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Dream Interpretation / Time and Temperature
« on: May 25, 2012, 12:31:16 AM »
On what looks like an alien planet...looks like a bomb has dropped and all the white buildings are down.  Boys and men dressed in black everywhere.  Black aliens are coming down from the sky.  I climb a mountain of white rubble with other people dressed in white.

In a room looking at a drawing...a tall dark man on my right...the picture is of a graph going up...a clock...a thermometer....the thermometer breaks and the black liquid mercury pours out into the picture frame.  The man seems agitated...I ask...do you want me to fix this..."no"...he says and he walks away.

I am in my mothers bedroom (she slept separately from my father) standing and facing the bed.  On the right a tall greyish/blackish male figure...he is hugging several small white figures who are lying in a spoon formation on the left.  They are facing away from him.

When I was a child and in my teens...when I needed to be comforted I did not ask as I usually laughed at or humiliated in some way... I used to crawl into bed with my mother and hug her from behind.  She was not a very affectionate person.  I also have 3 younger siblings which might be the figures in the bed as well..sometimes when things were bad between my parents...we would all sleep in the same bed.

I have been really struggling with negative thinking lately.

Dream Interpretation / Mummified Skin of Lion
« on: May 17, 2012, 10:06:33 AM »
My son and I are being tossed about by big black waves in the ocean.  Next we are in an apartment...the owner "let" us stay there.  It is on the ground floor and has windows all around it.  It is dark and dirty...I am thinking about what to do to fix the place up. 

Climbing a mountain of bare sand colored rock.  I come across a the mummified skin of a lion that has been torn in half.  Behind me is a tall dark man following me.

Walking down a straight road...green trees and grass...my father walking next to me.  He says there is an old drive in movie theatre on the left, but it is in need of repair and he would need investors.  I say, let's go look at it and he says "are you sure?"  I say yes and we go to the property...it looks like a school...a football field outside...we walk into an auditorium and are facing the empty seats.

Dream Interpretation / Underground Tomb...What I Saw
« on: May 16, 2012, 01:29:12 AM »
I am in bedroom.  I see out the window it is dark outside.  I am sitting at a vanity table looking in a mirror.  I see my real face, except I have very long straight blonde hair, parted in the middle...a braid on each side...like Queen Cersei in Game of Thrones.

Looking in the mirror I see in the reflection the dark window behind me.  There is a rectangular mirror in the mirror behind me too.  In the mirror I see that there is a big knot made of hair in the back of my head.

I look out the window and see an underground room dug into the yard.  It is illuminated.  A little girl runs into my room...she is all white...she looks toward the door, afraid.... I tell her that she can tell me....she says "I saw a white sheet."

I am in a flea market type warehouse.  Looking at beach accessories....towels, chairs and do not buy any.  I leave my black bicycle, which I rode there, and walk out.  I see a dear aunt of mine...she is packing a commercial truck to leave...she asks me where my bicycle is and I tell her I will go back and get it.

I am in a bookstore and have arrived for my shift to work.  I am also going to be the female lead in a play which is being sponsored by the bookstore.  I see a woman sitting prim and proper, her back straight a high necked grey dress covering her chest...a proper straight hat.  She is silent and is not facing me but I see her profile.  Next to her a man is sitting, a big fat stomach and his long legs spread out in front of him.   A voice says to me "that is too bad, as you are in bed with a man who has a large appetite for putting down women."
I am not sure what the play is, but I know it is classic.  I am standing behind a cash register and counter. There is an old woman who is my boss she is in an office with a closed door...someone else is in there with her.  I can see two sections of books in the rack in front of me.  On the left classic plays, on the right books about starting a business.  I am thinking that I can work in exchange for one or more books.

Side Notes:

After your initial response to Bird Attack, I had the image of a woman's torso her lying or sitting...strong legs and a very long vagina...the fold most prominent and long.  It almost looked like their was something missing (like a penis?).

I had a very strong negative reaction to your second comment which I have not been able to sort out or  put into words yet.

I am also feeling angry/sad as it will be Mother's Day and I know I will not hear from my son, ex-husband..stepmother.   

A few weeks ago I read your article on Woman as Slave or Prostitute and not that I disagreed, but I felt very angry.

Feeling alot of negativity about being female and the expectations and limitations of being a woman...being put upon.

Dream Interpretation / Bird Attack
« on: May 08, 2012, 10:36:56 PM »
Three dreams:

A nest of full grown blackbirds...all sitting with their extra long beaks begging and open.  I try to touch one and they start attacking my hand.  I walk away and they follow me attacking, pecking and lodging their long beaks up and down my spine.  I reach behind me with my right hand and pull them out of my spine with such force that my arm and hand boomerang back to hit my chest.  I have to furiously shake them from my hand as they have sticky, oily green bodies.

I am looking in a mirror putting on makeup.  Feeling excited as I have a job interview.  When I arrive I feel disappointed...the women I am interviewing with is in dark clothes, skin and hair.  There are similarly colored men and women in the background.  In front of me...a book appears...the title is "Should I or Shouldn't I...Start My Own Business?."

I am in a town with a lot of trees.  I am gathering hospital relics to be put into a museum.  The museum will be located next to a (water) reservoir in Central Massachusetts near where I grew up.  ( In reality, the reservoir was made by evacuating the residents of the town and flooding it .  When precipitation dries up the water level drops and you can see the steeple of the church and tops of other town buildings coming out of the water).

Dream Interpretation / Are You Two Sisters?
« on: May 03, 2012, 02:54:45 AM »
I write a return address in black marker on a white letter size envelope.  The return address reads as my last name and my parents address...or my childhood address.

