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Dream Interpretation / Use the Three Horses
« on: February 12, 2013, 08:52:06 PM »
I am a passenger in a car driven by a woman who looks like me with grey hair.  She says to me...you are with Jim now (the man I am dating is James)...don't you think Janice (the wife of Jim a friend I have) would be mad.

She says to me "use the three horses."

Each huge horse...they dwarf the people caring for them...and a "giant" riding each of them is being dressed one by one.

Each rider and horse is being dressed under a royal blue quilted blanket...or in private.  The people have to stand on the horse's back to reach the blanket over the head of the horse.  That is how big the horses are.

There is a rider sitting erect on each horse but not moving as the horse is being dressed.

The first rider and horse are being dressed in what looks like, close up, the shape of a pewter cup with beaded edging.  From far away it looks like armor.  The armor covers the giant and the shoulders/chest of the horse.  But the armor for both rider and horse stops at the knees of the giant, presumably so the horse can feel the riders direction.

The second horse...the rider is being dressed in a shield of safety pins which are all pinned together.

The third horse the rider is dressed in rectangular shaped mirrors with a string attached to each one...similar to what you would see in chimes.  The only purpose I can see for the string is to remove one mirror at a time.

The night I had this dream...before I went to sleep I reminded myself that other peoples perceptions and comments are about them and not me.

Dream Interpretation / Underwater/Etc.
« on: February 02, 2013, 12:38:29 PM »
I am underwater...the water is greyish...I am swimming up and I sidle up to a jellyfish but it does not sting me.  I am past the jellyfish...I climb up on a boat...there is a ladder in front of me.  I hide behind the ladder as I watch men haul giant pinkish/reddish crabs or lobsters out of the ocean up unto the boat.  They are not in traps...but they dwarf the men and the boat...but do not sink it.

Next I am walking down a street...a man appears walking along side of me...I engage him in conversation...you will like it here I say...he is carrying a light blue thermos and all of sudden I decide I want one too.  He stuffs the lining of the case for his thermos with what looks like black hair that has been cut off from someone's head.  I go to the store and get the thermos, but doubleback when I realize I forgot the black hair.  On my way to the store I pass a store window, it has a white down like parka with a hood rimmed with brown fur.

Tony,  I picked up a movie from the library today...non - fiction...Sleep Furiously...takes place in Trefeurig...have not watched it yet.  I thought I might like to see what your country is like.  Chris

My ex husband is sucking on my right breast.  His head is buried...he is not looking at me to see how I respond.  I am feeling very frustrated as his tongue and mouth feel like that of a cow.  He does not treat the nipple differently than the skin on my breast.  I do not say anything.

I am in a living room standing in front of a tall white older man with clear glasses.  Someone hands me the right shoe of a woman.  It looks victorian, but also sexy and evil....black...scuplted heel about 3 inches high...not quite a boot but no skin would show up to the ankle.  There are two rows buttons up the front...black elastic fasteners in between ...a few hooks and eyes...some of the latter are missing.

The man says that I need to fix the shoe...there are more hooks and eyes somewhere in the boxes in the living room.
There are lots of boxes with Christmas decorations and ornaments...it will be a lot of work to go through them and find the hooks and eyes...so I delegate some of the work to him.  You do these and I'll do those.  He does not object.

Next my ex-husband takes me and my son, about 5...10 years younger than he is now, to stay with a dark woman with short hair.  My son is sitting on my right leg facing to my left...across from us is the woman...I tell my son that she is a teacher.  My son who does not speak starts talking to her non-stop about a girl he sees on the bus to school that he does not like with a face that is all squished up.  The way he describes the girl makes me think of a picture of me when I was her and his age. I am amazed at how well he is speaking and how detailed his description is.

Next I visit a girls bathroom with a young white girl and a young black girl.  The sinks and the toilets are not clean...so the two of them sit on a bench and I stand.  The black girl hands the white girl a comb.  It is purple and shaped like a fish...it looks like a fish skeleton.  The white girl combs her hair and hands the comb to me.  It is very much like a comb I had as a teenager...they were sold at the beach we used to vacation at in the summer.

Next my son, who appears as a girl with black hair, and I are in the living room with the boxes.  He walks over to a black upholstered chair and says "Look, someone left a needle here...you have to thread it."  There is a sewing needle with a large eye....and a long pice of black thread.

Dream Interpretation / Tips of Penises
« on: January 15, 2013, 08:00:47 PM »
Lately, images of the tips of penises belonging to males I know have come into my dreams.  Sometimes the tips have been damaged or cut in some way.

Dream Interpretation / Mask
« on: January 01, 2013, 08:51:05 PM »
Wearing a mask that is a mirror.

Dream Interpretation / altitudes
« on: December 27, 2012, 08:08:52 AM »
Only word that appeared in my dream.  Only anything.

