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Dream Interpretation / More Animal Dreams...
« on: April 19, 2011, 02:24:50 AM »
I dreamt I was inside a car, the passenger side, gazing at the winter landscape out the window.  When I see a deer near the side of the road, I exclaim excitedly, "Look! A deer!"  The car pulls over.  I'm not sure who the driver was, but I wanted to share this magnificent sight.  I swing open the door to approach the deer.  I take a few steps toward it, expecting it to skittishly sprint away as deers often do.  It did turn its back to me, as if it were about to sprint away, but surprisingly, it didn't.  It remained still, exactly in the same spot.  This intrigued me. I found that unusual behavior.  I look more closely at the deer, it's a mere few feet ahead of me.  Then I notice what the deer has noticed.  I see that the deer is interested and focused on a pure white "fox."  It looked like a gorgeous white wolf only it was the size of a fox, so I thought to myself when I saw it "It's a white fox!"  The reason I hadn't been able to see it was because it blended into the snow perfectly.  The white snow camaflouged it's presense.  I would never have noticed this white creature if I hadn't paid such close attention to the deer, and followed the deer's interest.  I had looked for a reason to explain why the deer hadn't run off (normal deer behavior) and discovered it wasn't focused on my presense because it was focused instead on this white fox.  It would have been invisible to me, had I not followed the interest of the deer, had I not paid attention to the deer's energy.  When I saw this white creature had been there all along it was amazing this shift of perception could enable me to see what would ordinarily be invisible to me.  The white "fox" and the deer moved forward, off into the winter landscape.

Dream Interpretation / Two Pathways
« on: March 27, 2011, 09:21:37 PM »
Dreamt I was lingering outside.  It must have been dusk or late at night, perhaps early in the morning, because it was darkish, grey.  It didn't appear to be daytime.  I could sense I was near the ocean so I meandered over to the beach.  I walked to the shore.  There were some other young people around, like there usually is at the beach, regardless of time of day, but I didn't have much to do with them, other than notice their presense. I wanted to reach the point where the water meets the sand.  To get as close to that as possible.  Yet, when a stronger than expected wave rolled in, it pushed the water forward, strongly creeping up to my feet---and I trotted away.  I wasn't truly afraid, but I had the urge to get to higher ground in case this was some kind of portend of dangerous, unexpected situations to come.  Maybe I had the tsunami in the back of my mind.  I didn't want to get overtaken by anything that would suck me out into an environment I wouldn't be able to escape.  I guess I was afraid there was the possability I might get drawn out into a situation where I'd be powerless.  So I walked quickly back up to higher ground.  I wanted to reach a place where I'd be safe in case anything did happen.  I go up the beach, up farther away.  I almost reach a man-made structure, I wouldn't quite call it a building.  There were two different structures, side by side.  Each had there own door.  I was about to rush ahead to go through one of them, as this was the only way to progress further.  Just as I was about to do this, a radio/announcer man suddenly emerged from someplace, and he too was going to go up.  The only way was through one of these structures.  He opens the one on my right and asks if I want to go up there with him.  He begins to enter the structure.  It turns out to be a narrow (very narrow) white hallway that goes up almost vertically.  I peer in and he's already half way up.  It is so cramped and narrow he has to squeeze and position himself carefully to progress through thenarrow light colored walls.  It looks claustraphobic.  It reminded me of the scene in star wars where they're just about to be crushed by the garbadge walls.  Of course, these walls aren't moving.  The radio guy asks again if I'd like to go up this way, as it is a more direct route.  It goes straight up.  Yet, the cramped narrow nature makes me decline.  I choose the other door.  When I open it and go inside it turns out to be a corridor with stables and horses on the right.  There is also another man ahead of me in this hallway, I'm not sure if it is the same man or another man.  But he too is ahead of me and sort of encouraging me to progress.  This structure didn't go vertically up to higher ground like the other.  It was wider, more spacious, and seemed to incline slightly upwards.  Not a dramatic ascent.  A gradual incline.  But to cross to the other side, to get to higher ground on the other side, I have to walk past all these giant horses.  I love horses.  But these are horses I don't know, and they're heads are HUGE.  In real life I do think horse's faces are beautiful and I admire them.  But here it was a little bit scary.  Not terribly so, just I was wary as they seems so big and they were in my face.  Yes, one of the horses, which I liked, and gave a friendly pat on the face to, began to follow me and put his face up in my face.  I liked this horse, thought he was beautiful, but I had just wanted to admire it from a safe distance and move on.  So I was a bit wary as this huge animal face got up in my face and moved along with me as I walked to get tothe other side.  I hoped the other horses wouldstay in their stables and not do the same because that would be really unerving to have serveral large strong, strange animals crowding around me.  The walk to the other side was done with this silent prayer.  "Please, please let me get to the other side safely. PEASE keep these other horses where they are. Stay back, stay where you are..."  Sure enought the only horse that followed me was the original one, and it was okay. I got to the other side, opened the door and walked out to the sun shining.

