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Dream Interpretation / Re: My own dead body
« on: November 06, 2012, 04:17:27 PM »
Hello Mocha,

Death in dreams can relate to many "things" but I will cut to the chase and say that death, in the context that you have been presented with, seems to bring the following to consciousness. 

In some way you may have made a transition to a new way of thinking, acting or feeling...to a new stage in life.  With that transition comes new awareness and part of that new awareness is that you understand that you have missed out on certain aspects of life. You feel the fondness of the person that that you have been, but that person is changing. The old you was okay, the old you was well thought of (by yourself) etc. etc. but it is time to move forward and it is important that you not go back. You have come to understand this and somehow that transition remains difficult.

It is a new day for you...even though the old you served you well, it is indeed time to move forward.


Dream Interpretation / Re: End of the night journey
« on: October 30, 2012, 05:09:26 PM »
I have just finished my evaluation of this dream only to come back to this point to say that the method that I have used (explained below) is often repetitive and requires a bit of time and effort to read through. While it is trite, it typically allows for understanding of the message of the dream, AND at the same time, shows how the dream was constructed (where it comes from). I am a dream architecture fanatic...will stop there.

Often to occasionally,  dreams review events of our waking life, and in so doing they impart valuable perspective and wisdom from which the dreamer may gain benefit. Although I see you dream as one of this type, it is also possible that it may  simultaneously reflect an internal struggle that you have experienced as a result of living out the waking life situation. Of course, one may have lead to the other, because when we communicate (or in this case, argue our point) we stand the chance of changing how we think or feel which can often trigger internal struggle and discord

Taking a step or two back I find the symbolism quite interesting, especially as you have eloquently presented your dream...

This dream addresses the  universe of your existence (waking life happenings) is the subject matter of the evening, and it is presented to you along with the along with the asides (comments) that bring to the forefront proper application. The difficulty that I am faced with is, how to make a determination, if what you are encountering is indeed a waking life happening that has recently occurred (and is being commented on, OR, if it is an internal struggle that is being brought to consciousness.

Being kicked by the dog- If this was a dog that is not yours in waking life, and it was black would be symbolic of the fact that you are being prodded by the unconscious to engage into a mode of thought of it's choosing. I have seen this in many dreamers who very often control their dreams (lucid dreamers), and the unconscious mind prods as if to say, hey it is time to consider something that I have to say. The dog can also show that a matter of aggression is about to be discussed.  
Either way it appears that you have entered into somewhat of a verbal joust and the dream is a blow by blow account of the matter at hand. The waterfall going though the waterfall only to find clearer vision clearly shows this nocturnal thought being presented to you will allow you to resolve the matter at hand and find clarity in the process.

 Whatever this pertains to (weather it is internal struggle or real life event... I believe that both apply), someone has taken a verbal thrashing and the show at the hospital is a statement in itself, showing that a price was paid for the engagement and you are in a healing process.  As a side note, the architecture of most dreams that feature, a dream within a dream, is significant of the fact that the subject matter being presented for the consideration of the dreamer is being buffered. The buffering process allows the dreamer to sit through (sleep through) the presentation without being emotionally  rousted enough to wake. This ingenious dream construction courtesy of the unconscious mind allows, the dreamer benefit from a fly on the wall, perspective and to gain all that is intended.  

The "Nobody Does It Better" aspect is highly symbolic. It may well be the subject matter of a waking life argument that has incubated this dream OR it may be an egotistic comment of the unconscious mind on it's expert handling of the matter via your dream...a comment on the in depth and diligent work that it had to carry out in order to bring this dream to you.  Multi-plane both may apply.  
The unconscious mind collects enormous amounts of information from all that we encounter in our waking life. It prioritizes and files the information away for further reference (among it's vast other duties).  
In reality there is much detective work needed in preparing our dreams.

You get the perspective, where the dream is coming from up to this point and further into the dream as well.

