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Dream Interpretation / Chin, Boss and Plant
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:13:43 PM »
Hi Tony,

Sending this dream to you, as I can't make out if its a good or a bad omen.

Its an office set-up, and my boss (real life one), is indulgently holding my chin, and moving it from side to side and says something I can't remember.  He then moves somewhere, and I am thinking (as I have been thinking in real life, that i can't go to the office without a scarf, otherwise it seems my chest is for public viewing), other than that, I have to tolerate this too, around here.  My boss is then telling me something about a girl who works in ICSU.  As he is walking towards a partial open door, I ask him, what is ICSU, he turns around and pleasantly tells me that "you need to find it out yourself.".  I am then sitting in a cubicle, working on an excel sheet, trying to find out about ICSU!  And behind me is a half open, sliding window, through which I can seen a tree with lime green/fresh green leaves (its a common plant here, but I can't remember its name right now).

ICSU turned out to be International Council of Scientific Union, and I currently work in advertising!

Please make some sense of the dream to me.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Baby Butts
« on: June 22, 2014, 08:37:59 PM »
Amen to the blessing!
But its a pull and push situation, Tony.  Trying to get to the bottom of oneself, some days it works, other days, its difficult to get out of the wilderness of the past!

And thank you!  I hope I will keep taking care of the Chinese baby, and not lose it some place.  Right now, for good or for bad, I am taking the red convertible for a ride...


Dream Interpretation / Baby Butts
« on: June 21, 2014, 07:43:13 PM »
Hi Tony,

In this dream, I don't know where I have gotten this baby.  But I am wiping its small, firm butts of this few months old baby (maybe a boy, not sure) while he is lying on its stomach.  I am then trying to straddle it on my hips, and somewhere, I am running around excited & happy, showing him off to people (maybe my sister). Then the focus is on the baby, who is chinky-eyed, sitting seriously some place, and then he starts to smile slowly.  He is naked, bald and happy!!

The background of the dream was blue.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Red Convertible and House Cleaning
« on: June 08, 2014, 07:42:56 PM »
Thank you Tony!

In the whole dream, I was at least clear about one thing: that driving away of my mom & sibling,means that they no longer influence my thought process. And I am cleaning up my act. 

I am, however pleasantly surprised by your interpretation on other dream symbols, for e.g the servant, the gate and the car.

It was once before described in a dream: a baby is handed to me. While a woman and her 10-11 yr old daughter watch (presumably my mom & sister). The baby is malnourished and underweight, and the long wet umbilical chord is still attached to its nose (!) and the other end to something else.  As I take the baby, I feel eeky looking at the umbilical chord, and I go eeewwwww!  The woman watching from the side line, says with emphasis "but its just been born!!"  The baby is then taken to a weighing machine.

And a dream that I had a few days after that, was a baby was lying in someone's hand. It had big beautiful eyes, a big round head, but a comparatively smaller body.  Its limbs were slightly flailing, as all babies squirm. And it was looking up and around, trying to observe and absorb the world through its eyes!

The back-ground of both dreams was blue.  I understood this dream as taking myself off the dependency on both these ladies in my life and discovering and understanding the world on my own.


Dream Interpretation / Red Convertible and House Cleaning
« on: June 07, 2014, 09:23:20 PM »
Hi Tony,

Sharing my dream on this forum after four years!!  Your dream interpretation for both symbols and otherwise is still on an intellectual level far beyond any,and has kept up with the changing times. Bless you!   :)

I have over the years, learnt to decipher my own dreams to an extent. But here, I am stumped by the symbol of the red convertible.  And the contrast of a white gate.  Your reflection on those symbols and overall thoughts on this dream would be appreciated.

"I have come from somewhere (not sure from where), and have brought along a cleaning lady/ maid with me. I am supposed to take the cleaning lady to a friend’s house to get it cleaned.  There a row of three houses on the street, and I leave the maid in the first house.  The middle house seems to have lights on and is bright. The third house is my old house, where we no longer live. As I walk just slightly further towards my old house, I see a red convertible, with its top down standing outside the gate.  There is no one in the car. I think within the dream that it could be my sister’s, like who knows ! But the next second, I see my sister (in the driver’s seat) and my mother, beside her, in a white convertible and they drive quickly away.

I call the maid in my friend’s house, who is apparently standing in the house garden, talking to two other servants, a man and a woman. I sound urgent/excited and she opens the white latticed gate to come out. I tell her, that my mom and sister have left so she has to clean that house. 

