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Thank you Tony

that is definately a different view than what i would have thought.  i will look into it further.

all the best

Hi all

I dreamt last night my ex partner (who passed away 2 yrs ago from a sudden Heart attack) was killed in a fiery bus crash, when i ran in to help him I was talking telepathically to his charred remains, which frightened me to look at. He was asking me to look after a female named Tammy, (I don't know a Tammy). I was crying and telling him how muched I loved him. It was a distressful dream.

I have also dreamt about my brother (who died from a drug overdose) that I found him face down in the bath and was distressed that he had died!

Why would I dream about these people dying in different circumstances than they did and have to  'relive' the pain of losing them again?


Greetings / Hi there
« on: September 02, 2011, 07:09:45 AM »
What a wonderful web site! 

I am fascinated by all these types of topics.  I am a very spiritual person and after experiencing deaths of a few loved ones in my life it has peaked my interest into learning as much as i can.

Although I initially came across this site when searching for meanings for my lucid and 'crazy' dreams;  So I will mention one I had last night in the appropriate forum and hopefully will get some insight into what it means.

look forward to exploring on here more.


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