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General Discussion / Re: Bizarre Dream at the Beach
« on: November 23, 2022, 12:40:37 AM »
So I'm kind of kicking myself right now.  The same morning I had this dream I hit a deer while driving.  It just hit me that this could've been a prophetic dream.

General Discussion / Bizarre Dream at the Beach
« on: November 02, 2022, 02:50:31 PM »
Well, I wish I would've written this down sooner where I could remember more people.  I remember being in a compact car with 3 other people.  We were at a beach just after dark.  Someone pointed out that our maternal grandparent's cottage wasn't there anymore.  There was a row of these little cottages but there's was just gone. They've deceased from waking life the past couple years.  Then the sea swells to the point it is coming through the car windows.  Again it swells and a killer whale beaches itself.  At this point I'm almost to the point of laughing because I know I'm in a dream and how absurd it is.  We enter a dinner establishment and they have boxes and boxes of pizza stacked in various places but for the most part the floor is clear.  My sister-n-law is there and she seems to be hiding an English accent.  I think to myself this whole time she's really been from England and she is no longer successfull at hiding her accent. 

I've had several dreams over the years at the beachfront.  Many times I'm in the waters tide Ebbing to and fro from ocean to shore. 

I also wanted to add that for weeks now I've been consistently waking up at 2:30am each day.  The regularity is what baffles me.  It doesn't seem to matter when I fall asleep. 

I was able to recall a dream after praying to the Great Spirit for my family's protection.  In the dream I am roaming through a neighborhood and my sister-n-law calls asking where her kids are that they're not in the usual place for after-school pickup. I say maybe they're playing by the water since it's a warm sunny day. I come upon  clear body of water with a steep, rocky bank and can see crocodiles under the deep, clear water floating with their noses pointed toward the surface. Then I notice my children up behind me where the bank gives way to level ground.  A crocodile approaches my children from their right and I urge them to flee.  The crocodile doesn't attack them ultimately but they are finally convinced to leave.  m
Maybe the crocodiles represent the unseen dangers of the world.  The ones an adult sees that young children may be totally unaware of. My sister-n-law's children are a few years older than mine.  Maybe she demonstrates how there are dangers that our children will face that we won't foresee or know to prepare for and that they'll have to face many on their own.  The children weren't alarmed by the crocodile because they don't know a crocodile's nature.  I'm also reminded of Captain Hook and Peter Pan and how the crocodile seems to be a representation of time or death. 

Dream Interpretation / Re: Young Man Seeking Shaman
« on: October 06, 2022, 06:55:47 PM »
I do believe the moment of darkness/violence happened last night.  While it wasn't 3 days later it was 12 days passed which is both a multiple of 3 and a number that also reduces to 3.  I just hope the dream continues to be prophetic and that enlightenment will ensue.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Young Man Seeking Shaman
« on: September 24, 2022, 11:44:30 PM »
In my waking life my sons' mother is black.  The practice here is to also categorize them as such(black) although I object to that. 

I felt compelled to lead with that.  Perhaps I should've led with a thank you.  Thank you for your response.  I had a rather vivid dream two nights ago.  I'll try and relay as much as I can remember.  I remember floating above the ground and even high enough to look down and see a group of Hawks perched on a dead tree.  On the ground was a group of people all men of similar age and appearance.  I glided down and one introduced himself as "College".  I'm not certain if he's the one who said these things but I was told that in three days a moment of darkness would be followed by a great light.  It is curious that he introduced himself as College as I was on a college campus in the dream I mentioned before.  And then I came back to reread your response and the last line begins with "the darkness shall be the light". 

Also juxtaposed to this dream was an episode where my cousin is attacking a gunner.  He is repeatedly struck by the gunner.  Not the bullets but it's the recoiling of the gun that repeatedly impales him until I look to see he has fallen and where there was a face is a white skull.  In waking life he did shoot me with a pellet gun when I was maybe 6 or 7. He would've been 8 or 9.  So maybe that segment of the dream stemmed from that childhood event. 

Once again, thank you for your response.     

