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Greetings / Indios in the mist
« on: May 18, 2012, 03:36:21 AM »
Hi im SweetP. Im 8mos pregnant and have been having very vivid dreams throughout my pregnancy. I am pregnant with my 4th child. Here is my most recent dream:

I am pregnant in my dream as I am currently. I am at my grandparents house in one of the bedrooms I would often spend the night in when visiting as a child. Suddenly the bedroom is surrounded by giant vines and tropical plants as if transformed into a jungle, but I feel as if im still in my grandparents house regardless of the change in scenery. It becomes misty and from the mist a group of what look like Mayan Indians walk towards me, led by a young woman I feel is their medicine woman. She wears a beautiful headdress with feathers and beads and shiny handcrafted jewelry around her neck. She looks at me and asks "Do you know what you're having?", regarding the gender of my unborn baby. I said "A boy", which is what I have been told for this pregnancy. She gives me a look as if to say "are you sure?" 
The female then reaches her hands out and runs her fingers along my collar bone, away from my neck. One of the male indians in the group then cuts a avocado like fruit in half with his large knife similar to a machete. He hands her the fruit and she splits it open in her palms. She looks down at it with the pit still in the half of the fruit she holds in her right hand. She looks up at me and says "No, its a girl."  After that I wake up.

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