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Dream Interpretation / Dream became reality the next day
« on: August 27, 2012, 02:15:19 PM »
I had a dream the night before last that I was kissing this one guy I know who is just an acquaintance and works next door to where I work. I think he is attractive but I have never thought that I would want to kiss him or anything as I already have a boyfriend who I love. So yesterday he invites me and my co-worker to his restaurant after we got off from work. We all had a few glasses of wine together and then I was suddenly at his house and he was trying to kiss me but I wasn't reciprocating. I am quite flirty sometimes but I'm not the cheating type and I was surprised that I actually liked that he was trying and I wanted to kiss him too but didn't. I quickly stopped him and left thinking that I will never put myself in that position again. I sort of feel bad that in a way I feel that I have cheated. That dream predicted the future of him kissing me the very next day. What does this all mean?

Dream Interpretation / Nightmares: rape, murder & a white tiger
« on: August 25, 2012, 05:13:22 PM »
DREAM from August 24th: I was in a place where another girl and i were being held hostage by a big man who was going to rape us. I was trying to figure out a way out. I didn't have any energy to tell him to go away or defend myself. I then started to make myself throw up over the toilet. I was able to leave the situation because I was sick or make myself sick but really wasn't. Then I was hugging my boyfriend as we both felt so much love for each other.

(Actually, this dream reminding me of when I was a child I would fake being sick as I had social anxiety at a very young age due to my mother who lacked in teaching me any kind of social skills and smothered me constantly as a sheltering parent. Throughout the years I have overcome a huge part of it but it still is there from time to time. I guess you could call it fear.)


DREAM from August 25th: I was looking at a beautiful white tiger beaded necklace. I bought it. Then I was trying to hurry up to get ready for work but I was running late. I took a different way to work and still was late. Then at work all of my jewelry fell off me and all over the floor.

I was at some house where there was someone I knew who killed someone and I helped them do it. We were trying to burry the body in the ground but I was freaking out as I knew that they would eventually find that I helped with the murder and hiding of the evidence so I was panicking. All I kept thinking was that my life was ruined and that I will always be living in fear of being caught and the guilt of the action of actually being a part of killing someone.

Then I was kissing and hugging my boyfriend as our connection was one.


Why am I dreaming of these things? I just don't understand. It was all very nightmarish except the dreams where I was with my boyfriend. He has been a huge part in am emotional support for me and the only person who really truly has loved me in my life.

That's exactly how I feel when I get them! I feel the manipulation and the pain all in one when I see his paintings. I think what hurts most is the fact that I have lost my father too, as he seems to be caught up in my mothers brainwashing and can't see the light of day. He was a very nice man until her poison started to take him over. Plus my mother uses him as well as his email to talk to me, so basically he doesn't even have a voice. She knows that I have always had a stronger connection to my father and I can hear her telling him to send me photos of his paintings so that she can use that to try and get me to become "family" again, if that makes any sense to an outsider....?

I also forgot to mention that my mother has become a very intense religious fanatic and has seemed to influence his paintings. Two others came via email and one was of Jesus and the other of a small pathway into the forrest.

I just wish he would stop sending me these.

thanks for your input! You seem to be right on target! :)

Wow Christine that was a great description. Thank you!!

I don't have siblings and my mother has also done a fair share of triangulation and turning what I say into false things beyond belief. What is strange is that over the last 5 years my father seems to be turning into the same person as my mother and it's scary. Yeah, he'll send me photos of his paintings but with other guilt ridden lines of dissatisfaction with my behavior (which I haven't done anything wrong) as I haven't spoke to them in many months, so there is always mixed messages with them. I too have misperceived ideas of how to read others because of this instability they taught me since I was a child. Maybe he has accepted my distance or maybe not but that isn't my concern any longer.

One time he sent me a photo of a painting of three trees, one with yellow leaves standing alone and the other side across from it were two trees with bright red leaves. That was when they were extremely angry with me, funny huh…

To try and summarize my situation: my mother has a personality disorder (NPD) and let's just say that I am extremely low contact with her. She still tries to administer her abuse whenever she can and my father is just her puppet. (My father is also a very talented artist who paints as a hobby).