It’s a pitch dark night.  And the cleaning lady is wearing a typical local dress, with the head covered with a dupatta (a long scarf).

Facts: My mom is schizophrenic/bi-polar, and all of us 5 siblings had a very tough time growing up. We had no dad and absolutely limited social contacts. It was an extremely oppressive environment.  Though my older sister outwardly abhor's mom's ideas, she is carrying a few of her principles.  Generally speaking, I don't believe in the belief system carried by both of them.  They have always been unnaturally isolating ones.  I have taken a few decisions lately, that have moved me away from that belief system. 

In this context, is the red car pointing to a new job opportunity (there is one in the pipe line)? Or a possibility of a good or bad relationship, in the future?


Dream Interpretation / Glassless Windows
« on: November 30, 2010, 02:35:55 PM »
Hi Tony,

What does it mean to see curtains and/ or brown tinted windows with broken glass?  Or to see windows from outside which are curtained but have no glass in the windows. There is only the window frame.


Dream Interpretation / Re: Squares and threes
« on: November 07, 2010, 11:57:19 AM »
Just remembered that another time when I have seen three, it has been in the form of two pink pigs and a hare running on their hind legs like humans and passing me by.  I had been sitting on a chair infront of a pond and I fell back in my chair as they rushed by.

Thanks for your guidance, I will try to decode by the methodology described by you!

Dream Interpretation / Walking on top of a moving train
« on: November 01, 2010, 03:47:51 PM »
Hi Tony,

I have been planning some investments, and I am wondering if this dream has something to do with it.

Can not remember all of it, but part of it was, me walking on the roof of a fast moving train.  I could see the attached coaches, and it seems I was walking (not completely standing up straight) from the top of one coach to another....

I am stumped!


Dream Interpretation / Squares and threes
« on: November 01, 2010, 03:41:16 PM »
Hi Tony,

I have had recurring dreams of perfect squares. Either a square in the form of a ditch with three men in it, or a perfect glass square in the middle of the ceiling with man crawling on it.  Or I am tilling earth in the shape of perfect square, as though I am about to plant seeds.  Or taking out perfect square chocolates out of a shopping bag or sweeping a floor with square tiles or putting perfect square tiles on a wall .......

Also three is a recurring symbol usually in the form of humans.  Three men, or sometimes one woman and two men.  Or mostly three men, usually one tall and two short men....  There are times when it feels the symbol could be negative, and sometimes no feelings at all.

Can you help guide me?

Best regards

Dream Interpretation / Re: Open door, children, books & reading
« on: October 05, 2010, 04:19:59 PM »
Hi Tony,

It is true, that I am looking for an organization whose cause is more meaningful than the one I work for right now.  I am looking for change both personally & professionally. :-\

Honestly my mind will need a lot of disciplining before I can do the " carry forward the dream" exercise.  But I will definitely try to focus.  Thanks for your help.


Dream Interpretation / Open door, children, books & reading
« on: October 03, 2010, 12:15:46 PM »
Hi Tony,

I am so glad to be on this forum.  Your authored dream dictionary was the first ever book on dreams that I bought when I realized my dreams meant something.  Intellectually your book is miles ahead of a few others that I have managed to go through.  And I am excited to post my dream here for your interpretation.

"I am walking though a long passage and hear voices reading.  I stop by a door that opens three quarters inside a room.  I feel that there are some children sitting on the floor, and stories are being read to them.  As I stand by the door observing, a little boy said that he would like to go on a honey moon, and I reply amused, that whats the hurry, you can go on a honey moon when you grow-up.  Then like a full view, I see the face of the boy, who is very round and cute, probably 2-3 yrs old.  While I am thinking that he is cute, the view moves to show an even cuter 5-6 yr old girl.  And in my dream I am thinking that she is even cuter than the boy.  Both of them seem to be looking at me.  The scene changes, and it focuses on a hand holding a considerably big book.  The book is open and the hand is pointing to the open white page with the some picture/ photo and story. The story is written in my local language that is written from right to left."

In the dream I am wearing a pony-tail, in reality I have short hair.  And the tinge of the dream is yellowish black.

In reality a couple of days before this dream, I had an interview in an organization that works for helping children.  But I have since then received a regret from them.  So what does this dream mean, if it was not pointing to this opportunity? About myself, I am single working woman in my late thirties, working outside my country.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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