Dream Interpretation / Young Man Seeking Shaman
« on: July 07, 2022, 07:58:26 PM »
I had a vivid dream this morning.  It seemed similar to a place I had dreamed of before like the main quadrant of a college campus.  I was so eager to write it out that I went to my notes app and began typing.  I wanted to retain as much of the dream as possible and thought that I might forget some details in the process of logging in to the site.  So here's what I wrote:

I begin climbing a small tree. One of my older brothers is there.  The brother I've always looked up to. Once I reach the top people take notice and begin taking pictures of me.  They seem impressed and everyone is in good spirits.  I descend the tree and a young, handsome black man is standing there and with the sincerest intent says he is looking for guidance, looking for answers.  My mind immediately goes to a shaman that I've been following on and off for the past few years. I tell him I know someone but I wake up before I can show him. 

To me the young man seemed so powerful.  I actually remember saying to him "you seem a bit suspcious" because he had this knowing glare but still I was compelled to help. 

Dream Interpretation / Blue Light
« on: March 31, 2022, 04:01:08 PM »
I had this dream early in the month and it's stuck with me.  It's a distant bang followed by this overwhelming flash of blue light..... Everything immersed in this blue light.

Dream Interpretation / Backflips
« on: September 03, 2021, 08:50:56 PM »
I've been having a recurring dream of performing a backflip from standing.  In my mind it's a way of demonstrating power and vitality. 

Dream Interpretation / Dreaming of dreading becoming a Pilot
« on: March 13, 2021, 11:31:41 AM »
I did back out of the Air Force but I wasn't going in to be a pilot.  There's also a younger coworker who is working on getting his pilot's license and various certifications.   Those are waking life experiences.  In the dream I'm in a computer lab with several people and I know I should be alone to take this pilot's exam and that all these people are going to be a distraction. I'm also asking myself why am I in the process of becoming a fighter pilot.  It's such a dangerous occupation and I've never been passionate about flying airplanes.  The dread begins to compound. 

Dream Interpretation / Re: Sleep Paralysis
« on: February 27, 2021, 02:52:06 PM »
Thank you Tony

Dream Interpretation / Sleep Paralysis
« on: January 07, 2021, 09:14:00 AM »
I woke up around 1:30am with a strange form of sleep paralysis.  Instead of it feeling like someone was near my bed I was in the middle of surgery surrounded by nurses and doctors.  Of course as sleep paralysis goes I couldnt move or speak.  A couple of details I remember is something being inserted into my nether regions and also there was a sensation of fluid coming out of my ears.  They do bother me this time of year. 

I did accompany my son to a dentist appointment recently. He's only 5.  Before going to bed the show "botched" about plastic surgery was on.  Thought it was worth documenting. Been over 3 years since I last posted on the site. 

Dream Interpretation / Midmorning Dream on a Steamboat
« on: October 17, 2017, 05:13:58 AM »
I haven't been having vivid dreams for sometime.  This one seemed to come out of nowhere.  I'm in a tiny steamboat and I notice the coal is low.  The place for the coal looks like a sauna with wooden walls.  So, I fill it up and let the captain know.  Next thing I know we're at the docks.  The Sun is setting and there are hundreds of people fishing.  A storm is on the way and it's a prime time to fish (dreamlogic).  So, next thing is the captain and I are on a separate boat approaching the shore, like a canoe and I don't recall whether he was rowing or if it was motorized but he was driving nonetheless.  We were both standing fscing forward and I had my arms firmly around him and felt very secure, fullfilled, at ease...

Dream Interpretation / Re: Planes
« on: September 22, 2017, 05:13:18 PM »
Hey Tony!! So, going on nearly a year since I last posted here.  Things are pretty well my way.  Working at Wal-Mart now.  My most recent dream was of a chameleon.  Just finished reading the dictionary entry.  In the dream I was initially startled by seeing a lizard in my home.  Then on closer inspection I had a sense of ease about it, a sense of peace.  The chameleon wasn't camouflaged.  He seemed at home in my home.

