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Dream Interpretation / The Mississippi and A Giant Rabbit
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:47:56 AM »
I am working in an office and I get a phone call telling me that I need to let a co-worker know what my schedule is.

I leave the office...driving...my brother in the back seat of my car.  I stop at the entrance to a bridge...the bridge is out...I see water...choppy looking small waves... but drive ahead anyway.  My brother is thrown to the front seat of the car, the car sinks, the water feels heavy, my brother staring at me like what the hell happened and I unlock my seat belt, swim to shore my brother behind me.   My brother leaves.

I am going to a bakery with my sister, she is dressed in all black.  I show her where I had the car accident, which is next to the bakery.  In the bakery it is dark and I am on the phone talking to the insurance company.  They say yes we got the report.  I say I do not understand what happened...my eyes saw water and my mind was thinking and seeing bridge, I went ahead anyway.  The insurance agent says yes this happens quite a lot along the Mississippi (River).

My sister and I walk into an auditorium like room, chairs in rows and an open space up front as if there will be a performance or presentation.  I sit with her among other people, we are all dressed in black, music starts, I go up front to dance with others and my sister refuses to join me and then leaves.

On the way out I stop and look at items on a table.  Mini desserts and hand drawn Christmas cards...the artist is sitting at the table selling them.  I pick up and look at a box of greeting cards.  On the card is a single line drawing of a rabbit sort of lying on the floor...it's sex organs are clearly visible and colored in.  It has pink ovaries with white eggs inside of them and a light blue penis or fetus in its stomach.  Underneath the drawing is a caption with a lot of the letters missing.  The rest of the letters are I's, O's, U's. 

I am thinking that I like the cards, but I already sent mine out.  I think I could send people two cards but I put the box down.

(Before the dream...I had another which I cannot remember all of...I was stealing diamonds, trying to get away with my cohorts, a white nun's clothing covered by a black sheer cloth, trying to jump from a white plane to the yellow wing of another and failing....then finding the car and driving to the bridge).

Dream Interpretation / Rabbit Costume
« on: December 04, 2013, 12:09:30 PM »
I am looking at a child standing in front of me.  He or she is looking to the side and not directly at me.  The child has on a white rabbit costume with big long ears.  The fur is rough and fluffy...more like a poodle than soft smooth rabbit fur.  There are cat markings, black whiskers and nose drawn on its face.  The child has bulging alien eyes with thin black horizontal slits for irises.

Later I had flashes of navy blue and white while dreaming/sleeping.

Dream Interpretation / Alligator
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:56:50 AM »
1.  My son or another teenage boy sitting upright legs splayed out on a floor.  "Why did you touch my penis twice when I could have done it for myself?" he says.

2.  I am working in a bank with lots of women.  We are all white and wearing white clothes.  A tall dark man comes in and approaches a teller window.  I am standing in front of the teller window next to the man on his right.  There is a small sign on the window about earning a 10.9 percent interest rate.  He turns to me and says "what about the 10.9 percent or tell me about the 10.9 percent."  The woman behind the teller window gives me a rectangular ticket.

Next I am standing with a small group of the women looking at an Avon (beauty products) catalog.  I thumb through the catalog but instead see pictures of plus size women wearing black clothes and I say "Ahhh...Avon" and walk out of the bank.

3.  In front of me is a person/creature about my size.  If there is a person in there or under there...it is covered by an alligator.  It is light purple or lavender in color., has long legs standing upright on two of them and the head, while not upright, is curved around my neck its long snout lying on its right breast or chest.  It is not scary at all but looks sturdy and powerful to me.

These three snippets were all I remembered from my dreams last night.  Somewhere before number three I heard a voice say "Now can you do this?"

Dream Interpretation / Odd Death
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:33:01 AM »
I am looking down from the sky...above what seems to be a white waterfall with a distinct line going horizontally across the edge.  Under the line a bright red x and above the line my signature with my nickname and last name.  I hear a voice say "This is where she died" and a finger from the sky points to the x.  "Her body was never found.  This is what she left you."