Your dream shows that you are self confident, especially in matters of the heart, and at the same time, someone has challenged this aspect of your ego. Apparently there has been a situation in which you have been shot down, in a manner of speaking and it was not good for your ego. Then it appears that this is not the first time that you have been "played" (referring to intimacy or  when being passionate about something). Apparently you have come back for more (like so many of us do).

As the dream comes to a close, you return to the hospital as a reminder that you are indeed in a damage control mode and in the process of undergoing some degree of healing... (this is the purpose of the dream).
IN so doing you understand that this is a very uncomfortable subject, and you feel somewhat slighted by being manipulated by the black hands (at the hands of the unconscious mind...black, symbolic of the unconscious mind that is commonly known as the part of us that works in the dark of night, via our dreams. You are being shown how you feel about broaching this subject (Yes, this is a throw back to the earlier mention of the fact that the unconscious mind had control in this dream, and likely a comment on the fact that if you had it your way, and were able to control the dream (lucid dreaming) then you would not have dealt with this subject matter. Yes, again this goes hand and hand with the dream with in the dream construction. I mean to say that this subject matter hits a nerve with you and if the dream within the dream method would not have been used by the unconscious mind, you may have not made it all the way through without waking up.

My method of evaluation in this dream is a line at a time (or section at a time). IN this way the dreamer and all  those read may gain insight as to how this method works. While the probability of accuracy has proven to be high over the years, there are areas where I missed. Typically when this happens, the dreamer still has enough information to apply, allowing for understanding of the basic message, regardless of a minor miss.

The symbolism shows that you already know about this "situation" that you have been manipulated into thinking about once again. Whatever it is, you know about it.

Taking three steps back,  I see that you are viewed as a regular everyday person, (the bus), who experiences normal things in life, but you are shown that perhaps in the future, you should use your experience and wisdom and get those brakes fixed (on your ability to say no).

Overlay what I have said, to your life and you will know, specifically, what this is about.  




Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream about Lord Shiva
« on: October 23, 2012, 08:00:11 PM »
Hello Dreamer,
I am one who firmly believes (and have see first hand) that religious, ethnic, and even cultural beliefs are important in deciphering the meaning of dreams. In your case I have to say that I have not enough knowledge or expertise in eastern religious beliefs to begin to attribute specific meaning.

I also believe that the unconscious mind will take every opportunity to make it easy for the dreamer to gain understanding of the information that it conveys to consciousness (via dreams). Since I do not have the background (as I have already mentioned), I will attempt to shine light on meaning, and ask you to consider what I say. It is your dream and you will know if I am on track or not.

Considering the symbolism presented (in the context shown), I believe that you are experiencing emotional backlash for changing the basis of something that you have a deep  seated belief in. Perhaps it is transition in general as you progress into another phase of your life, OR it might be something much more specific. If I remember correctly from Jung's archetypes, I see a correlation between what you have presented, and Carl Jung's archetype (specifically the wise old woman, wise old man). As it relates to symbolism that you have given, wisdom has found it's way into your life and now that you have rejected your old and established (by changing your way of thinking) it symbolically transforms into a destructive force as it leaves the the presence of your body and mind.
In my effort to abridge the symbolic fingerprint of this archetype I may not have explained it's significance.

If you Google, Carl Jung archetype wise old woman wise old man, you will get a much more accurate and in depth explanation.

In any case, I see your dream as one that is depicting , the casting (on your part, of out of old and deep seated beliefs, as you change to a new way of thinking or acting). The old way of thinking goes out kicking and screaming...so to speak.

Overlay what I have said to recent happenings in your life, or to the way that you think, in recent times.

Your thoughts would be appreciated 

Dream Interpretation / Re: Dreaming of divorce papers
« on: October 18, 2012, 06:32:55 PM »
I would like to share my thoughts, although they are quite vague.

Given the information that you have presented, my opinion is, that there is simply not enough information to go on here.
Yes, perhaps this is a dream of caution, but I cannot see any precognitive value. My suggestion is, not to try to force an answer relating to what will or won't happen in the future by what you have seen in this dream.

I would suggest that you begin to journal your dreams (Tony gives excellent guidance that will help you in this area)...
Take your time, and read the valuable information that he shares with us on this site.

