family, in a chaotic environment full of disorderly acts and crammed space; I don't seem to know any of them, the place is permanently invaded by strangers and the only thing I remember is that at some point the center stage is taken by the man that must be the "father", wearing a kind of white robe and a crown but more like an actor; he begins to lick the body of a newborn baby... The feeling gets blurred so I don't clearly know if this appears disgusting or "wrong", it's a thing I just see as an odd viewer.

So the transitional part of the dream is almost completely different, a peaceful, very rich image (where sound takes on, making it more vivid and moving). It's almost dawn, I felt I was lying on a wet and green rice field, in someone's company. As I remember he was just a dark and encircling presence, almost a shadow, of whom a pale face is the only thing enhanced for short moments, with no much accent. I think I know him because of certain remembrances, featuring an image of a famous etching; he covered me partially as on that image, making us sort of fusing with the weak and cold light  that's barely appearing; we are both facing each other but I don't have a clear "picture", neither of really holding him, nor seeing for real our faces. It's more a sensation of some sort, and the "visual" picture it creates as it feels almost like an embrace... I remember mostly that sensation that becomes frozen, in the midst of a very real and natural atmosphere; I can feel the cool air contrasting with the soft warmth of the other body, even though we're not so close. And then the words I speak subtly and clearly, while a really intense cry of cicadas begins to rise among the dew covered grass and the soft blue that dissipates slowly as the day lightens up along with my voice... I say to him "This is all I (ever) wanted. Being here, both of us". I can't help but thinking it feels almost like being near death, as if we were some corpses lying there, still. After a while I see a general picture that allows me to watch to a leafy and strong, not so tall tree covering us, hearing some more of the accute and intensifying sound of the cicadas; then all begins to fade in that rare sensation of trying to identify what is all of it, if it's about a memory, a fantasy or illusion, or maybe a truncated thought lost in times that seemed never being meant to get us somewhere "real". So I appear far away from that place that looked like a poem I once wanted to be true, like the image someone told me that represented what he dreamed of, maybe thinking it simply isn't the person I thought I loved, nor the one I imagined... It just wasn't true. (He felt overwhelmed by my "words", put on the defensive and once said he had nothing to do with my actual dreams).

Then I appear to be back to school,  finally I end up trying to get an exhibition on time; there are again lots of people, but now I recognize most of them. It gets late and the thing must begin but I haven't get all things organized and assembled, so it becomes a sort of performance of me doing the last chores in front of the supposed "audience". Before I get angry because a woman working in the front wall of the room takes my scissors, I go there and take them throwing a fierce glance towards her; later a friend tells me I should have not, because she's the one "supervising" the show, but I seem not having time to worry about that. The last thing I remember is it's night, I know because of electric lights, and a cousin comes near and tells me, as I'm pouring a very thin brown dust (I don't know what is it, maybe ashes, not dirt but something thinly milled) in some water paths I've shaped: "Oh, why are you painting the water again?"

General Discussion / just to say THANKS!
« on: December 28, 2017, 03:09:05 PM »
I needed to say that I'm really thankful for this site, and that any and every of your responses are real gifts to me.
Thanks Tony!

General Discussion / Re: felt like reading a poem... and here a dream again
« on: December 28, 2017, 02:56:54 PM »
Yes, love is the realisation of all! (And reaching that understanding, making it part of our lives, is the biggest goal).
And the image of God as the Big-Bang is just so wonderful! Those words are incredible, now I'm speechless.  :-X :)

General Discussion / Re: felt like reading a poem... and here a dream again
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:34:37 PM »
Wow, again all I have to say is THANKS!
I'm very thankful that you have shared those experiences that are so hard, the strength in your words that nevertheless explains your personal pain in a way full of compassion and understanding...
It took so many days for me to have some words to say about this, not just because I think I should, but because your words touched me so deeply... For instance I'd written about the poem because I was having hard times remembering and trying to reaching out someone that became unapproachable after having "abandoned" me in some way. He made just so hard for me to take the whole process of forgiving on that for some months I just thought I'd never do it, I'd just have to live with hate against this person. And it was horrible for me because even though I've certainly had a lot of hardships in my relationships with people (most of all family) I've never felt such hatred and frustration before.

Your poem soothed that "rational" part of me that was questioning me WHY did I have the need to know about this person, why I still think he owes me explanations that he clearly refused to give at the right time. This last response you have given was really shocking because of your sincerity, and the fullness in the vision of the multiple points of view; it amazed me and made me "think" beyond the usual, that is almost always about guilt and shame that we don't want to feel, and we use to put in another.