Anyways, it's funny you mentioned an awareness of important national or social event.  Since my post here I've delved into gematria and from there astrology. It started with a trip to the local cemetery.  I came across a peculiar grave marker in the shape of a black cube.  I began researching this and the man buried there a German immigrant from the 19th century who was in the fraternal order called the Independent Order of Odd Fellows.  From there I began looking into the geometry and numbers encoded in their symbolism and through that I discovered gematria.  There's much more nuance but trying to summarize.  So I came across the work of Zachary K Hubbard and was amazed.  Listened in to his radio show and bought a sunscription.  Though immediately following the very guy I looked up to berated me in the comment section of a youtube video.  Right now I'm still very much into gematria but I have a strong emphasis in astrology.  No one I've found has attempted to combine the two.  I love the work, the research and try to expand on it everyday.  I get a sense that my work was attacked by this Zachary K Hubbard and company before it ever even began to mature.  Despite that it's what I love to do and it all started with this sense of an impending national tragedy sort of what you mentioned in your reply.  Anyways, I've decided I need to start making blogposts.  Here's a link to it.  Thought it might interest you.  A friend I met through gematria quoted you on Facebook just the other day.  Got me to thinking of you. Here's the quote

"but the Christ, the part of us that is in contact with a cosmic mind or a great power of love is so advanced in actual life skills – in the real technology of the Cosmos, there is not even a need for a body."

-Tony Crisp from dreamhawk(dot)com


Dream Interpretation / Re: Tower of Babel
« on: October 03, 2016, 08:19:10 AM »
My first aspiration as a child was to be an author and illustrator.  I was writing stories in 1st grade.  I enjoyed drawing and I think I even showed some promise there.  My twin also loved to draw and I guess it bothered him that I liked it too because I later found out that he would rip up my drawings and I remember one time in particular when he relished in the fact that my mother poked fun at one of my drawings (maybe to make him feel better, i don't know).  He relayed it to me rather quickly.  That hurt.  I also remember starting a journal and my mother poking fun at it.  My mother is a highly positive and encouraging person, 99.99% of the time actually and I'm sure she meant nothing by it at the time but it stung.  I took it as an insult and maybe that's the pattern I need to stop.  Allowing slights to make me repeatedly put the things I enjoy away.  I was labeled the outgoing more physically aggressive twin and he was labeled the artsy, sensitive one and I think we both fell in to those respective tracks.  Even up in to high school it seemed to please him that he was seen by peers as more intelligent, more gifted artistically, and he was sure to remind me of those instances.  I don't think I ever went out of my way to hurt him is the thing.  Where he almost seemed malicious about it.

Also, from an early age I developed an affinity for black culture, black people.  Of course this is an odd thing to discuss openly anywhere these days it seems, even with my fiance.  In first grade I made a friend who has the same surname as you actually.  We would race to the playground everyday and it was usually a tie.  In those days, the NBA seemed to be at it's height of popularity, the Chicago Bulls had three peated and you had mega stars in several markets across the country and my father loved to watch the Bulls I remember.  I think maybe this is one of the reasons I pursued basketball so aggressively. In my mind black people could do everything at the highest level: sing, dance, inspire.  But, that was rural Tennessee in the early 90s and it still wasn't very accepted to have black friends much less love interests.  And I didn't foresee that I would be with a black woman and have twins.  My parents did take my brother and I on a senior trip to the West Indies in St. Lucia.  She(my mom) had a half-brother(mixed) there that she had just found out about and she wanted to meet him.  He ended up coming to the states to live with us for a while.  Anyways, I met a girl there who I was awestruck with.  She was 16 and I had just about to turn 18.  She was a sprinter and you could tell it.  She had a beautifully sculpted body. She had the most unique voice too.  It was raspy and rhythmic.  I've never been kissed better by anyone before or since.  My fiance seems to find it awkward. Initially, we would kiss often, but rarely ever now.  I never imagined i'd be with someone who didn't enjoy it.  I think she reminds me of my father in a way.  She works very hard like he did and she doesn't sugar coat anything.  I think she keeps me grounded.  I mean she seems to be well-grounded in reality.  Haha, i used to tell her I didn't like white girls cause it seemed all they wanted was to be pampered.  My family is known for having money here.  And you know what she says about that?  "What makes you think I don't want the same thing?" How's that for a harsh reality.  I mean it's understandable that anyone would want to live comfortably, but at the same time it leaves me feeling like an investment.  I think I've paid off fairly well so far.  When we met I was working 70-80 hours a week and kept her fed well throughout her pregnancy and it was my credit that allowed us to purchase a house and nice car.  The passion I've expected should be in a relationship isn't there.  It all seems so calculated.  Well, I better get a little sleep.  I started out meaning to talk about the parallels between our parents but ended up going in a different direction. 

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