Dream Interpretation / wedding dream
« on: March 22, 2011, 04:40:50 AM »
I suppose I should title this dream "Feeling Unprepared for Wedding."  There was a girl in the dream (she may have been my friend? She was associated with me in some manner, and what I remembered most was her hand as she showed me her engagement ring.  It was exactly the kind of ring I found perfect; small, round, delicate.  I told her so. 
There were two weddings in this dream, and I was supposed to attend them both.  I'm not sure who's weddings they were, just that my presence was required, so I must have known them on some level.  But in the dream I'm not entirely conscious of who's wedding it was.  I just felt the pressure of being wanted there, if I didn't show I'd let people down.  One of the weddings felt like it was for a friend. The other wedding was a royal wedding, a big occasion for high society, a princess was getting married.  For both of these weddings I feel a reluctance to attend because I have NO IDEA what to get them as gifts.  I feel I have nothing to give.   I don't want to show up without a proper gift.  In my mind, it would be better not to show up at all rather than show up with a pathetic gift. 
I'm in what appears to be a convience store with a friend, desparately searching the environment for a wedding gift.  But it's a conveinence store.  Of course there is nothing proper here.  I scan the aisles and there's nothing but cheap candy.  "There's nothing here.  I'm not going."  The friend on my left grabs some tomato sauce from the shelf and mixes it with various other items from the store; raisins, goji berries, etc. She starts mixing and stirring right there in the aisle and comes up with this fantastic sauce.  I don't initially go for this and ask "What are you doing?"  Then I get a flash of someone praising this sauce as "The best sauce I've ever tasted!" So my friend did what I couldn't do, which is forge ahead with what was available, mix and match, and make it do.  In my mind I'm thinking "Homemade tomato sauce?? As a wedding gift???" 
Next thing I know a call is sent out and I'm scurried along into another room for the royal wedding.  It's to be a public wedding.  A parade with the bride/princess will arrive shortly.  In the meantime I'm waiting in a room packed with people who are awaiting and preparing for the royal arrival. 

Dream Interpretation / Frog in Window
« on: March 20, 2011, 08:31:36 AM »
I dreamt I was resting in my bedroom when I noticed a big green frog in the window.  It was high up near the top of the window, as if it had suction cups attaching it there.  I noticed I didn't seem too concerned with it's presense.  Other than noticingthat it was unusual and unexpected to have a frog in my window.  I felt no desire to get up and remove it or freak out.  I'm not sure what the frog represents, other than an unusual sight.  I suppose I associate frogs as creatures from a swampy, creepy, slimy environment.  Yet, in the dream I didn't react to it like that.  I didn't feel much of anything actually.  Quite apathetic.  I just noticed it.  I knew it was a frog. I knew what kind of environment frogs came from, but I didn't feel it was icky enough to get up and leave, runaway, or remove it.  I just noticed it and turned my attention elsewhere.  Then when my mother entered the room I told her there was a frog in the window.  I had to repeat myself a couple of times.  When she finally got it, saw it, she freaked out.  She was very disturbed by it's presense.  She wanted to kill/remove it.  I observed her reaction to it.  I saw her behavior, frantic, freaking out.  I noticed I didn't mind the creature's presense.  Not enough to remove it or hurt it.  Then I wondered if I should be reacting like my mother afterall. If she's this upset maybe its warranted? ?  Are frogs a threat to us?  I rack my brain. Perhaps they carry disease??  I don't feel threatened by this creature at all.  I realise if I just sit there silently doing nothing but passively observing, my mother will kill/injure the frog.  She was flipping out and couldn't think or speak or focus on anything but getting rid of that frog.  My primary feeling was a lack of feeling.  At any rate, I didn't feel enough of anything to warrant removing the frog right away.  My secondary feeling was to wonder if I should be feeling as reactionary as my mother.  Then I was concerned she might kill the frog in her desparate all ocnsuming need to remove it from our environment.