For the last year I have been pulling away from them and it has not been easy but my emotions and life over all has been much better without that drama. I have always tried to find meaning in everything and anything that symbolically appears to me on a daily basis.

Randomly my father sends me paintings he has done of various things, as this week he sent me one of three dolphins in the water and another one of a beach with an umbrella with two towels out on the sand with footprints walking from them but no people. I can't help but think that there is meaning in these and that my helpless father caught in the middle and blind by my own and his situation is really just tapping into the infinite with his spontaneous paintings.

Before giving away too much info about it all - I am about to marry a man who is from a beach (as we might get married at the beach) but my family has no idea he even exists. And this man has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. He has helped me emotionally get out of the abusive chains my family has put me through all of my life. He understands me and has been my rock.

Any thoughts? I am open to hear what anyone thinks and if I might be on target with this. Perhaps the universe is sending me messages via my father....?

Christine, wow!!! I am amazed by your explanation and I am pretty sure you are right about this. What great advice!! Thank you so much for your interpretation! I will always keep this in mind. :)

Dream Interpretation / Re: Carrying a Sword
« on: August 12, 2012, 04:36:00 AM »
Woah... That seems like an important one!

Is there someone in your life that you are protecting? or maybe something you are doing that is draining your energy (depression) when maybe you should be focusing on yourself and protecting your own self? ... just a thought but I could be totally going in the wrong direction here....

Questions about dreams / Re: Nightmares and Poor Recollection
« on: August 07, 2012, 05:25:46 AM »
not sure if this relates but i just had a dream with a white wedding dress and a black funeral dress...


I just posted yesterday that I haven't been remembering my dreams and that I have mainly been having nightmares - until now...

Last night I had a dream that I became aware in the dream that I was dreaming and I felt that whatever I was experiencing was important. I think I had a breakthrough considering the past few months I haven't hardly remembered my dreams and every day when I wake up I don't even want to as they felt horrible and were nightmares.

So in this dream I was in a bedroom and pick up a white wedding dress that I thought was beautiful even as for the most part the material was lace and entirely see-through and I thought it was really nice. I was glamored by the dress and knew it was for someone else (a new friend in waking life who is about to marry and who is very petite). But I tried on the dress anyway. It was too small for me but I was able to fit it on, and just as I did and looked in the mirror and I see myself in the same kind of dress but it was in all black and was a funeral dress with a lace veil that covered my face and with a fancy black flower bow in my hair kind of thing.

As I noticed that the dress changed I was totally aware that I was dreaming and felt empowered by what I was seeing. I felt like a woman and I felt confident in my sexuality. I looked at myself in the mirror in that black funeral dress and I could see my breasts and I was not insecure about any of it or hiding like I might in waking life, nor was I sad or feeling any loss during the whole experience.

Any ideas as to what all this means anyone???

Questions about dreams / Re: Nightmares and Poor Recollection
« on: August 07, 2012, 05:03:01 AM »
Christine - thanks so much! I think you could be right about that! I am vegetarian and try to eat a balanced diet but among the stresses of daily life it's not that easy. It could be true that I need vit D as I seem to not be able to get any sun this summer whatsoever, strange when I am outside all the time and my legs are whiter than ever! (and i live in a sunny place where most people tan often) Thanks for your insight! I will look into it and talk to my acupuncturist too. :)

Questions about dreams / Nightmares and Poor Recollection
« on: August 06, 2012, 10:45:57 AM »
For the most part I haven't been able to remember my dreams lately which is unusual as I normally recall them every night. This has been ongoing for more than 3 months now. My main concern is that from what I can remember I have been having nightmares every single night. I have never had so many, as now it seems that it is turning into the norm as I tend to wake up in the middle of the night after them. No matter what I do even if I had a good day I still seem to feel uneasy about what I dreamt or have some kind of nightmare that night. What could this be about? and how on earth do I stop it?

Dream Interpretation / Re: Strangeness
« on: April 08, 2012, 09:49:58 AM »
I am definitely seeing a different view of myself and letting the unimportant things I don't need fall away. Sometimes this does make me feel uncertain but I know it's just a change that I am getting use to. Thanks for your input!

