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Dream Interpretation / Smiling Moby Dick
« on: September 23, 2011, 11:08:33 AM »
A large white or silver fish...mouth open...lying dead it seems....aound its neck a thin collar of orange....attached are silver and/or orange fish scales...although I do not see the end or tail of the fish.

The second image is of the blue/green ocean...a long white/grey white whale in the distance...it is sitting on top of the waves...it has a high forehead, like Moby Dick...it also seems to be smiling..the corners of its mouth turned upward.

Dream Interpretation / Passing on The Purple Outfit
« on: September 18, 2011, 02:35:05 AM »
I enter a bathroom stall.  A woman hangs an outfit outside the stall...it is a beautiful eggplant. dress...short sleeved, high neck...narrow ruffles on the ende of the sleeves and neck.  Elegant.  Underneath is a white shift with skinny straps.  The woman tries to hand me a purple composition book.  In real life I use black composition books to journal, but recently bought some purple ones.
I tell the woman...I can't wear that...the outfit seems to be for a thin person and in real life I am not thin. I come out of the stall wearing a sickly green halter top bathing suit under a large plain brown sweater, and a wide brown and bubble gum pink striped skirt.  Not attractive at all.

I have several thoughts about this dream...it could be about my weight, or following the law...or not following the law which is more like me...with the bathroom stall being a place to expel waste....or this might be about expressing myself.

The colors of the sweater and skirt might relate to depression around being female.

 I was married and a mother, now divorced and my son lives with his father and stepmother.  I was not happy being a wife and mother... have not told anyone that...yet I have not given myself permission to be happy not being in those roles.  Lots of religious guilt and regrets about not being able to meet those societal expectations when lots of other people do. 


Dream Interpretation / One of Them Has to Leave
« on: September 01, 2011, 11:50:31 PM »
I am in a store.  A tall woman, black hair, skin and clothes stands on my left facing me.  I tell her that it is funny as you get older you start doing things that remind you of your own mother.

There is a rack of berets and scarves, one of each on a hanger, all wrapped up in plastic each with an invoice stapled to the front as if they have been dry cleaned.  Most of the them are soft and knitted in pastel colors.  I choose the one which has sturdy black hat, felt or wool maybe.  Both the black hat and scarf have a the front of a beautiful golden ship on them...old fashioned ship (like the ones in the movie Master and Commander).

I hear a voice say "There are two planets in this house and one of them has to leave."

Dream Interpretation / No Women
« on: August 28, 2011, 06:21:20 AM »
Two parts:

 A woman moons me.  I see myself standing to the left of her buttocks. I see myself look me in the eye and say "no women...too painful."

I see myself walking away from me I have on white clothes and have long straight white hair.  Next to me is a boy with black skin, black hair and next to him a man with black skin, black hair.  The two males are wearing white basketball uniforms.

Tony, I hope you fare well during the storm.  I am not sure if you live in NYC or if I just imagine you there.  Chris 

Dream Interpretation / Dr. House
« on: August 14, 2011, 10:29:25 PM »
I am sitting in a room of women whose clothing and skin is black, including me.  It feels like a reliqious place.  Sitting adjacent to me on my right is a large, obese woman, head hanging down, fingering what appear to be white rosary beads in her lap.  They are really white pills.  We are waiting to say goodbye to someone.

I am tired of waiting and feeling a little freaked out by the woman next to me, so I get up to find the person I am supposed to say goodbye to.

I see women and children dressed in white crowding around Dr. House and one by one they express their appreciation to him and hug him.  I want to do the same and yet when it is my turn he turns his back to me and begins to walks away.  He is dressed in black.

I feel disappointed that he is walking away, and say to him "you will never know how much you are loved."

Next I am a passenger in a car, a tall man is driving ....I do not look at his face but I think it is David Bowie...he has his right hand on the  polished chrome gear shift, releases it to adjust the radio and says "we are going on the Autobahn."  I feel a little afraid as I am not driving and I say "I do not like the Autobahn."  The road ahead is straight, with a few gentle hills  and I see a blue river on my right.


Dream Interpretation / Black Necklace
« on: August 09, 2011, 11:28:37 PM »
I see myself lying in my bedroom in my parents house.  My father walks up the stairs in the hallway..I know it is him although I can not clearly see him.  He has on white clothes, white hair...a tall abstract figure.

Lying in bed, I lift my head and bend it forward...he places necklace around my head...I see my bare shoulders and the black filagree necklace with a black teardrop on my chest.

I am naked, under the sheet.

(On a side note, in reality both of my parents have passed away...I have always had a conflicted relationship with my father).

This dream had different parts:

1.  A large communal size (large enough for a number of people) tub of water...the faucet is running...there is a black "infection" dispersed in the water.  I am sitting in the tub alone, although I am very fat, and have some of the black infection on me.

2.  My son (now 13, has autism) is a toddler...I pat him on the behind and say "Now I want you to go to school."

3. I am lying on a bed in a dingy hotel room...a man comes into the room and lays down behind me.  His finger strokes my leg.  There is a knock at the door...another man...there is another man behind me.  I tell the last man to come back in half an hour.  I feel frustrated and yell "I am not even a prostitute!".

4.  I am sleeping outside the hotel in a cart with hay under me... a dog is sleeping next to me.   One of the men that came to my room says "that's my dog" and I let the dog go to his owner.

5.  I am lying in bed facing Nathan Fillion...our faces are almost touching...although our eyes never meet, I look at every pore and contour of his face...I have a deep desire to touch his face and kiss his lips...yet it is not a sexual urge.  We dance together...our profiles almost touching.  Lying in bed again, he says to me "Don't you wish we could just let go?"

I reply "I am afraid if I love you, I won't stop."  I stand up and say "Come on, let's get to work."

Tony, thank you for your last post on "Marrying Jesus"...it is a lot to process.

No rush to respond on the above.  Have a nice weekend all.  It is still quite warm here in the Midwest.

Dream Interpretation / Marrying Jesus
« on: October 11, 2010, 07:45:22 AM »
I told my family members...they were all sitting at a large dining room table...that I was marrying Jesus.  It was an odd dream as they were all there in one place...they were mostly the women in my family who have neither been strong for themselves or supportive of me...pretty toxic.

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