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Questions about dreams / Golden Class Ring
« on: October 30, 2017, 03:24:50 AM »
My dad is passed away but in the dream he gave me a beautiful gold class ring with a shiny glass stone. It said 59. I asked him what it means and he was trying to communicate but I wasn't understanding what he was saying.

It was like he was telling me something about when I was born that I didn't know about. Then I thought it meant I was actually 5 years older than I really was. He said that he was poor and couldn't afford to keep me when I was young so he lied about my age to draw some sort of money benefits.

I don't think that is true, but it was odd and I think this dream will all of a sudden mean something to me once I understand it.

Dream Interpretation / the brain and other things
« on: July 26, 2017, 05:58:28 AM »
My wife and I lost our keys within a 2 hour time frame.

She came back from the store and asked me to help her carry some items.

She dumped her purse in the car on accident.

She claims that after I helped her carry in everything , that she handed them to me.

I don't remember it.

It was our anniversary and I had taken off work. I was due to go in to work in a few hours.

Did she lose them? She gets busy and forgets? or did I subconscionsly lose them on purpose and put them where even I could not find?

Dream Interpretation / Anger or Temper
« on: March 06, 2016, 01:18:52 AM »
I had a difficult dream and I don't want to say the part right before the last part because i think it is related anyway.

I was at a big event. There were a lot of people there I knew. None of them could talk to me though. I went up to tell them what was bothering me but none of them could answer me. I remember being upset about something but then I got mixed up and went and told someone about it.

There were a lot of people and so I kept on walking but when I went around the corner of the building a long beast that looked like a lama sort of, only it was 3 times longer, it was lower to the ground, it had a bent back, a big head, two big horns, and cloven hoof. It seemed to have a casual disposition although it was certainly something I had never seen before. It was casually strolling around with all these people and only I and two people noticed it. There was a white haired old man who was frightened of it. The animal was unaffected, but I looked at it and noticed that, the old guys worry was that he knew what this was and that everyone should not be so casual about it. I grew up with animals so I looked at it. In my mind, I saw what he feared was that he knew its nature and that it was temperamental and maybe would not be good for this crowd. But then, the young fellow walking along side him was not worried at all. He smiled and talked to that animal or beast and said, Temper, calm  down.

anyway, it was sort of like a nightmare and I sort of felt to myself about how damaging it is when people lose their temper. They don't know it is an ugly beast , even amongst their friends and loved ones. So weird.

totally freaked me out in  a way, but then I had some coffee. I was worried about myself and tempers an all those things.

General Discussion / Taking the time to read and think and focus
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:28:08 PM »
I am the world's worst at not following through with my education. Occasionally, I come upon something I get a lot of joy and inspiration from, but like the old quote..most men casually stumble on the truth and casually pass it by. I think it is because we become so ingrained with too many things. In fact, I think we may have lost some wisdom over the years because of our advancements in society. There is simply too much noise today. There is noise from industry, people, cars, families. I think everyone is in that same boat, sort of fighting to keep paddling their canoes. It is for certain, we are thrown into the world around us and we are good at adapting. It is no wonder though, people can get off kilter. I have been reading some literature recently given to me by a psychiatrist that deals with IFS therapy. In short, it talks about getting to the real you where you are centered. There are terms like exiles and protectors, most of it based on fear of being you. The other is solely focused on how the brain operates and stores memories (neurology based). It can store memories or patterns you can't remember in your short term memory(many of them are not useful in current life but they formed a pattern) but your conscious and long term memories like to do comparisons like a template to see how you handle it or retrieve a record like in a database. I think dreams are the key to unlock all that but it is complicated. The dreams will always tell the truth though. The problem is you can be so complicated, you may not always discern.

With a little awareness, we soon realize the world around us in chaos in addition to all the other challenges just primitive life throws at you. The world has economy problems, the world has war. Families have dysfunction, people have physical ailments, people suffer.