The amount of passion in your words equals the peace that the expression of your experience offers... and that's just so amazing! Yes, definitely forgiveness is the only way. Doesn't really matter if you believe everything is the product of history, culture, genetics, I think that, as you say, it's all inside a spiritual compendium of all things: individual, collective, ancestral, forthcoming...) I'd comment that for me particularly the conflict has been always about the "splitting" in gender issues. I won't say anything else because the important thing you've pointed here is that there's a real need for us to understand that going beyond our limitations, understanding that experience is "just so" and there are important lessons in pain and hurt can save us.
Personally, the day I understood that repentance and forgiveness were the first steps to go on and stop ruining my life, everything changed for good. It was of course a process but I'm happy to say that I've found peace even when I feel overwhelmed sometimes, maybe saying, doing things that seem like getting stuck or flinching, like trying to repeat the same. We are humans after all...
I'd like to thank you a lot and sharing with you a Psalm that I think summarizes well the beautiful and precise words you told about your experience and feelings: (One of the Psalms that helped me to get to the point of forgiving and repentance, because I know God doesn't judge us, the reason there are things that we see as "wrong" is because He is telling us that those things will cause unnecesary pain, and he wants us to protect our own hearts, and the hearts of others).
Blessed is the one
    whose sin the Lord does not count against them
    and in whose spirit is no deceit.

When I kept silent,
    my bones wasted away
    through my groaning all day long.
For day and night
    your hand was heavy on me;
my strength was sapped
    as in the heat of summer.

Then I acknowledged my sin to you
    and did not cover up my iniquity.
I said, “I will confess
    my transgressions to the Lord.”
And you forgave
    the guilt of my sin.

Therefore let all the faithful pray to you
    while you may be found;
surely the rising of the mighty waters
    will not reach them.
You are my hiding place;
    you will protect me from trouble
    and surround me with songs of deliverance.

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
    I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.

General Discussion / Re: felt like reading a poem... and here a dream again
« on: December 11, 2017, 05:18:11 PM »
Thanks a lot!
(Thanks for sharing with such an honest and generous fashion things that are so intimate, that mean so much
in someone's personal experience, and that way sometimes become so difficult to share :)

It's again so interesting, so encouraging for me to know those kind of wonderful experiences behind the words we read or talk... It's difficult to imagine but I try to make a vivid picture of what you describe, thinking of all of those emotions that we try to explain on an "intellectual level", but nevertheless being all about feelings, the body itself expressing in all the means possible as it releases from the burdens of "thinking". I'd like to experiment with sound as you describe, it's amazing because it's the most difficult part, as much as it's so linked with the struggle between our "wild" self (pre-verbal) and our intelectual one (the one we become after language). I think most of the secrets of life are behind that "curtain or veil" of knowledge, that lies beyond the images, mostly "visual" for our understanding. It holds a power and a secret not only about the individual, but the colective; so I guess history is mainly made of that part that is so tricky to us. Again it's amazing and wonderful to connect through those "translations", because when I read your poem I didn't even imagine a little bit of the background but for some reason I saw all the performing thing, and that way my intuition told me something about the deepest meaning of it all, the one that connects two totally different and supposedly "unknown" people and brings them together trhough the universal of experience, of love (even in its saddest or "ugly" forms).
I thank God for this opportunity to share with a different but at the same time alike mind, that encourages the will to go beyond our human feelings and interpretations to reach the holiest goal, connecting with that which makes us all ONE. ¡Thanks again!
(I'd love to know about many of those experiences that spread all over the dream interpretation and articles' site!)

General Discussion / felt like reading a poem... and here a dream again
« on: December 10, 2017, 01:28:30 AM »
 ::)Right now I was just wondering because some idle worry came to my mind after having written to someone I used to know (that I know probably won't read what I wrote to him). I thought the dumb expectance of writing to someone that doesn't care suddenly turned into a wild fear and I asked myself why? Do I really fear this person, or am I doing the wrong thing and feel guilty about it? I just kept thinking of it and all of those awkward feelings that appear when something's falling apart, like the tooth in a dream I had some days ago.

But also I felt sort of happy of knowing that the person won't read, so I can feel safe and at ease with the level of "exposure" it all has. I came to read something on here because it's one of my favorites when I feel blurred in my mind, just searching for an "inspiration". So I took a rapid look to the introduction of your poetry and said wow! how wonderful to feel the strength and power in those words about pain and love and life. And then it came, the title of one of them, that reminded me of the dream I had this morning: I said to a man, as we walked through a large corridor (as in a stadium in a vast field) -I know, I know, I know. He laughed as if I was talking nonsense, so I repeated until he approved (I didn't talk his language, that was the apparent thing). Here it is what I found http://dreamhawk.com/poems/i-dont-know/,  an unexpected and indirect but sure calling about my worries and dreams...