I am standing in the dining room...across from me in the doorway opposite right I see the giant body of a tan horse.  It is facing toward the dining room, but I can not see it's head as it extends far above the top of the door jam...it's head appears to extend higher than the ceiling.  I say that "you need to get that horse out of here" and I finish what i want to say in my head...before it poops on the floor and someone has to clean it up.

In the doorway a woman appears...she looks like me but is not wearing glasses.

On my left in front of me is the "telephone table"...an old upholstered chair with two shelves on the right at arm level.  The telephone and the address book was keep there.  An older, stern looking woman is sitting there...she looks like me too...her face is bonier...and too she has no glasses.

A girl sits on the older ones lap or is standing in front of her.  I ask the two women "are you sisters?"  The younger woman shakes her head no and I replay 'that's funny because she looks like both of you."

General Discussion / Question
« on: May 02, 2012, 03:16:54 AM »
How can I tell the difference between intuition and when I am projecting my own fears onto another person or situation?

Thank you!

Dream Interpretation / Under (My) Skin
« on: April 19, 2012, 09:47:40 AM »
Tall large flesh colored figure...looks male...lying on the floor.  Feet are facing mine as I am standing.
Giant pencils with long lead tips are piercing the skin all over the body...sort of like porcupine quills.

Underneath the skin you can see the many outlines of the lead tips...the layers of thin skin...then the lead...the lead on top of but not piercing the muscle and bone.  It looks painful, yet the pencil points are not sharp buy dull.

Next image is of my double walled glass coffee mug.  The handle is missing and the mug is cracked but still whole.

I am not sure but I think this might have to do with me feeling thin skinned and paralyzed (like lead) when I feel wounded.  Lately I have been feeling badly and have not been socializing at all...including fear of acting prickly around others.

Two general questions.

I sometimes hear voices in my dream.  For example the night before last it was "do not use any motors today" and since I was feeling self destructive I decided to stay home for the day and not go out at all. 

Last night I heard "Be a shepherd"  which was odd.  However, tonight I went out to put gas in the car around midnight and there was what seemed to be a young boy sitting in the corner of the parking lot.  I put down the passenger side window and asked if he was lost and he replied "thank you, can I sit in the back?"  He must have thought I was a taxi driver...he reeked of alcohol and said he had been at a downtown bar and had been walking looking for his dorm.  he was about 3 miles from downtown and 4 from the dorm...so I did drive him home.

Anyway, the voices usually make sense.  Sometimes though they say things that are a little frightening...like "please pack" and "you don't understand they will be following you for a long time."  Sometimes I do not dream, I might only hear a voice in my sleep or see a vision (which I have posted before).

Is there any significance to hearing my own voice talk to me as compared to someone else's?

An odd thing with most of my dreams is that people, their clothes and skins are all black or all white.  Sometimes I see myself or someone else as all gold.  What might you make of the different colors?

Thanks Tony!

General Discussion / Circle of Black Snakes
« on: April 06, 2012, 10:37:03 PM »
I did not dream last night, but had a vision or picture of three black snakes, one eating the next ones tail formed in a circle.

Dream Interpretation / Boy Turns Into A Fish
« on: February 09, 2012, 05:09:31 PM »
This is an old dream....

I am walking toward the end of a dock on a body of water.  Chasing me is a tall black male figure with a spear and a sword.  In front of me, a young boy...I have my hand on his shoulder.  I feel terrified of what is behind me and am somewhat paralyzed with fear...but shuffle the boy forward.

We reach the end of the dock...no where to go...I lift him up on my left hip...then take him in my two hands and put him in the water.  I let go, stand up and sob with uncontrollable fear.  In the water, the boy turns into a goldfish...a bubble forms around it.  It swims toward a rock or island...upon reaching it, the fish turns back into a boy...he climbs on thr rock and sits...turns to look at me and smiles.  Then he turns into me and I am smiling at my self.

Opposite from the rock, another higher rock comes into view...coming into view on top of the rock is the tall black male figure with the sword and the spear....I feel afraid...the boy sees him and says something.  I do not understand what he is saying...but I know he is speaking Hebrew...the threatening figure retreats.

I had this dream shortly after my son was born..and well, you know some of my history...I thought it would be good to ask.

Dream Interpretation / Animal With Cloven Hoof
« on: December 15, 2011, 05:54:00 AM »
Image falling asleep...I am standing and see an animal in front of me on my left.  I walk closer to it...it seems to be a dog...its legs are grey and bare of fur...it's body has sparse black fur...it has no head...nothing about its shoulders.

I feel sad when I see that it has no head.  Concerned, with my right hand I pick up its left leg just under the knee joint.  I slide my hand down over the grey skin to find a cloven hoof.

Dream Interpretation / Image of Hands
« on: November 24, 2011, 02:59:26 PM »
I look at the palms of my hands and underside of my fingers...they are flesh colored.  I turn over my hands...on the back of each hand is the number 10 circled and written in black.

Happy Thanksgiving Tony!  I looked for you on You Tube recently and I found you and your beautiful face!  What a treat!

Dream Interpretation / Juncture Point of Cross
« on: October 21, 2011, 10:34:54 AM »
One night I did not dream, but only had a vision...the juncture (I think that is the correct term) point of a cross.

Dream Interpretation / Spiritual Guide
« on: October 03, 2011, 11:26:23 PM »
I am sitting in a chair.  Across from me are a woman to the left and a man to the right sitting on a sofa.  They have black skin, hair and clothes.  On my right a tall man sitting...white skin hair and clothes.  I know he is a spiritual advisor, counselor or guide.

The guide says to me "would you even say that this is a therapeutic depression?"

I am unsure as to what he means by the word "therapeutic"...but feel a little jolted, maybe insulted, for lack of a better word...maybe insulted at his implication that it was necessary for healing...and reply "No" to his question.

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