I then am standing...to the left of me a greyish woman sitting in a chair her back to me.  She seems to be wearing large gold earrings....maybe the shape of a twisted crueler....or they might be her long earlobes.  In front of her/us is a slab of thin square rectangular whitish marble...on top a few small grey books and a grey apple.  It looks what might be on a child's school desk.

Dream Interpretation / Whirling Dervish?
« on: October 27, 2013, 01:00:56 AM »
I see myself dressed in a long white dress spinning in a blur in a white room.  I feel pretty calm in and about the dream.

Dream Interpretation / Marilyn Monroe
« on: October 09, 2013, 04:17:24 AM »
As I was falling asleep last night I heard a voice say "I have a surprise for you."

In my dream was a giant wall in front of me...some people went up and hung a bright multi colored woven rug on the wall...it was huge and covered the whole wall and draped over the floor."

Next I went into a dark apartment where I had the task of cleaning a giant toilet and soiled sheets off a giant bed.

Next I see a woman, it looks like me. and a man having sex...him on top...might be an ex boyfriend.  My body is white and his is grey for some reason in the dream I think of Marilyn Monroe.

Next the white woman is walking, a mechanical robot man in back of her....holding her shoulders and taking marching steps....in effect marching her onward...in front of her, in front of her face, is a drawing of a cat by Yoko Ono that I recently saw in the New York Times.  The robot man almost looked like a camera.

I woke up thinking about Marilyn and how she continually exposed herself in order to gain external love and approval...and how that caused her a great deal of pain and suffering.  She needed to love and approval of herself so that the same from others was secondary.

The subsequent night I had a dream that a school bus was waiting at the end of my driveway in the dark. It's lights were off.  I do not know if it was arriving or leaving.  A bright light was on in the middle of the bus and there was a child lit in white standing on the bus.

Dream Interpretation / Eel and Lynx Shadow
« on: August 29, 2013, 11:36:36 PM »
I see a large solid concrete swimming or wave pool in front of me.  A small person or child all white is riding a giant dark green eel or cord (I do not see a head or tail and the ends look "sliced.")  The water looks deep but they are riding on the surface.

The next image is of a shadow of the head of a lynx on the wall.  It is not directly in front of me, but on my left and tilted. 

One - I am in the middle of a public circle (like a public square).  Either the buildings or the sunlight are a dingy greyish gold.  I am dancing, gliding with Johnny Depp in his pirate costume on my left and Vanessa Marcil a soap opera star on my right.  Gliding in circles, sometimes I see through my eyes...sometimes I see through theirs looking at each other.

Two - I am in an apartment...dark people both male and female are also there...I am on the landing of a set of stairs and feel a bit confused as to what to do.  I go into the kitchen. ..a tall dark woman is in there.  I grab what is left of s small dried out red onion...a few layers left...and start to slice it thinking I am going to make a salad.  I ask the dark woman for a container and she points me to a clear plastic container, in the shape of a half of a scallop like shell.  I put it on the table.

I say to her...you will need some salad dressing, so I will go to the store for you.

Next I walk past a picnic table on my left...it has a white top and is black underneath.  I light a small candle on top of it.

Next I walk over to a huge old steamer trunk...the top is open and inside are boys clothes...for a skinny boy. Light olive green and yellow plaid knee length shorts and matching solid t shirts.  They are on hangers as if they were just bought...one price tag says $9.99.  

On the front of the t shirts is the same image....from far away it looks like an abstract cobra shape...but up close it looks like hockey sticks, blades up and fanned in a three dimensional design. 

The above reminded me once of a dream I had years ago, in it I heard a voice that said "your brother invited you to play hockey but refused to pass you the puck."