The journal will allow you to go back and assess the dream's significance in your life as you go forward in learning.

As well, you will likely have further dreams relating to the subject matter that you have shared with us. Through examination of these dreams  you will be able to see a pattern and derive more precise meaning.


Hello Christine,

Your follow up dream resonates with me and at the same time I am somewhat puzzled. It shows that unconscious thoughts are there at the surface and these thought are not necessarily words but more feelings. I remember my limited work with extremely young children. They had recurring dreams and those dreams were color based(too intricate to go into in this format but my point is, that I came to a realization (from dealing with these children's dreams that very early childhood dreams often showed colors as symbols for feelings (anger, joy etc). As they transitioned into children who learned to communicate with words their dreams also changed from being color based to situation based (and also featured color). My thoughts are that our primal tendency is color based and when all else fails do not think in words but feel the colors for meaning. Perhaps your dream was a prompt, for you to pay greater attention to colors that are presented. In that way you will be getting the pure emotion and feeling (rather than trying to evaluate words (which can be confusing).

Regarding your statement, "Yes I have something to share...and I feel so bad.  I have something to share...but not in competition." I fee that the word "competition" the battle between what you "think" and what you "feel".

Sorry not to go into this the way that I wanted to...I am out of time this morning. Perhaps your dream does try to steer you to a different way of seeing things?

Just a few thoughts,
thanks for listening...

Dream Interpretation / Re: dream of the world tree.
« on: October 16, 2012, 06:45:24 PM »
Our lives are in a constant state of change (in one way or another). The intensity and direction of change modulates and is unpredictable at best. Keeping this in mind, your  message seems to be, that you already own the knowledge that will help you live through life's state of flux... That your experience, both, of this life, and ancient on board intuition is HUGE, and will help you get through unanticipated changes, that you somehow find yourself in the midst of.   Your dream symbolically illustrates these struggles and suggests that ancient wisdom (of the female brand... including compassion, protective instincts, caution coupled with  a high level of intuition), are the answer to your problems. Intuit before you act. Think using these traits before you try to "fix" the state of unrest that you are experiencing (internally and externally). 

The higher self is at work in your dreams, as a mentor and friend.
Be sure to think things out and apply the wisdom so generously given!


Dream Interpretation / Re: flower dreams..
« on: October 16, 2012, 05:55:13 PM »
 Hello lonelywarrior,
 Although I am not Tony, not as eloquent or as learned, I would like to share my thoughts  as to the meaning of your dream/s.

With the information that you have shared regarding previous dreams and the dream at hand, I see that the highest aspect within, has acknowledged that a positive pattern or track record is in full swing. Great and positive blessings are at hand. Either you are in the process of receiving these blessings, OR, they are soon to come. In one sense it does seem that fertility, and newness,  seem to be in order. Jasmine flowers from a tree would seem to show wonderful new growth within your family and of this is all in place for you to receive....

If this does not really apply to your situation then you may consider the patterns shown, indicate a new venture that has gone from the idea stage and is now ready to be nurtured, and ready to grow as a result of your efforts.
Whatever is going on in your life, it is good! All energy is in your favor, and you are ready to receive the fruits of your labor.

It is a beautiful dream showing that positive energy is present  and contributing to a wonderful and full life.



Dream Interpretation / Re: Dream of Pregnant Ex and Lost in Wilderness
« on: October 12, 2012, 05:13:02 PM »
Hello Aristocrates,
When trying to derive meaning from dreams, I have always found it helpful to identify which events are genuine waking life events, and which depictions carry symbolism. (keep in mind that waking life events can be viewed, both, as  real waking life happenings, and symbolism but it helps to know).

This prompts me to ask you to determine reality from that which is not.

If, for example, your ex is pregnant or you feel that you may be the father, if she is  pregnant, then the obstacle in the river can be seen as the emotional island that keeps you from progressing further on your river of life (life as you knew it). It is clear that you wish that you could go back to a level of comfort, go back to the way that things once were, before such a possibility existed.