Thanks so much Tony. I'm totally speechless! Still processing this one...

I'm trying to figure out what this dream means, maybe Tony and others can help?

First let me start off by explaining that I have recently come into a major life realization and change. I have found out that I have been emotionally abused my entire life by my mother who has a very bad personality disorder called NPD - Narcissistic Personality Disorder. For those of you who don't know about it, it effects your entire life, self esteem, relationships, career, etc. When I found out it was like the veil was lifted and I was seeing my reality and all the things I was living in denial about for 34 years. So, my process of healing has begun as I am trying to undo many negative patterns that my mother inflicted in my subconscious. It is not easy and I have very deep depression that I am trying to overcome in addition to anxiety and frequent panic attacks.

The other part of info, is that all of my life I have dreamt of my grandparents old house. When I was younger up until the age of 14 my cousins (I'm an only child) and I would spend summers at our grandparents house where they had a big backyard and a swimming pool. Many of my dreams take place there as well as the house I grew up in, and throughout the years I have found many relevant meanings and symbols within those dreams in those houses.

Here is the dream I had last night:

I was at my grandparents old house and someone was attempting to rob it or do something illegal, something that involved an invasion of the house. It was a man and a woman and the woman was in a car and the man had a big bus, like a tour bus that he was parking in the back yard of the house. I was inside and trying to dial the police emergency but the first time I couldn't get through. I was in a panic as I didn't want them to break in. Then I finally got a lady on the phone and she was not in any rush to help me and I was trying to explain to her that I had an emergency but she was asking me irrelevant questions.

Then the emergency arrived and I was standing at the bottom of the driveway of my grandparents old house, and the female emergency person gave me a gift that was from *John* (changed the name of my last relationship, he was a guy who was very emotionally abusive, he always belittled me as well as cheated on me. We are no longer together as I learned a big lesson with him.) The female emergency lady was not a police officer but more like a life rescue person. She came to give me a gift that was from *John*, as she told me that he had just passed away. I started crying as I was in shock. In the dream we had either just got engaged or married. The gift she gave me that was from him was a ring that was not in the full form of a ring but like a twisted gold band. It had a pattern of small bumps on it, and it had an engraved picture of something like two birds facing each other (I can't quite remember). The other gift he left me was a small plastic bag of dark colored and purple herbs like tea or some kind of fragrance.

Then I was inside *John's* apartment and his mother was also there as we where starting to clean up and pack away his things. I was concerned for her loosing her son. We were in his bedroom and he had all of his clothes and shoes there as I noticed there was one black high heel mixed in with his shoes. The feeling of jealously and anger came up as I was thinking about him seeing someone else, even knowing he had passed away and knowing that we had broke up.

Then we were at the site where he died, as it was an intersection that was a street and a railroad that had been overgrown with greenery. I felt sad that he was gone. It seemed to be people walking around but the only one that I saw clearly was a young pale, thin woman wearing all black that walked by me as I thought she was very frail and sickly looking. She looked me straight in the eyes.

*Also, a few nights ago I dreamt of being in my grandparents old house and someone was trying to break in to rape me and I was panicking.

Any ideas as to what all this means?

Dream Interpretation / Strangeness
« on: March 29, 2012, 05:35:36 AM »
I just had this dream and I have no idea as to what it means:

I was with someone who I don't remember if it was a male or female, we were getting ready to go up in some kind of big thing that turned everything upside down. It wasn't a roller coaster or any kind of amusement park ride, but it was like a big machine-like thing that had one action - to go up into the air and turn upside down and drop everything out onto the ground. I was telling the person I was with that they should pick up or do something with all the loose small things as they will be falling out when we go up. We went up and it turned upside down and things began to fall, like coins out of pockets like when you ride amusement park rides. It wasn't extremely high but it was high enough and I don't recall having fear of the height, it was more of making sure the action of going and turning upside down and hanging was the most important thing.

Ok, so this is strange I know, and that is why I thought i would post to see if anyone can figure out what is going on here.  :)

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