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General Discussion / Sleeping Contest
« on: April 24, 2012, 07:52:10 PM »
Probably the funniest dream I had was when I dreamed I was in a sleeping contest with my brother.  When I woke up I turned off the alarm really fast and went back to sleep, lol! I swear I didn't make that up.

Dream Interpretation / 1st Lucid Dreaming Experience
« on: April 18, 2012, 06:31:59 AM »
Wow, ok so Saturday night I had a couple of tallboys (24oz beers) and a shot of vodka.  I don't really drink much plus on top of that I didn't drink water or eat anything that night.  As you might Imagine I was a bit hungover the next day.  I'd sleep for about an hour wake up in a sweat and then stick my head under the cold faucet, get a little something to drink or eat, while trying not to throw it up, and then start the process all over again.  At one point during the course of the day I was in control of the ability to dream.  I was making a conscious effort to remain within a dream.  From what I remember I went in and out of the waking and dreaming a couple of times.  Correct me if i'm wrong but isn't this lucid dreaming?  I wasn't sure what else to call it.

Ok, you might be wondering what the dream was about.  Well, it was brief.  I remember trying to fly toward a mountain that was mostly covered in fog.  That's it: a big foggy mountain that I'm trying to get to.  And again, I'm trying to fly toward the mountain but for some reason I can't.  I would compare the feeling to sleep paralysis.  Like, I wanted to fly forward but my body (my dream body) wasn't obeying my mind.  I wish I would've fought harder.  I was not only frustrated, but also somewhat frightened.  I decided I would wake up.....

General Discussion / LifeStream and Effects On Communication
« on: April 03, 2012, 10:07:05 AM »
I find that the area in my life in which I feel I have the most difficulty is in my ability to communicate with others.  I have a rather weak and low voice and have been told I don't have much inflection.  I don't believe I was always this way.  I know as a child I was often told to tone it down.  I was definitely heard then. 

It's of my personal belief that those with strong voices or attractive voices have great advantages in life.  They attract the girl, land the job, have lots of intriguing conversations...  I'm just curious if LifeStream is something that could help me unlock that golden voice hidden within.  I feel there are a number of factors contributing to this.  I'd imagine the main factors to be levels of confidence, comfort and security.  The times when I've been able to hold people's attention the most have been when I was either high or sleep deprived....

Dream Interpretation / Three Girls and a Hot Tub
« on: March 31, 2012, 04:13:12 AM »
I believe it's been a week since I've had this dream.  Still, it left quite an impression on me.  It just seemed so out of the ordinary.  I had no idea what it could mean.  Anyways, here goes....

I'm at a party and it's nighttime.  It seems that I am on the roof of a building.  I spot a hot tub and decide to step in.  It's quite nice.  Then I see three youthful women clad in bikinis approaching.  Simultaneously they run and jump into the hot tub and surround me.  They have their hands resting on my body and they coax me into drinking from this small clear glass that has a small amount of this unknown liquid substance.  They tilt my head back and pour it down.  Keep in mind that at this point I'm very delighted at what is happening to me, and thrilled by the spontaneity of it all, but that suddenly changes. It seems the drink instantly rendered me incapable of executing my will because the next thing that happens is that people (other people surround me immediately after this) began funneling fluids (I'm guessing alcohol) down my throat and I can't stop it.  Then I wake up (still in the dream).  I must have blacked out.  It's all very bewildering to me because I have no idea how I got there and it gets even worse because people begin telling about all the crazy things I did the night before and I'm becoming a little upset because I have absolutely no recollection of anything.  -The End-

Dream Interpretation / Dream of Ex-Girlfriend's Death
« on: March 21, 2012, 07:02:28 PM »
So, I woke up this morning after dreaming that my girlfriend had passed away.  I was with her mother and a couple of other people I didn't know.  In my mind I was in Florida visiting.  The dream was rather vague, plus I waited till this afternoon to write about it.  There were no details of her death, just that she had passed.  Her mother and I were looking at drawings.  She is a talented artist.  Anyways, she appeared in the drawing, but not as herself.  What I remember is the image of a cartoon-like flower appearing in the drawing and smiling and waiving.  Anyways, I recognized it as her.  I wasn't all that shaken upon waking.  In fact I was relieved, because the I woke up feeling the love we shared, feeling that connection and there was no crash from it or anything like that.  I still love her obviously and believe it will be sometime before I am able to move on.  And I'm ok with that.