Dream Interpretation / Invisible Enters My House
« on: December 24, 2012, 02:31:28 AM »
I am standing in my house looking through the living room at the inside of the front door.  The door opens about a foot or two feet.  I know something or someone came in the house but it is invisible...and the door closes.

Dream Interpretation / Palm and Pine Sapling
« on: December 16, 2012, 08:15:39 PM »
Large, wide male looking, white skinned palm of the right hand...shortish fingers facing down.
The palm draws up and to the right...a pine sapling in the dirt is revealed.

Dream Interpretation / Basket of Penises
« on: December 15, 2012, 08:52:24 PM »
I am in a factory...dark inside...dark men sitting at desks I pick up an old rolled up newspaper.

I see my self sitting at a desk.  It is tall like a drafting table ....I am using a pen or pencil drawing some sort of geometric shape...using different shaped rulers...have a calculator on the desk....there are vegetables all over the desk and around me....to the right of the me sitting down is a large rectangular farm like table covered with sweet potatoes.

I get a telephone call...I am not sure but I think someone is asking me for something...my sister?...money maybe...I tell the person that they have to stop doing this...that they are dipping into my?.  I take a small knife and carve out small pieces of sweet potato.  I go to the table behind me and pick up a small square basket...the kind you would find berries or fruit in.   In it are several red pieces of fruit...I touch and pick up one...it is soft...they actually look like penises with balls on one end...I put it back in the basket.  I look at the table and there are no sweet potatoes left...the table is bare...I look under the tabletop in a hidden cabinet for the ticket to the farmers market.  Maybe I can give her that...but I can not find the ticket.

Dream Interpretation / Bread in the Hallway
« on: December 11, 2012, 06:26:11 PM »
In the hallway of the house I am living in, on the shiny wood floor is an unsliced loaf of bread in a clear plastic bag with a tie on it.

That's it!  Thanks.

Dream Interpretation / Black Winged Insect
« on: December 05, 2012, 01:15:48 AM »
My only dream was a large black winged insect...beetle like maybe a cicada...sitting on one concrete step.

Dreamhawk site feedback and suggestions / Checking In With Tony
« on: October 23, 2012, 02:59:36 PM »

How is your work going?  Any idea when you might be back in the Discussion Forum?  Just wondering as I think I might need a break.

Hope you are well,


Dream Interpretation / Eye of God or Eye of Horus? Seeing Myself As My Son
« on: September 29, 2012, 08:14:43 AM »
I am looking at a three dimensional, yellow or gold pyramid with a giant eye on the front.  It has no pupil or eyelashes, but the eye is blinking.  Like a ventriloquist, the eye is blinking as a woman with long blonde hair is speaking.  She is standing to the right of it.  She says "I am not a machine....I am trying to protect you."

In the second part of the dream, I am in the street in a neighborhood.  I see a small dark boy run towards me and several men chasing him and shooting at him with guns.  He almost gets shot, but I pull him out of the way and we look through the houses to find his family.

We find his family...they are from India and are all sitting in the meditation pose in the living room and coversing with me.  I tell them that he almost got shot.  One of his family members says  "You saved his life...you are a goddess."  I feel surprised by that description and think that I would be comfortable being my own goddess rather than one to be admired by others. 

Someone takes me into a back room to a beauty salon and sits me down in front of a desk.  Someone in back of me starts to shave my head and I say no I do not want a haircut today.  Someone tells me I can come back later in the week.

The last part of the dream...I am standing in front of a mirror with my head hanging down.  I slowly lift my head up and run my right hand up the side of my neck to my cheek.  When I look in the mirror I see my cheeks, a pointy chin (which neither of us have), my sons brown eyes and not my own blue ones and his brown hair.  He is also a little taller than me.

My son is 15...is sweet natured, has autism, is non verbal and no longer lives with me.

Dream Interpretation / Three Images from Last Night
« on: September 27, 2012, 05:51:24 AM »
Three images:

It is dark and I am sitting at my parents dining room table looking at a hot dog or sausage on a plate in front of me.  The rest of the room is dark and empty.

Next I am standing behind a tall woman who is pulling catalogs from her inbox at box.  The top one has a blue cover.  I am thinking that is the Neiman Marcus catalog and I wish I had seen it there I would have liked to look at it before her (even though it was her mail).  In the dream I feel disappointed that she got something I wanted.

Next I am looking down through a rectangular pool of blue water and at the end closest to me see a tall black male figure lying at the bottom.

For some reason I think the above has to do with my aminus, which has for most of my life been negative towarsd myself and others.  I am trying to change that.

General Discussion / Dreaming While Awake
« on: September 12, 2012, 08:11:13 AM »

I am a little freaked out by this...for the past few days I have been seeing images and hearing words both in my mind (thankfully) that I would normally experience in a dreaming state.  Usually when my mind is quiet.

The images and words are not disturbing, yet I am not sure I like this.


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