Dream Interpretation / front teeth chopped
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:50:29 PM »

I've been reading about the meaning of teeth in dreams, but this one is particularly confusing to me because the dream doesn't offer any clear information I could recall besides the image of myself looking in a mirror at my teeth, noticing that one in the front (I think it's the left one) is like splitting so I see little pieces of it falling, almost in a close up. I fear of touching it because it looks very fragile, and of course I think of decay and think I tell to someone there (maybe one of my sisters or mom) that it's terrible, ageing that way! I don't see anything but the mirror and talk about it shocked and in an excited way, as if it was "proving" something. I think it's because it's not the first time I've dreamt this, maybe a few weeks ago and it was almost the same.  I remember it because I woke up and went to the bathroom to check if my teeth were o.k. In the dream the tooth doesn't hurt, is not rotting and doesn't look bad, just extremely fragile and broken in the inside part of it, while the other looks healthy and normal. I see that the crumbling part looks like a yellowish material, like some resin, almost containing bits of particles trapped in it. I don't fear losing the tooth, but how fragile it looks.

I'd really appreciate if I can get some help with it!

Dream Interpretation / Re: a cloak made of rats
« on: November 04, 2017, 09:06:38 PM »
the image  ;)

Dream Interpretation / Re: a cloak made of rats
« on: November 04, 2017, 08:57:11 PM »
Still I have no words.
It's really amazing and wonderful.

Yes, it's beautiful the way God connects us in so many ways. Today there was a response to it. First your message arrived; I had woke up with the remembrance that one exact year ago to this date, 4XI, I had the dream of the wall, the tomb and the paper (all spoken and written and made visible as in a "screen"). And then, an image (I tried to attach it but failed:(
It's a photo a friend sent of a thing that you describe in your poem, but that in the place I live doesn't exactly happens the same way... It's like some miracle.
Of course it also responds to climatic change and all the ways we humans have affected nature, what I'm trying to explain is that it's not something that has ever happened, just in a dream... And these days it became real! I'm not even there, but the photo showed me the image of the dream I told. It's the very building I told about, the back wall, all covered in that white sheet of snow that I haven't ever seen but dreaming (and while reading in your words). If this is not a way of universal connection, don't know what could possibly be! It's real, terrible, magical! Like you describe in your writting. All I have to say is THANKS!

Dream Interpretation / Re: a cloak made of rats
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:55:46 PM »
(Didn't find an emoticon to describe, really sorry!!). I'm really moved, don't have words to express the feeling.

It amazes me, your response looks just like a "performance script" I made; have to say mine are weird (because you take them apart from the logical context of words), but that's the reason it's not theater but other thing. I'd really like to share it with you! (It's short  ;) )

Dream Interpretation / Re: a cloak made of rats
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:32:19 PM »
 ::) :o!!

Thanks :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: a cloak made of rats
« on: October 25, 2017, 03:52:56 AM »
 :-X (sorry it's sooo long...)

So it was like a body, like a huge person standing there, in front of me. Like any other image presenting me something in a dream, and eventually like myself and all my history there. So at first I got the closest I could to it, as to erase my vision, embracing it, feeling it, to be aware of its sensitive suggestions, and the things that could appear to my mind (and heart). I kept true to the dreams that inspired this and followed the path scripted by them.

So I began to take distance, first to be able to write the special piece of fabric I had prepared along with my paintings to work as my "blanket", white and totally clean. It covered just a small part of the big wall but was enough to make a point of reference related with the measure of my body and the precise spot where some things took place. I began to write very freely about my sensations and almost unconscious stuff that came to my mind, that were not a lot in fact. Every once in a while I took more distance, and as I did it my perceptions were more open and expanded, as much as my "intellectual" thinking blurred. I began innerly talking to the wall, then I talked as the wall itself. The total time was about 2 hours, and there were several intervals on which I just closed my eyes, to check if I was reached the "breaking point", where I sort of returned to my position of "dreamer".

The thing was intense and demanding not just emotional, but physically. And when I opened my eyes I revived all kinds of memories mixed with the dream that put me there, in front of that wall, at the precise distance on which I was the man that stood facing the blanket, feeling the sun on his face and in a ravishing state on which there's nothing more than that wall, that blank space that becomes blinding with light, absorbing and paralyzing everything else around, as if he could cross it or make it disappear with just the intensity of staring at it, or becoming the wall in the exhaustion of all that time passed. A wall that I indeed felt as a body, my own body confronting me with all those experiences and stories that I lived in and out that building through all of this years.

There was a climactic point where tears fell from my eyes, and my heart just squeezed in the remembrance of something that I couldn't grasp, just felt as a separation of some sort. Then I slowly felt like returning and that there was something that had to be acted out in real life. And some minutes after that I felt the goodbye was completed and I had to go. I said a physical goodbye, asked for the time and went to find what was the thing I had to meet that woke me up.