Dream Interpretation / Black Man/Clucking Women/Beer Club
« on: July 20, 2013, 01:35:41 AM »
I am sitting on a grey sofa...standing to my right is a tall flesh colored man...sitting on the sofa across from me a very dark man...blackest black.  The whites of his eyes and the inside of his mouth is black.  He has on a grey tunic or shroud...the same color loose turban on his head.  If not for the grey clothing he puts on I would miss him in the dark.   He face leans in close to mine and says "I want to kiss you."  I do not say anything.  I am not sure if I lean into his lips or not...but we do kiss.  With his lips on mine I think "Did anyone see us?  What would they say?  What would they tell others?"

Then I am in a mall.  The store signs are white with black letters.  I go to exit the mall and there are many women behind three gates all next to each other.  The women in front start clucking like chickens then it progresses to the women in the rear.  Once they all start clucking the gates open and I follow them down a hall on the left.

I am hanging off a ledge of a brick building.  A rope is tied to me and a man who is also hanging.  I fall off into a black moat below.  I stand up and slosh through the black water.  It is nighttime.  I see a woman who stars in Law and Order:  Special Victims Unit...Mariska Hartigay...she says follow me and shimmies up into a lavender tube going up a small rocky Mountain.  She disappears into the tube and I can't see her only the outline of her body.

Several dark boys walk by carrying flashlights...a policeman dressed in blue is with them...they say "come with us to the beer club."

Dream Interpretation / Plate
« on: July 19, 2013, 05:07:42 AM »
In front of me is a round plate.  One from a set of china which my parents received as a wedding gift.  White china with a gold band on the rim.  On the left side of the plate is a serving of broiled scallops...on the right side of the plate, looking at me, is a solid grey cat with bright green eyes.  The cat's body looks to be all tail...bushy.  Either the cat is lying down or it has no legs.

Most of the time I dream in black and white, but this one was in color...except for the grey cat.

Dream Interpretation / One Note/Two More Dreams
« on: July 09, 2013, 10:21:17 AM »
Note - The white figures at the end of the last dream had black scribbled lines circled on the top of their heads and vertical lines running up and down their back.  I am not sure but I think this might have to do with negative thinking and its effect on moral/immoral behavior.

Dream One - I am sitting on a bench holding a gold piece of knitting in front of me.  The purl side is facing me.  Next to me is a tall grey haired woman or man...I can't tell.  Beyond her is the dark man.  We are all sitting.   The grey haired person is holding up an open magazine...on the left page is the image of a gold sweater...on the right all grey fine print.  She says "you can't make a sweater if you can't read the fine print."  I grab the magazine from her and put it in my lap "That's ok I say...not everyone can read the fine print...a lot of people have tried."

Dream Two - I am lying in my old bed in my old bedroom in my parents house.  I just wake up and everything is grey all around me.  I am thinking about committing suicide...everyone else is fine...no one will notice when I am gone...they won't feel anything negative if I do it...they will not care.  I get out of bed everything is black...I can't see and feel my way along the walls to go downstairs.  In the kitchen everything is grey...there is a light from an open refrigerator which adds some light to the room.

I sit at the kitchen table...where my father usually sat and where I sat when he was not home...I reach behind me and pull out a box of cereal...Rice Chex...and start eating it with my hands.  I notice dishes all over the kitchen counters...my current roommates black six sided bowls are there...there were six people in my family of origin.  I reach behind me again and grab an opened bag of cookies.

From the table the door to the basement is white, I look down and see that there is light behind the door and a grey shadow...as if someone might be standing behind it.

In reality, my father used to go into the basement to drink.  Both parents would go there to smoke.  They would go there to argue and/or talk...we could usually hear what they were saying.  In one particular incident I was a teenager and tried to talk to my Dad about my mothers drinking and he said "that has nothing to do with me."  He worked nights, she would drink, be verbally abusive and tell me she did not want me lining there.  I was cring very upset...my father went down to the basement with my mom and told her that she had better stop drinking because he did not want a mental case for a daughter.

I think my recent dreams...have been trying to help me work through my own black and white thinking about myself, the fear that I have in being perceived that way by others and difficulty in expressing my own feelings.