If she is not pregnant then your dream may be the mind's way of allowing you to to experience a life changing situation through the introduction of genuine emotional discomfort, so that you will avoid such a situation in waking life.
The dreaming mind is an incredible mentor and friend!

Either way you can see the dreams importance.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Can't die
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:45:25 PM »
While you emphasize the importance of not dieing (or being able to die), you may choose to consider the feelings of those around you when they realize that you were not dead. The procedure on your neck might well indicate that the process of the mind are at work behind the scenes, to allow you to reassess and heal your "situation" (the attitudes that you have or the way that you see things)... The healing processes of of our mind are indeed incredible!!

Dreams offer an objective perspective.  It looks as if you are being shown that you are valued by those in your midst. It is quite apparent that it is not time to hang it up yet! My old journalism professor  always highlighted the fact that sometimes we loose objectivity because we are too close to the action, too involved. Dreams allow the dreamer to view our life as  an onlooker, and make it easier to understand. Your dream indicates that there are those who care about you!


Dream Interpretation / Re: Five Questions & Five Pointed Star
« on: October 12, 2012, 04:21:22 PM »
Much needed detail must be known to zero in on this, but in general, my thoughts are that you are in the midst of evaluating the intuitive side of self   - Why am I, or, why are we, as a species, the way that we are? The five points of the star (in the context given) would seem to indicate the five senses and how they work...and you are likely in a discovery mode.

Perhaps you are wondering how or why the mind allows us to just know that "things" will occur. How can we sense these things?

Consider what I have suggested, examine your thoughts and overlay to the goings on in your life to see specifically how it relates.


Your thoughts?   

Dream Interpretation / Re: Recurring Dream
« on: October 08, 2012, 05:48:25 PM »
Hello Mayaman,

Although there is not much to go on, I see your dream as an awareness of how others value you, and a statement of how far you have come on your path of life.

Sometimes we are the hardest on ourselves. At times we need the boost that you seem to be getting! This all courtesy of your higher self, a true lifelong friend and mentor! What a wonderful gift!


Dream Interpretation / Re: dream of death grandfather
« on: September 29, 2012, 04:52:37 PM »
The healing power is incredible, and there is so much more that we cannot even imagine!

What an incredible gift we have, and you have felt that healing power first hand.

When those we love so much, pass on, their very essence remains with us. As we struggle to deal with the loss and the pain, our higher self is working overtime to help us move forward, and to come to better understanding...

I feel compelled to say once again, WHAT AN INCREDIBLE GIFT!


Hello Christine,
Our unconscious mind is an integral part of our make up. It has many duties to perform, and it takes those to task. It is observant of all that we encounter and with the wealth of information that it gathers, comes a very sophisticated system of storage and use of the information.  
In your dream you are experiencing an "wide" awareness (a bringing to consciousness) of that which has been observed and the feelings associated. The words that you hear in the opening of your dream, express the intent of the wonderful higher self, as it works as a protector and mentor. The awareness that you are receiving is important.

Let's look a bit further-
In the second part ... you are made aware that someone in your midst (or perhaps even an aspect of your own persona) is the focus of an emotional assault or ridicule for decisions or waking life actions.  Apparently you, and possibly even others, are being hard on yourself with regards to these waking life decisions.  

Self evaluation, is the order of the day, but it appears as if you have decided not to change a way that you feel about yourself. You seem to accept and identify with the responsibilities that you are faced with, yet is not easy. You are not ready, or even unable  to change your feelings at this time because it is not time? OR perhaps it is just the fact that you are not quick to change?  Whatever the reason, the change would affect you to the core.  

It looks as if your dream is all but suggesting that it is time to reevaluate how you see yourself, time for a new way for you.

It is difficult for me to tell if this is a chronicle of events that you have experienced or something that you are experiencing at the time of the dream. Regardless, it is time for change. It is time that you take a different view of yourself.


Your thoughts?