I was going to try to revise and edit this but the pizza is here, my dog is barking, the wife is asking questions, and the television talking about deflated footballs and some guy saying I am just here so I won't get fined.

Dream Interpretation / Pastry shop
« on: January 24, 2015, 11:37:45 PM »
I had a strange dream. I was in a pastry shop. I was standing in an informal line to get a coffee drink. There was another person who was also waiting but it was obvious he would cut in front of me. The lady behind the counter gave the man a glaring look and said that I was next in line and not him. He immediately backed off. Then for some strange reason I showed the fellow all my teeth and said, Yes, I am next! Then I immediately apologized to him and said I was just frustrated and didn't mean to be rude. Once inside the pastry shop, I took a seat. It was a busy place. I could see various forms of cake and bread but I thought to myself I didn't want any of it. Down the aisle there was a large parade with people in colorful uniforms and all sorts of pastries. They were so proud they were displaying them and having a parade through the middle of the restaurant. I thought quietly to myself, this is the famous "Parade of the Pastries", as if somewhere in my life I had heard of this famous event. Right then, a fellow approached me and he was very accomodating and apologetic. I sensed he was related to the man I met in the coffee line. He asked, would you like to try our food? He was paying for it as a complement. A waiter brought me a large plate that looked like fried fish and chips. I thought, this was more to my liking. That was it, the dream.

I am going through severe stress in my life right now though because my wife has anxiety and it has been difficult for everyone. She is seeing a doctor but I have had her to ER 3 times and she spent 15 days in a hospital.

General Discussion / Beware of false prophets
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:19:55 AM »
I have been working on my grammar and style of writing. I found after years of neglect, it is possible to lose the ability to communicate the Enlish language. When we let ourselves go and forget to stay sharp on every day skills, we start to fold into all sorts of decay.  Now, the human mind is conditioned by exercise but I fear it is also willingly given to things that are not wholesome.  People pursue things and fill their minds with all sorts of ideas or things that have been created by some other mind, this is vanity. Take for instance, the idea of vampires. This is something brought to you by someone's imagination. The original Vlad from Romania was a sick minded individual. It is well known in the history books. I think the human race still keeps some of those primitive instincts and also memories that are passed down from generations somehow. They like the fact they are civilized, but fascinated with history in the regard that we were once barbarian. 

This is only a fantasy. The reality of human experience is not one of free time and lots of imagination. The perceptions that we give to earlier ancestors does not really do them justice. The whole idea of civilization and man using his mind to improve and build better societies takes a lot of effort.

When we relish in the past or play some fantasy about how we perceive it took place, we should remind ourselves that is mostly our imagination.  There are such things as ignorant and barbaric humans and we mostly reserve those to the past.

The greatest gift of man has always been his compassion and perseverance.  It is not an honorable thing for a man to have a vain imagination especially if it dwells on evil things not helpful to society. 

What is fitting and helpful is the most admirable way to go and exploiting the worst  part of our natures like in the dark ages, is something I would hope we would never want to return to, and so we go forth in this world hoping that diplomacy and civility and all the lessons we have learned about our natures over history will bring us to a better understanding and more compassion. Stop.

The truth is , this hasn't happened at all. The world is on the brink.

General Discussion / Apprentice interpreted one
« on: March 03, 2013, 02:50:08 AM »
My niece was scared. She had a nightmare about her dog. She has been living with me because she is a tender heart. She adopted this dog. This caused her to be kicked out of her apartment. destitute, she came to live with us. The dog had lived in a shelter. Well, he is a real good dog.  I happen to know animals better than I know people. When i grew up as a kid, i was on a farm. I was only a small little fellow, but in the mornings I was greeted by all my friends.  We had a big chicken coop, and some wild ducks, and some guineas running loose. Down closer to the barn, we had 13 horses both mares and their foals. We had a little appy stallion locked up in a stall.  There were several cows and just down a little farther was the pig pen, just past the big garden.

