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Dream Interpretation / Re: Thought I'd share my great dream!
« on: January 09, 2014, 05:28:16 PM »
Thank you for taking the time to reply Tony, apologies for me taking so long to reply in return.

Yes, your interpretation makes sense, actually more so now than when you wrote it a few weeks ago. Thank you.

Dream Interpretation / Thought I'd share my great dream!
« on: December 13, 2013, 01:03:02 PM »
I thought I'd share because it's left me feeling so good! I'm pretty sure I know what this dream means for me ~ I've been avoiding change for a long time but finally feel ready to embrace it. That change comes with some fear because it could turn my world upside down but I feel the dream is telling me that it will work out great in the end.

My dream......

I am in a show with four black men (I am a white female). Above us is a pole and my part in the show is to hang upside down from the pole. It is an amazing feat and the crowd are impressed!

I am in a room and I'm thinking about doing the trick again, this time there is no audience. I go over to the bar, it is pale in colour and wooden. I don't think it looks strong. I pull on it to test the weight and the middle bows and looks as though it will break so I decide against it.
I go into another room where there is another pole. This pole looks strong, it is dark wood and I sense it is strong. I want to do the trick again but there are people all around me telling me not to do it, telling me it's not safe but I really want to turn upside down and feel excited at the thought of it.
I go to the pole, put my hands on it and flip so that my feet are above the pole and I let go with my hands and begin to turn upside down but I don't manage to go all the way, I don't know why.
The next thing I know there are  kind of like shop shelves above the bar. There are children by the shelves and the shelves are full of tins, wide tins full of meat. Everyone is warning me that if I turn upside down all the tins will fly towards me and hit me but I still really want to do it. The excitement is outweighing the danger.
I turn upside down and this time I manage to turn all the way (because of the tins weight)  just as all the tins come flying off the shelf but instead of hitting me, they all fly past me and land on the ground. I feel really good and exhilarated.

Dream Interpretation / Re: Visiting the lighthouse
« on: September 22, 2011, 04:13:42 PM »
That makes a  lot more sense - it is a pity we cannot always throw things around in conversation to get at a better understanding.

Maybe we (the royal we!) can. I know a teeny tiny smidge of an amount about dream interpretation, mainly from reading your books. I always try and interpret my dreams, some completely throw me though! I have a friend that I chat to online that is interested in dreams so we often share ours with each other.
By way of helping each other, we pick apart the dreams and ask each other questions about them. So if I'd posted the dream above to her, she'd have likely said, 'Tell me about Katie, who is she?' I'd have described her giving us both an idea about what it's about.
Then she may have said, 'What does the Isle of Wight mean to you?' etc and we'd go back and forth understanding each symbol together to come up with an overall understanding of the dream.

I no longer believe that one person can accurately interpret dreams, I believe that one person can work with the other person to help them view the dream objectively and work together with questions and answers to solve it together.
That isn't to say that your responses haven't helped me. They have always helped me to question further a line of enquiry that I had going, or look at a whole new avenue that I hadn't explored yet.
Thanks once again for your input, it does always help

Dream Interpretation / Re: Visiting the lighthouse
« on: September 21, 2011, 11:27:25 AM »
Thank you for taking the time to reply Tony.
I do understand some of your interpretation. I believe the lighthouse to be representative of where I am living now. I am living alone following the break up of my marriage (alone apart from with my children!) and often it feels as though it may as well be in the middle of the sea. I feel very alone and rarely have visitors. I've become quite isolated since moving here, however, this has given me the time and space I have needed to work on my personal growth, to try and figure out what went wrong in the marriage, etc.
The issue I'm currently facing is not homosexuality but I suppose it does involve a man or a woman. All of my life so far has been about men, boyfriends, husbands and children. Now, for the first time in my life I really want to form close friendships with women, but only as friends, but I am really struggling with this, possibly because it's not something I'm used to.

I'm assuming it's relevant what Jodie, Katie and Jo mean to me in real life, as those aspects are what the dream is showing me?
Jodie I describe as a friend of a friend, she's lovely and I'd really like someone like her as a best friend. She's warm, relaxed, funny, easygoing - all my feelings about Jodie are positive. She's a good person.