Dream Interpretation / Re: the red aliens
« on: September 19, 2012, 04:56:17 PM »
With this dream comes the awareness of the unquantifiable and vast knowledge of the unconscious mind. It illustrates the fact that you are plugged in and are receiving  it's benefit. Symbolically you are shown to be tapping into knowledge regarding your emotions, and gaining a better understanding of how you may benefit by controlling this aspect of who you are.
You may be looking for a way to disarm or neutralize a recent emotionally charged situation.

Dream Interpretation / Re: A belligerent understanding
« on: September 18, 2012, 06:16:49 PM »
Hello Leon,
I will use a technique that looks at your dream one segment at a time (or line at time). This method is trite, and requires much patients on the part of the reader because it is very repetitive but it is often effective. I may be off on a line or two but the dreamer typically is able to zero in close enough to know what the dream is addressing, and with further amplification can nail the meaning. Using this technique, dreamers often come away with a better idea of how to evaluate their dream and derive intended meaning.
My comments are in blue

Insert Quote
Hello, please someone help me.

I've always been a huge skeptic but I've had a moment in life that tainted my perception and changed everything.Leon, I am with you here, totally. Many years ago I was a skeptic of the highest degree.

I had a dream brought up such strong feelings and its effecting my life, in everything i do i cannot shake
it off.The unconscious mind has a way of getting our attention. It knows everything about us, so it knows what will and won't work as attention getting goes. Its truly driving me mad, i can't believe how much a simple dream can control your life. Leon, lets see if I can help...

If there is anyone who can help me understand, relate and find closure i beg of you please.This is exactly what I hope to do... I could just write a brief paragraph letting you know what my take is on your dream and that may help, but I feel that the line at a time method might help you to understand the minds way, a bit better.

I've stopped eating, i can't sleep, i'm losing myself.

Think of this fist part of your dream as an opening of a play of sorts. The unconscious mind is about to open the curtain on a scene that will further your self understanding. First the mind draws a parallel story line outlining your persona and the internal controls that you struggle with.
Intense dream

there was a monkey, innocently sitting in the kitchen of a house, i felt relaxed and calm in the house.The monkey in this context represents the part of you that is very unedited, your very basic and natural tendencies to respond to "things" without taking into account accepted social norms and expectations.
there was a lepard or large lynx cat, that was following me around again i felt relaxed and in no way threatend or in danger by the animals.The lynx in the context given, represents the part of you that is a watcher, of your actions and reactions and stands ready to attack you natural responses should they get out of line. They lynx is the part of you that keeps you under control...predatory, yes, because it can stalk and pounce anytime that it feels that you (monkey as explained earlier), is out of order. But i understood both of their mentalities and personalities they were like apart of me.Yes! This is because in a way (as described) they are part of you!. More specifically they represent a struggle that is ongoing within you.

i walked into the kitchen representing creativity and the fact that you are about to partake of food for thought courtesy of the dream you are experiencing...part of what I consider architecture of the dream.where the monkey was when the lynx noticed the presence of the monkey and started to attack the monkey as if it was hunting.Here the struggle which is being addressed in the dream takes form, and it looks as if you are being shown that the part of you that responsible for being true and pure in response to things that you encounter in life, is being assaulted. Internal policing and control of the drives within you to respond as you want to, without social recourse.  

i had an overwhealming feeling, to walk away as it was natures decision and not mine.And it does appear as if you are aware of this tendency within you to extinguish your natural responses.
i watched as the lynx managed to catch the monkey with both claws and pin it to the floor.symbolic of the fact that there is a part within you that catches you before you allow response in a way that perhaps is unbecoming to the way that  you have been socially trained and apparently have accepted (or the role  of the lynx would not have been existent.
the monkey screamed in pain as the lynx tried to bite and crush its wind pipeYes, keeping ones natural reactions in check can at times be painful.
i walked away, i understood what had to happen.

after a couple of steps, I just couldn't leave, i had to talk to myself and reasure that saving the monkey wasn'tYes, you are rationalizing that there is a time and a place that you should not be under house restraint. You are realizing that it is okay to sometimes allow yourself to respond naturally and not undergo such self restraint.
right, but it was something that i was going to.

