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Without knowing a bit about your personal situation it is difficult to attribute precise meaning. You see we have the overlay (the dream), but nothing to over lay it with.

Having said this, I will offer a couple of possibilities for your consideration.

 First determine if the dream portrays a waking life situation in your own life. If yes, then on one plane the dream deals with the fear or anxieties associated with your waking life event.
Second, if this dream is not a about a similar, real life situation consider the following.
There are aspects of ourselves that we choose not to allow others to see. In fact sometimes we choose not to acknowledge these aspects even to ourselves.  Your dream brings to consciousness feelings associated with the fact  you are hesitant to show yourself as you are. It is apparent that feel emotionally invaded as you are being pressured to open up. Perhaps you are very introverted? Perhaps you are smart in avoiding a situation that you do not feel comfortable in? Either way your dream is about the angst you feel in a situation where someone is invading your personal space.  Judging from the architecture of the dream I am inclined to say that you would rather start anew with someone else than succumb to the curiosities of this person.

Keep in mind that the above can also apply to feelings that you are keeping at bay, something from your past that you are afraid to address, and resolve.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Recurring Dreams in familiar houses
« on: September 17, 2012, 03:45:13 PM »
I wish to add a thought or two in addition to what has been said..

Taking into consideration, that which has been added-
It appears as if, on your part, there is a hesitancy OR inability to move forward. Perhaps it is the security that you came to know and understand as a child relative to the lack thereof, in your life today, that is the point. The symbolism of hovering (in a dream), can translate many ways, however, given the context, it shows that you hesitate to move forward and you do this because of the unknowns (you are virtually parked).
This dream gives you the perspective of seeing the issue as it exists today, (in some way you are dormant in waking life) and at the same time you are allowed to see and feel where you have come from (the clothes hanging in the closet that you can see and feel their place in your past... and just know that you can go forward because in the past you have gone forward.


Dream Interpretation / Re: foreign object in ears
« on: September 17, 2012, 03:12:38 PM »
Hello Scarlett,
The act of a dreamer removing material from their own ears in itself shows that the dreamer is opening up her/ or his senses and trying to eliminate obstacles that could inhibit clear perception. The orange plastic material is also an indicator of insight or openness.  Given the context, the obstacles that I refer to might well be perceptions or warnings by others.
In any case, you seem to be bring yourself in balance (emotionally) and this all starts with an open mind and awareness.

all the best to you,

Dream Interpretation / Re: dream of death grandfather
« on: September 11, 2012, 03:43:20 AM »
At times we see dreams that mark time or past events, and many times this occurs on, or about the anniversary date of that event. From your comments I see that this dream is one of those, but there is more that is being addressed.

Your approach to the house, in which he once lived, represents a visit, (on your part), to the thoughts and feelings that you have repressed, or perhaps do not often allow yourself to live out,  regarding your grand-dad. It has been a year since his passing and just now you are feeling up to a visitation. This supports your feelings of guilt, as shown in the dream, and reveals your innermost feelings thereof.  Your unconscious mind has constructed a dream in which you could experience your feelings of love for this special person in your life,  and simultaneously resolve any feelings of guilt that you harbor for not being able to face the emotions.  "healing through dreams" what an incredible gift!

Our unconscious mind is our mentor and friend, and so much more!

A bit more... Going forward, you should not hesitate to tap into the the wisdom and love that your grandfather has shown you while he was alive. The unconscious mind meticulously stores and files every innuendo of his existence and it is there for you.  In a manner of speaking, he is alive within you and there to console you or advise when things get rough... 

all the best,

Greetings / ...hello
« on: September 08, 2012, 06:17:21 PM »
I am new here, and I am very much looking forward to participating.

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