Those were all my best friends for at least 15 years.  My little collie dog always followed down to help and protect me along the way. She looked like lassie.

That has always been a place in my heart, so it although my life has changed quite a bit from those days, it was no big task for me to take on a new dog in my house.  So this little fellow, a corgy with short legs has grown to feel at home in our house.

The niece had a dream because finally she has found a house of her own and now she can move on to bigger and better things in life. She has been irresponsible with animals. She loves them but doesn't really understand them like I do. They get hungry and their tummies hurt. They communicate in all kinds of ways.

Her nightmare was something bad happened to her dog.

We were having waffles and coffee. I told her not to worry but it was just a recognition that she needed to be more aware of the responsiblity of owning an animal. I explained to her what goes through an animals mind after they have been in the pound, and now, and introducing them to a new location.

So , it turned out to be a moment of greater understanding and a move away from just thinking about ourselves but also everything around us.

So here is my celebation song of suffering for my own life today, lol.


General Discussion / Dreams in History
« on: February 26, 2013, 11:51:29 PM »
I will be the first to say that it is difficult to help anyone with advice. Sometimes it is possible if the person can relate. We do that through communication. Certainly we all do this from the time we hit the ground crawling. What happens to us. We learn many things. Some people are blessed and are just like a young plant that grows and is nurtured in a protective environment called their family. Others aren't so fortunate and they don't find love and instead find a truly dysfunctional home.

This is some of my understanding of humans. They are subject to every imperfect and disorganized thing around them. Our existence or existence. I always admired people like Jung, and Freud, and Tony too.  They are willing and fascinated about trying to establish some baselines we can all trust.

You think your computer is complicated...you realize your own mind is more powerful. Everything you see around
you called reality came within the power of the human mind. The ideas, imaginations, concepts are all yours.

Lets get back to hurt. People have emotions and they are hurt. We should rejoice. It means your are alive. Someone who doesn't experience feelings or emotions most likely will not be productive. I have read some of Tony's articles but I have to take time to digest some of them. 

My main thoughts are tonight mostly about how people have a hard time reaching each other because of many reasons. The main one is being judgmental.  Its okay to feel the way you feel and be who you are.

If you were damaged and we all are, thats okay too.  In the world , I think there are more people who are hurt
than the lost causes like psychos or socios.  Even so , we have to recognize those too. We have to protect ourselves. Its reality.

I have the experience of growing up with people who were functional but also hopelessly unprepared for the world too.

The human condition is complex and difficult to understand. Like i said, it is frightening to study much of it. 

So fear holds people back and sometimes for good reason. Sometimes the fear is real, but we can manage

it.   Only deal is, your subconscious is like the most modern digital electronic camera and the world's greatest super computer. Even though you may have rationalized or struggled with something, I think your subconscious

says, when its doin back ups or reengergizing, shows you all kinds of crazy stuff.

Maybe the best way to approach life is not be afraid to understand yourself.

and enjoy some humor...at that point in the speech the angry mob became outraged and started throwing

tomatoes..monty python.

So, if we really learn to communicate, we will learn to allow people to be who they are, free of influences, and
get back to basics.  Whoever planted that in your head could have been right or wrong.

so like the who says...who are you ..who who

Greetings / New Here
« on: February 16, 2013, 06:47:02 PM »
I am new here and interested to see what I can learn.  I think I have already learned some already.  It has to do with how we let fear or wrong thinking keeping us from living wholly.  Rather than ignore the things that hold us back, it is probably better to make some effort to understand it. I read just a couple articles thus far and some thoughts came to mind. I can be a real whiner when I have difficulties and I'm sure I use all sorts of adjustment mechanisms which trap me sometimes.  What came through my thoughts after reading some of the articles was that our current suffering is not new to us or even society.  We all struggle. When I thought of my past, I could see clearly all the difficult situations and struggles. So, my current trouble in perspective didn't seem so odd but just part of life. What is really amazing when I think back is how happy and positive I stayed through it all.

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