I only raised my voice and projected a presence that the lynx was doing wrong and as if it listened to my wish's it stopped, i could pick up the little monkey and as i looked apon it,So you see that being yourself, is valuable. Self ridicule is not always the route to go.
i realised it had come to no harm.
the monkey seemed calm and the lynx wasn't bothered by my intervention.This is really interesting to me as you are being shown that self evaluation has taken place (consciously) and you have indeed made a decision as to how you might handle things to cope.

Note: the unconscious mind has set the stage showing you where you have come from, by allowing you to see the conscious decision that you have made. Paraphrasing...it looks as if you are a person who has decided to not always douse the fire within you that allows you to be a bit more loose (relative to that which you have been)>

the next part of my dream really bugs me

i was in another house,I am a little unsure about how to attribute the symbol of the other house, but most often we can see it as how the dreamer feels that he is perceived by others and in this case, how he is perceived relative to the personality that has already been discussed. this one felt as if it was someone else's home and not mineYes, others perception of you.

Note: This part of your dream is likely to chronicle a specific waking life event or events in general.
there were two dogs, they kept growling at me,Perhaps showing that you have recently had difficulty figuring out how to assess the emotions of others in your midst. It would have been a social setting or how you relate to others. the owners who i couldn't see kept telling me to turn my back on them as it will make them stop, but the dogs kept trying to look me in the eye's And here, it is likely that you have been advised to not show your true colors, not to show the monkey (as earlier discussed). It seems as if you were reluctant to go along but it does appear that so far  you have succumbed.
and growl.

i remember feeling concerned but not scared, the persitance of the dogs made me feel as there was some urgency that i couldn't address.Yes, inner uncertainty as to how you would respond if left to the monkey within. I was being told to turn my back on them which felt unnatural and unnerved me even more.Self discipline was the order of the day, and you worked within those personal constraints.

i could feel that the dog's would not attack me, that wasn't their intention. But i couldn't understand what they were trying to inform or show me.They were showing you that when you let your guard down and let the monkey in you come out things are unpredictable. I was too busy turning my back, that i couldn't feel or see anything, its as if my natural sense's were being restricted because i was trying to ignore the dogs.The dogs in this context can also represent anger within...anger suppressed? But i couldn't stop following the words of the owners who i couldn't see.Better judgement on your part and it was winning out.

i was being told just to turn around and show them my back so they will stop, but it just became more intenseBy showing them only your back you are playing the odds that (whatever the social situation is being commented on in this dream) you will be safe because they will not see the feelings and emotions that you harbor.

i then woke up, i never dream about animalsAnimals often represent the animal within us, the natural drive or instinct to act and react. i think this is why the dreams have really bugged me.

This is the part that has shaken me, that night i saw a shadow three times whilst at a friends house celebrating. Without going into detail I will say that you are reminded about this fear lurks within... What fear you may ask?? The innate fear that you have just dealt with...the fear of better judgement and when and how to act and react in social situations. The only way i can understand it or explain it in an articulate manner is by saying i saw shadow of a person a moving responding person.

But due to social convention i ignored it and carried on,I rest my case... i stayed at that persons house that night and that's when my dreams began. Its changed my life and i don't know where to turn, because these feelings that have opened up are so strong, its hard to control them. I can't tell anyone because they will think im crazy.

Im trained to be an economist, being logical is my strong suit. But i just can't escape someone please help.

Leon, logic is relative to the established norms of person who is doing the assessing, and you sir are in a period of self assessment (at the time of the dream). Your are in a quandary as to when to show your emotions, and what emotions you will show. Your unconscious mind is your mentor and friend always! It has your back, and it addresses this issue because it IS a concern (or was at the time of the dream as the case may be). Perhaps you said it best, you are an economist, and an economist most often deals with facts and figures as they exist and not the unknown of how others might respond to you. Fear of rejection (or any emotion related thereof) is huge and not being okay is a huge blow to our psyche. Your mind is simply showing how you think and feel in this arena, so that you can have a better understanding as to why you feel the way that you feel in such situations.

I look forward to your thoughts... and I am sorry that I do not have time to proof my work.


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