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Hi all,

I've had 2 dreams recently that are vexing me because people from my very past(10-20 years ago) have been popping up in my dreams of my current issue: coming to grips with a failed relationship. I want reconciliation and he has not. He has 2 boys who I love. We got very attached.  I never had children of my own and was delighted to have the experience of being a part-time mom.  In addition to losing him, losing them has been very painful.

2 nights ago I dreamt that J brought brought his sons back to me. I'd now be there mom.  We were in an unfamiliar room(ie, not his house nor mine).....I was so deeply touched and happy to be reunited with them.  He then morphed into this doctor I knew as a young nurse almost 30 years ago. Upon giving my thanks to J, Bob , replacing J said: "yeah, you are my hero." And the dream ended.

I woke up feeling like it was a wish-fulfillment dream and not a prognosticator of what was to come as some of my dreams have been over the years.

Bob was someone that everyone loved...a funny, smart, deeply caring person. He also indeed, did have much respect for me as a nurse. He told me more than once...Bob was married and I definitely had a girlie crush on him but it was so innocent.  We enjoyed each other's company,  humor and I too very much respected him as a pediatrician. We worked well together as a team.  Because he was several years older, I recognized it as a "I'd love to marry someone like him someday" kind of crush. Was wiser in my younger days!!!!

We've not been in contact in over 20 years.

This is the 2nd dream that someone from my very past has shown up in a dream re: J and my wrangling with wanting reconciliation. The last one was about 10 days ago.  .He and I were on the phone and I could feel his deep resistance to reconciliation.  He abruptly disappeared and then a young woman from when I lived in Boston many years ago appeared. She kindly and with much compassion confirmed that indeed Jimmy did not want reconciliation.  I woke up feeling so awful because I knew this was TRUE. And this dream seemed to confirm it.

I don't even remember her name right now. She was at least 10 years younger than I, with very blond hair(I'm brunnette) and attended Harvard's Divinity school. I knew her through the artists collective we both belonged. We had a warm but not a close relationship.

I thought it was weird that she would be the messenger of this bad news but until this more recent dream with Bob Shelly, didn't put too much thought since the message seemed clear.

Your thoughts and insights very much appreciated, Elisabeth

Greetings / Hi Tony and all.
« on: May 02, 2011, 06:38:04 PM »

After I responded to one of your posts with an extensive comment which was actually asking for help interpreting some dreams, I saw the button for the forums.  Sorry about that.

I have long given much credence to and sought help and answers from my dreams. My folks instilled the importance of dreams to us.

However, for about 5 years in this decade,  my recollection of my dreams shut down. Had a chronic illness which meant trying different medications which I believe contributed. I felt lost without them.

Fortunately, over this past year or so, I've  begun to remember my dreams again.  I'll post in the other forums which ones I'd very much appreciate help in understanding.

Thanks for this wonderful website.

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