As we know association doesn't work the same in real life, it's almost irrational to say something that seems pretty obvious in dreams as "that wall was you and a person you'd thought you love" or a wall is a sheet and a paper and person also - so all I could say is that a very random but personally meaningful thing that caused my bewilderment took place a short time after the performance ended. I felt happy because I felt I had achieved in fact to feel the same thing that man had showed me in a dream of years and years ago, and I even went beyond traversing that wild space of the wall to my own body, taking on a experience of years into a single moment as no video or picture alone could possibly do.

But there was some sadness because it was just me, after all - how could I possibly transmit, tell anyone else I had entered a dream? I had an occasional public but they were anything but near of knowing what was really going on besides that woman standing for hours there, maybe crying or talking in front of a wall. To that point I hadn't collected the whole experience of the exposition yet, so I didn't know if the public had experienced also a bit of my memories, dreams and life watching the paintings, entering that space I had presented to them.

But I walked away convinced that there was something out there calling my attention in my material world, so I went to a place that also had a meaning, about this very painful relationship with one person - a person that disappeared and became a ghost in my life with no explanations allowed, so releasing the pain was awful hard. As I got there things didn't seem to be particularly rare even though as I approached the place I knew I was like "meeting destiny", but then it happened that I heard myself telling - so finally, I know here you are - and in fact, after years, and just in the back of the office where I had presented the document of the written final work (that was also like a diary of an illness, my return to home and that hurtful relationship), I saw that person. He was along with other people so I just took a look from a distance, and it felt like the look I had taken of the wall just minutes ago. I didn't want to look back but didn't feel so good as to go running away from there, so I found a tranquil place where I could just sit and think... and then it happened the second time. As he passed by, unable to look back at me, it felt exactly as the second part of the dream, as a ghost talking - with no words - of his own tomb.

I spent a time to feel ok and wondering, amazed but also bothered by the sudden apparition, noticing how the page I was reading was exactly a "performance script" I had shared with him when we both first began to talk each other. And the images of some wall and a stone. When I thought I had spent time enough to get up and go without meeting again I left, but as much as I recalled every single image and sensation something compelled me to go faster and faster.

I arrived the building like an hour later, went insctinctively to the classroom to make sure everything was ok (it was time to take all the things off the walls and I felt the disappointment of knowing he had been near all the time, but didn't even try to take a look to my work, maybe because of a fear or a resentment), and as I went out again there he was, standing and again talking to other people in the opposite wall. So I just could turn my back again, looking like fainting - that's what my director told me - because of the long hours spent, first before the wall, then walking apparently aimlessly, towards an unexpected, almost random "encounter" with my recent past, the other "body" of my dreams.

It was also weird the way I ended up repeating the three postures I had seen on him in a dream a year ago, a recurrent image, and the fact that I was there because the performing of another dream suggested me to go precisely to that place, to meet the reason "hidden" beyond those images. But I couldn't talk to him, and he never ever tried to cross or facing that "wall". It presented itself as simple as he was the very thing that couldn't "enter", and the one I couldn't access.

I felt like at the beginning, but aware that it was the end, also. And a sort of anticipation of "another life", a profound and almost terrifying level of experience, or at least like being inside a short film of some sort, but incapable of reconciling with "reality". So the whole thing was incredible, deep, but also so loaded of emotional and spiritual questioning that it was impossible not feeling weird. I felt unstable, unable to keep calm as the hours and days passed by because of the impression all of this had left in me, and still the unresolved, why there's always a reason for which you meet some people an then they just leave. Even now I feel it's so much what I just don't know, I feel as helpless as I felt when I was a child. But there is where I find a possible answer because I think it is precisely what this is all about... To learn and being able to just let our fears, our questions, our limitations and separation with the universal just go. Finding the real way of sharing and feel joy and learn to love.

To end I'll go back to the dream with which I began this. I had several intervals on which I kind of woke up and went over and over the dream so I could understand it, and remembering the very clear and sound words that were spoken. But then I felt asleep again, so at some point I heard - in this short waking time before - and after the dream - spoken clearly, and not just my thought or an "imagined voice" but the same dream with the message of the Psalm 23, specially verse 5 recounted almost literally-

You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the house of the Lord
    forever); and I just said Wonderful, so this is what this dream is all about!

It's weird, it's hard - it's subjected to systems of beliefs, classifications, dual experiences and perceptions, but in the end it'll took us where things become one if we let it. I feel this experience powered by prayer, physical and spiritual preparation and wonderful resources like your posts helped me to achieve some sort of very significant initial translation for one of the more complex process we experience as humans, dreaming. Bring this information to awaken life is a form of healing and exploring creativity in a way that mustn't be ignored. I don't think I've been clear but at least this is my honest reference to what this experience was like to me.

Sorry again I couldn't find the way to explain in few words. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this space you provide so kindly!

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