Dream Interpretation / Tree
« on: March 20, 2011, 07:54:28 AM »
Hello!  I'm wondering what the tree in my dream means.  I dreamt there was this large healthy tree in the backyard.  It had a thick strong trunk.  I was admiring the bark when a guiding persona said something to me about carving a niche in it?  I scooped out about a Tablespoon of bark, to create a hole.  More like a nick,actually.  Then the voice/lady told me to get inside the tree trunk, via this hole presumably.  However, I was doubtful about the logic of this, the physics of this.  How would that work?  The opening is far too small for a person to get in?  But by the magic of dreams, the next time I looked at the trunk of the tree the opening was a bit bigger, not much grant you, but I moved toward it anyway, and somehow the next thing I knew I was inside the tree.  It was like a little shelter.  A good hiding place.  (Note* I may have dreamt about this because that day I was reflecting on how my grandfather would scoop out sap from spruce trees and chew it like gum! So I was marveling at that during the day). 
Next thing I know I HAVE TO leave the tree.  Either I was told this, ordered to do this, or just knew it.  I had the feeling of not wanting to come out, yet I HAD TO, so I did.  I came out from inside the tree....I walk back to my family's "house" only in the dream it seems to function more like a building/dormhouse/apartment etc because there are lots of different people coming and going and dwelling there.  Also it has more dimensions and levels to it than in real life.  As I approach the house I can see underneath it, below to it's foundations, and I notice it is ON FIRE.  The fire hasn't reached the rest of the house yet, not even the first level, but it's liek a bunsen burner with a couple flames going upward.  I sense the danger of it growing and spreading out of control, if it gets out of hand the whole building will be destroyed.  I pick up the hose and turn the water on it.  It extinguishes it as long as I have the water spraying on it.  The second I let up the flames resume.  I keep hosing it for as long as I can.  Yet I need to get inside the house to retrieve my things, to warn other people.  I can't do any of that without abandoning the hose, yet that risks the fire groing out of control if I'm not constantly on it.  There are many people coming and going, so I try to grab the attention of one of the young men passing by.  He doesn't listen or seem to care about the fire.  I repeat myself and why its important that he take over the hose for a bit while I go inside to get my things.  There's a fire under the house, I explain.  He doesn't seem to get it.  My words don't compel his interest.  So I grab his chin and make him turn his face toward me as I repeat again why he needs to take over the hose and water down the fire at the base of the house.  I realize I can't stay stuck here, forever keeping this house safe.  It's time for me to retrieve my things and leave.  If I can't convince this man to temporarily hose down the danger while I do this, it puts us all in danger.  I tried my best to convince him. of the dire situation.  I can't help it if he chooses to remain oblivious to the situation.  I leave.  I go upstairs.  Up to the higher levels.  And yes, I sense the house is now burning.  No one is keeping the fire down.  I'm in what appears to be my room, there is someone else there as well.  There is a bed and I'm desparately trying to figure out which clothes I should take with me as the house burns down. This is actually holding me up.  The indecision.  Because in my mind it's like I'm about to start a whole new life, where everything that came beforewill be disintigrated into oblivion andwhat I take with me now is important, vital, because it will literally be ALL I'll have to make a new life out of.  For some reason the clothes represent to me the uniform, the raw materials if you will, I'll have to fashion a new life in.  Which pair of jeans should I take with me?  Which ones will reprsent me best for what comes ahead?  Yet I'm uncertain what kind of path I'll be facing so I'm not sure what to wear to it.  This or that? Will my life after the house burns involve being destiute, outdoors, hiking, living the rough life, out in nature? Or will I need business clothes? Or hiking clothes? Warm or cold weather clothes?  I'm not sure what my new environment will be yet it's critical I prepare for it. I'm there comparing and considering , with my clothes laid out on the  bed.  I feel the pressure to decide fast because the house is burning down, and whatever I chooose will be forever, or at least with me for a long while, and all I'll have to boot (since everything else is going to be destroyed by the fire).  Interestingly, I dreamt this scenario before (house burning/my rushing to take things with me before it burns down, and being stuck decideing which clothes to take with me, for all the same reasons listed above). 