Dream Interpretation / Apocalyptic Dream
« on: March 05, 2012, 07:27:41 PM »
Well, It's been a while since I've posted here.  Anyways, I'm just gonna describe the dream as best as I

remember.  First, I remember trying to call the Air Force recruiter to report to him (i'm joining the U.S. Air Force).  I

have a hard time getting my words out.  (I think this is just something I'm worried about because I have to say

"Sir Trainee Simpson reports as ordered" and it's just strange/foreign to me to talk that way).  Next, I remember

driving toward a city on the way to work at Outback Steakhouse(where I actually work) and stopping off and

being in the parking lot of some shopping center.  My sister is there along with a group of kids.  The kids are

telling me about a book they've read called "Bobby and The Big Green Booger".  (I remember this book from a

book fair we had at my elementary school when I was a young lad.  I think I remember it so well because Bobby

is my name and I was teased a little about it :) )  So, I get back on the highway and I notice what I imagine to be

an Air Force 1 hovercraft going overhead toward the center of the city.  Well, somehow I have this feeling that

the world is in danger.  Anyways, I go into work and I'm telling some customers that I think the world is in

danger and they just laugh at me.  I get angry and start punching the guy.  (I actually knew the guys face from

school and he's someone I've never had problems with in reality)  I run outside, initially to get away from the

scene, but then I notice that the atmosphere is being sucked into the earth.  At this point the only thing on my

mind is to start running, running to "her" so that I can see her one last time.  Which was really a crazy idea

because she lives 1000 miles away. Anyways, As I'm running I notice the tops of skyscrapers bursting into

flames; the city is turning into a furnace.  Then the situation changes and I'm just worried about sorting things

out at work, if I should call and explain or not worry about it.  It seems that I'm so worked up that I woke up

trembling.  It was bizarre.  I thought I was having a fit for a moment, which has never happened to me.

"Her" is my ex girlfriend.  We were together for 4 years and had a falling out back in October.  She has been a recurring theme in my dreams as of late.  

Dream Interpretation / Wounded
« on: December 01, 2011, 06:31:57 AM »
I believe the last time I posted something here was a week before I visited my girlfriend in Miami.  We went on a cruise together.  Sadly, we broke up last month after four years of dating.  It's been difficult for me and not sure how it has been for her because she as cutoff all contact.  I'll spare you the details, however, as I'm more interested in the dream I had recently.  Well, it began with my ex and I on a lovely ship (similar to the cruiseliner).  We were exploring the ship and the next thing I know she has vanished and I am an employee on the ship.  I'm having a manic episode and I do something that gets me fired by my uptight boss.  I'm actually delighted to be finished with the ship.  The scene changes.  I am now standing in an open field on a sunny day.  I explode into the sky.  I have one fist pointed upward and just go higher and higher.  I think what drives me is the desire to escape the pain, the pain of having lost her.  And then I sense another force that begins to pull me in the direction I'm going. I surrender and just lay back, limp.  I sense that this must be God.  I'm looking into the sky searching for undeniable evidence that it is he who is propelling me upward.  But, I suppose the mysterious entity has a change of heart as I am lowered gently back to earth.  I feel I have the mental and physical power of ten men.  As soon as I land, I see my niece playing soccer and she sees me. We smile and greet one another and begin playing soccer together.

General Discussion / Waking Experiences
« on: August 10, 2011, 06:47:37 AM »
Occasionally, seemingly strange phenomena can occur during our waking life.  I wonder, Tony, if there is any spiritual or insightful value surrounding these events since they occur outside the influence of our minds? 

There is a picturesque road canopied by trees and running along a brook that I prefer taking in to town over the highway.  A couple days ago I was coming around a curve and noticed a creature in the road-so, I stopped.  It turned its head toward me and immediately I realized it was an owl.  I wasn't sure if it was injured or what.  I considered getting out of the car to check on it, but as soon as I reached for the handle the owl turned and ascended into the trees.  I don't know of anything that flies more gracefully.  It seemed that just four or five flaps was all the owl needed to get away.  I remember learning that they are known for their ability to fly stealthily.  I would like to think that I fly like an owl in my dreams.  Something else I might add is that the I don't remember ever seeing a live owl before, even though I've lived my whole life in rural Tennessee.

Dream Interpretation / My Brother and I
« on: August 06, 2011, 05:39:23 PM »
My brother is currently visiting the beach.  Last night I dreamt that we both stood on a surfboard and paddled across a bay and back.  It was very enjoyable.  I know it sounds pretty plain.  I suppose the interpretation is obvious, that I want to be there with him.  Something else strange happened earlier in the dream however.  I coughed up a gritty brown substance, a rather large amount.  I've had bit of a cough all summer.  Maybe my body is telling me to pay more attention to it.  

Edit: The first dream I put up for interpretation is in the general discussion forum.   