I mostly wanted to put them out here for a record of them and also to see if you notice any helpful clues.

Dream Interpretation / Two Dreams
« on: July 07, 2013, 10:41:43 PM »
1)  I am alone in my parents house.  Everything is black...I can only make out the shape of objects because the edges are greyish white rather than black.  I am standing in the living room.  In through the front window, it is dark outside too, comes a light blue Volkswagen beetle.  I hear a voice say "I met someone who is helping me with my thinking and my approach to life."  In front of me appears a woman with long straight black hair, she leans her head back towards me, as if to rest on my left shoulder, and I look down her white face to the tip of her long white nose.

2)  The next night this...I am standing outside of a bar with a straw or thatched roof...the woman in  dream one comes up to me on the left and says you have to work there...you have to let them do this and she uses her right hand to grab my black buttocks.  It does not feel good when she does that.  She pushes and pulls me into the bar.  I am facing white or greyish dressed men and black men.  The black men stare at my breasts and do not even look at my face.  The woman gives me a flesh colored penis and says here suck this.  Overall in the dream so far I feel physically threatened by what I hear, see and feel.  A threat of assault and violation, both by the woman and the men in the bar.

I leave the bar and walk down a stone or cobblestone like street.  I walk down steep stone steps.  From my view to the right and the left of the steps...it seems like I am walking down the steps of a pyramid.  My  skin is flesh colored, has a golden tinge and I am wearing sort of a light brown animal skin (like Jane in Tarzan).  I see at the bottom of the steps...earth...and people crouching looking at the ground.  They appear to be greyish or white (covered with ash or chalk maybe), with black scribble lines on the backs of their bodies. An aboriginal tribe maybe?

So far the words I have associated with this dream (I already mentioned the feeling threatened part} is a sense of deep  grief about the collusion and triangulation between the woman and the men.  Walking down the steps I feel so alone. 

Dream Interpretation / Items on Fireplace Mantle
« on: June 12, 2013, 06:18:17 AM »
I walk into a room in a house.  In front of me is a large white fireplace mantle.  I hear a voice that says "look in front of you and describe what you see."

A woman on my left steps in the threshold of a door.  She has short straight grey hair and is carrying a notepad and pen in her right hand.

Above the mantle is a mirror.  The edge of the mantle is at my eye level...I do not see myself in the mirror.

On the mantel is a large porcelain vase.  Looking at it from the top the opening is oval and it is empty.  From the front the left vertical side is a straight edge...while the right side has a large nose sticking out. There is a faint impression of eyes and a mouth in the porcelain.

Also on the mantel is a small to medium sized statue (or dildo?) of a white penis mounted on an oval base.  The top of the penis overhangs the shaft...like a mushroom cap...or maybe a condom rolled to the top...or a knob. The penis is much smaller than the vase.

This may be related to me ending a relationship recently.  

Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Congratulations Tony!
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:03:38 PM »
On updating the book and site....I hope you are able to take some rest and relaxation for yourself!


Dream Interpretation / India and Women
« on: March 26, 2013, 11:35:07 PM »
I am walking towards people standing in an outdoor bazaar.  They are wearing elaborate colorful bejeweled clothing with headdresses and big skirts with bloomers underneath.  Clothing that looks like it is for a ritual.  India came to mind in my dream.  I walk toward them I notice that I am small...tiny almost and I end up under one of the skirts.

Next I see two (women maybe?) greyish bodies lying on the ground next to each other.  They are holding hands, a right hand holding the left of the other.  The hands are white and are encrusted with coral and sparkling gold between the thumb and forefinger.

Next I see a woman standing facing to the right.  Her body is healthy...her breasts firm and perky.

In an earlier dream the same night I saw the image of a yellow square with cut fringe on two opposite sides.  I was thinking it was either fabric or a slice of cheese.  Thinking cheese....I was thinking about how for much of my life I felt or let others make me feel secondary or insignificant...especially men...and because I am female.  I also felt insignificant to my mother as a child.

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