Dream Interpretation / A Bicycle Among Traffic...
« on: November 01, 2010, 02:07:27 AM »
Dreamt I was amongst traffic, only I was on a bicycle surrounded by vehicles.  There was  a stoplight in front of me and a man in a car on my left.  A car directly in front of me however flowed ahead with the flow of traffic and I followed suit even though I was somewhat (not clearly) aware of the yellow and/or possibly red traffic light above me.  I was aware that there were traffic lights, yes, vaguely cognizent that they were in a state of  transition, but I was not aware they were (apparently) red until the guy in the car on my left started honking and expressing his dislpleasure at me for not stopping.  He was angry. But it was too late, I was already caught up in the flow to move ahead and I continued to travel on the highway.  As I pedaled I worried and questioned whether I had just sailed through a red light.  Had it been red? Was I supposed to have stopped? Did I break the rules and what might happen to me?  I'm a bit unerved by the man's agitation and my own uncertainty about what I'd just done, so I pedal faster and can't wait to get off this highway, far away, I just want to distance myself from the whole thing.  The highway stretches out before me and I feel like I'm far enough away from the incident now that I won't get into trouble.  Just as I think that I see cop sirens behind me and in front of me an officer emerges from the sidelines into the street, arms outstretched and pointing a gun at me.  Needless to say, I stop, I pull over and express to them how excessive it is for them to pull out their guns all for a girl on a bike.  I don't mention the red light I may have failed to heed, mostly because I'm not really certain what happened at that intersection and don't want to incriminate myself if I didn't really do it.  Next, the scene changes from the highway to a room.  Some memebers of my family are there with me, notable my eldest and wisest brother, as I'm interrogated by the police.  I offer up that I didn't have my wallet/id with me because I was on my bike and I assumed one wasn't required by law to carry their wallet with them when using a bicyle.  My oldest brother shakes his head at me and warns me with a look that I've said something wrong and just needlessly incriminated myself.*****Note--just before bed I'd asked to dream about the day's events, in order to better understand what happened.  That day I'd seen someone I hadn't seen in a long time, several yeasrs He used to like me, although I'm sure he's moved on long ago, in fact I'm sure he has. Our exchange that day was pleasnt enough and I was on my way but I did ask my dreaming mind to supply insight into what he thoughtof our  little encounter...and the dream above is the result (although the angry guy in teh car wasnot him at least not visually, perhaps symbolically ?  In real lifehe wasn't angry either, at least not on the surface.  I also felt the fact that I was on a bike amongst heavy traffic with othetr cars indicted I was not prepared for life in some essential way...the way I move through life is immature, not adult. 
Forgive the typos please..computer problems :(

Dream Interpretation / Lost Dog Dream
« on: October 18, 2010, 03:45:38 AM »
I dreamt I was in the kitchen preparing a meal with some man (not sure who, just a guy I apparently knew on some level as he was at home at the counter preparing the food along with me). Next thing I know there is this little black dog I’ve found. Apparently he was lost and I took him under my care. I didn’t know who he belonged to. I went outside with the dog trying to discover who he belonged to. There is a concert going on over at the neighbor’s lawn and I go over there thinking perhaps the dog belonged to someone from there. The band performing is a boy band that was rather popular when I was a teen. I watch with interest as the dog trots over to the band members, as I wonder which one he will be drawn to. At first I began to think he’d go to one of the lead singers (who I used to have a crush on) but then I see the dog go over to one of the more-in-the-background memebers. I watch as the dog leaps up and nuzzles it’s black jaw’s happily agains the jaw of this band memeber. For some reason I notice the black hair of this guy, his jaw, and the dog’s jaw together and it seems a significant moment of clarity that ah-ha the dog belongs to him, this is right. It's a sign (the jaws/matching hair colors) that it's his dog.  They are made for each other or alike in some significant way. I didn’t feel any particular connection to this guy (nor him for me as far as I could tell). The dog is what I cared for. Note: I tend to see dogs in dreams as symbols of something to care for, nurture, steward, protect, as they’re so dependent on you, man’s best friend, etc, certainly nothing malicious. I wondered what this dream might mean…a lost dog…not knowing his name or it’s owner..trying to find it’s rightful owner (home)..plus I’m not sure how the scene prior of the kitchen/food and the unknown (yet seemingly known) man fits into this dog dream. Their jaws touching at the reunion seemed significant and really stood out to me.


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