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General Discussion / Coex
« on: July 27, 2011, 10:34:49 AM »
Hi - I'm new to the site and new to the ideas of Coex.  I'm currently reading Mind and Movement and it seems to be answering lots of questions which I've recently been asking myself.  About a year ago I started using float tanks and found that my body soon started acting independently of my conscious mind.  My body would move of its own accord into postures (often resembling yoga poses) or start dancing.  I would also convulse for short periods of time (especially at the neck).  Initially, this freaked me out, but something was telling me to trust my body to act as it wished as the tension relief was massive.  Whilst some of the poses weren't exactly comfortable, I figured that my body would never want to cause itself any damage so followed where it wanted to take me.  Despite looking for other testaments online, I couldn't see any so just thought it was my own personal (and slightly odd) reaction. 
  I also started asking my body questions (I have to admit I felt a bit stupid doing this, but something sparked me to do so) and I found that my head would either nod to say yes or shake to say no.  Whilst my body would answer questions to certain things (i.e. "are things going to be ok?", it wouldn't go into detail about how I should go about achieving a certain task - just whether there would be an end result).  Initially I was dubious that my conscious mind was just giving the responses to questions that I wanted to hear, but the refusal of my body to answer the 'how' questions made me think otherwise.  The section in Mind and Movement about the guy who asked his body to predict the weather was therefore another reassuring section of the book!   
  Reading Mind and Movement feels like a huge eye-opener as I am so pleased to read that other people had experienced this kind of thing.  I'm keen on furthering my insight into interpreting movements that my body makes and was wondering if there are people out there teaching Coex.  The communal side of Coex sounds daunting but fascinating and I was wondering if anyone knows of any groups/teachers/workshops in the London region?  If not, any additional links/reading material/contacts would be much appreciated.



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