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Dream Interpretation / White houses fear
« on: July 26, 2012, 04:41:13 AM »
I think this dream have a lot of symolisinm in my life. I was going to do some field work in  a neighborhood (im journalist)  and i  was in a set with white houses. I looked up and down the stairs were very narrow, looked if it was not very high and was afraid of heights, I felt like throwing myself. Later y tried  to go down the stairs but it was very complicated. Then,  a little old lady go out of her apartment and told me how to go down in the stairs.

What do you think?

But, Tony, what do you think about my question?

Hi ,

Im in the process of interpreting dreams and my girlfriend appear in  many of them.   after analyzing i truly understand why there are attitudes in front of it that reflect my problem with the female, sometimes I feel it would be good for her to read my dreams and understand a little of what passes for my mind. However, I do not want her to change her  way of seeing things, change her  reality by the way I interpret my  dreams. My question is: how far is good to share the process with the dreams and the archetypes and intuitionwith other persons? which marks the line between the invidual and the collective in relation to dreams? i  runs the risk of depending on external influences if i  share?

General Discussion / Re: Question
« on: May 02, 2012, 10:15:51 PM »
By the way, is the fear part of the inuition or is the shadow that is speaking?

Well im dealing with panic atacks (im sorry about my english but is not my first language) and im practicing the steps that Tony posted in Lessons in Relaxation. But i have in my mind the toughts about the anxiety so i start to program my body to get ansious in an especial moment, so for example, im affraid of dating someone so i strated to think "that day you´re gonna be in a state of anxiety". By practicing de advice of Dimitry Halley and is very usefull in the moment that the panic atack try to take over. My question is: How can i change that toughts that are before the event? i know that the process is slowly but i want to know how to deal with that thoughts.

Thank you so much

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