General Discussion / Memory
« on: August 06, 2011, 07:15:12 AM »
I just finished reading the article 'Opening to the Spirit'. I've enjoyed each one of your articles so far.  I can't believe there is so much enlightenment to be found from this one source.  What I found very compelling in the article is the idea that we can't know who we truly are until we begin to access our subconscious memories.  I feel that I am wandering from one day to the next, that I'm not really living. I wish I knew who I was fundamentally.  Do I need to access my early childhood.  I believe I am in fact losing myself in my unconsciousness.  My past seems a blur, my future a fog.  

Emotionally, I feel very isolated.  I fear this is due to a lack of empathy.  I want to make a connection with someone that I can be sure of, to be able to think of someone and know that we are in complete harmony.  I want that mutual feeling of harmony.  I have that with no one.  Perhaps the demons in our lives are those thoughts that cause us to withdrawal, to doubt, to be afraid, to be jealous, etc., to have those feelings that cause confusion and blindness.  

I hadn't mentioned that I'm a twin.  I believe there was a time when we had that connection.  Though I remember we fought almost everyday as well. Something I still have trouble overlooking is how he unapologetically pursued a girl I was dating.  Though we fought almost everyday I don't believe I ever came to punches with him over this.  Atleast not explicitly.  What hurt me the most was the feeling that he must've considered my love inferior to his.  He always was able to maintain lasting friendships and he really never had any shortage of suitors.  I just realized something.  He's paying the price.  That girl haunts him to this very day.  Don't be mistaken, I am not gratified by this.  It just appears to be how the situation has balanced itself out.  He still obsesses over her but its something that saddens me.  I wish I could help him move on, just like my mom.  She raised 9 children. I'm the last living at home.  Seven of those children are boys, she's lost 5 of them to marriage and a daughter to a girlfriend.  My mom is in such opposition to the majority of her children's mates that she has isolated herself as well.  

I was one of those children who never wanted to grow up.  I believe I understood early on the natural freedoms of being a child.  I also believe that children are highly in tune with their spirituality, with themselves.  They have not yet mastered the practice of self-suppression.  

The interaction I have with my father is still governed by my early memories of him.  My mother- I have no desire to interact with.  I think its because she saddens me.  I believe this is in part due to her inability to reconcile with her troubled childhood.  

Greetings / Introduction
« on: August 04, 2011, 06:27:46 AM »
Hello everyone!  I joined this discussion forum just last night I believe it was.  Before becoming familiar with the site I posted a dream in the general discussion forum which should probably be in the dream interpretation forum.  Here's a link to the post http://dreamhawk.com/forums/index.php?topic=396.0
A little about myself:  I am constantly searching for ways to expand my mind and improve my body.  Just last week I began practicing yoga.  It's funny now because, after viewing this website, it seems yoga may be to blame for my recent spike in dreaming.  

Background:  I currently study accounting which I am not very fond of.  I grew up going to a Protestant church.  Jesus' philosophy was the first I subscribed to and as I explore new philosophies I continue to see the teachings of Jesus as one of the most sensible.  I have a girlfriend who lives in Miami, FL (about 1000 miles South of here).  We have been away for two years now and see each other once a month.  I will graduate in December and plan on moving there.  Anyways, I won't write a book.  If you have any questions or comments please feel free to express them. I am looking forward to a new and wonderful experience  here.

General Discussion / Flying, Night, Afterlife
« on: August 03, 2011, 04:13:32 AM »
I have a flying dream about one to two times each year. Each time I flap my arms in order to ascend and once I reach my desired height I am able to glide around freely. In the latest version of this dream I ascended what seemed to be about a quarter mile above the ground. From the sky I saw a skeleton of a large animal walking around.  Even during the ascent I noticed skeleton-like creatures walking.  Anyways, I looked from the large skeleton along the earth and a mansion came into view a relatively short distance off.  The roof and three sides of the structure were transparent glass with the back of the structure made of some solid material. Anyways, I quickly descended and 'swooped through the mansion, and as I got closer I noticed hundreds of spirits(white and transparent) flying around. I seemed to fly through them like fog as well as the building, as though I was a spirit myself. Yet, the spirits didn't leave the building. Maybe they weren't able to or maybe they didn't want to.  I'm not sure.  I wasn't frightened. I was curious, amused.  Also, as I was flying through the building one spirit briefly flew with me facing me.  Again, these spirits were non-threatening and I remember the one that flew with me even appearing to have a smile.  Also, non of the spirits were distinguishable from each other.  I also forgot to mention that all of this was at night (as the title suggest).

The other dream I had goes like this: I was in the gymnasium of the middle school I went to. It seemed I had traveled back in time to have another go at things. It was so overwhelming to me(having a second chance) that I collapsed in tears. It just felt like so much to take in. It was a feeling of tremendous relief and gratefulness. I can't remember the last time I cried like that.

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