Jo is someone that I would have to describe as incredibly naive and a bit thick. She seems to focus only on what is right under her nose and never looks at the bigger picture. She has a good job but I don't understand how as I fail to see a decent level of intelligence within her.

Katie is a woman that I find quite ugly. She has elements that are pretty but overall she doesn't have a very attractive look about her. I feel quite uncomfortable looking at her sometimes as her face isn't at all symmetrical.
I found it interesting in the dream that she became prettier than I know her now.

I think my ex in the dream represents the love that I felt for him.
Paddy is someone I would describe as having strong beliefs and  good family values, which is very very much like my ex, and yet part of the reason for our breakup was that there was a lot about my ex I didn't understand, and the dream shows this too.

Dream Interpretation / Visiting the lighthouse
« on: September 10, 2011, 04:51:58 PM »
I am on my way to the Isle of Wight, I'm in the water which is a beqautiful shade of blue. It is a warm summer's day, there is a good feeling everywhere and people are laughing and having fun. I have a young child relying on me to help him/her. I take him/her in my arms and start swimming easily. I am a good strong swimmer and can very easily cope with holding a child. Ahead of us are lots of inflatable slides and  people using them, it's kind of like a water park but with a nice friendly atmosphere, not commercial. Everyone seems to be friends with everyone else.
I arrive at a fairly tall but wide wooden gate/door and go inside. The building I am in is kind of a lighthouse but is also a proper home. My friend Jodie is there, it is her home. She gets down on her knees, produces a box with a ring in it and asks me to marry her. I am aware that I am thinking that I really don't want to, that I don't love her, that I'm not into her type at all (women) but I find myself saying yes but tell myself that I will end it in a few months. My inability to say no to something that just isn't right for me is profound.
I head to go outside to the water again, there is a woman there who asks for my ticket. I realise I have to show my ticket every time I want to come out and think I'll be showing it a lot as I expect to be in and out a great deal. I can't find my ticket in my purse and am concerned that I've lost it but then remember it's in my pocket. She laughs and says she remembers me putting it there last time.  I go out feeling a little odd that I'm now engaged to Jodie.


I am in a car with another friend, Joanne , she is driving me to the lighthouse. We are in London and somehow she knows exactly how to get to where we're going and yet I had needed to use my satnav. I think she must have been here before. We are driving along and can see the lighthouse in the middle of the water, but it looks more like a water fort now, shorter. We also see that there's an entire village around the lighthouse. I know my friend Katie  lives in some part of the lighthouse and I want to get there.
I am in the lighthouse, it has six bedrooms. An estate agent is showing me. the bedroom at the top has two single beds in and is pink. Katie mainly lives in the bottom section of the lighthouse. I think it must get pretty lonely living here and quite boring. The room at the back of the lighthouse is the one Katie uses the most, it's calm and relaxing and you can hear the sea lapping against the walls. I think to myself that when it's stormy outside, it must be really lovely and cosy to be sat in this room. I wonder if I would get really bored living here with nowhere to go but then see Katie step out a large beautiful garden. She is being interview for the television, she is pregnant and I can see that having a garden would make life so much more pleasurable and it would be lovely to live here. Katie is much more beautiful in real life than how I've seen her online and how I imagine her to be.


I am walking along a cobbled street, a man comes up behind me (this man sort of looks like my ex but has the feel of deep respectful kind love more than he has a look) and places his hand on the top of my breast. I know he loves me. We walk along and there is a silent agreement that we are together in love, no words are really needed. We love each other deeply.
We go into a building which has wooden floors and three glass boxes like you would see at a fair. The one of the left has a man eating chips in it, the one in the middle was empty and the one on the right, Paddy from Big Brother got inside of and is saying something I can't understand. My ex talks too and I can hear that he sounds the same as Paddy, their accents similar. I can't understand either of them.

I don't really know what it is Tony, I split up with a long term partner, and father of my youngest child six months ago, we didn't have a sexual relationship for the last year we were together and for the 3 years before that it was only once every few months, his choice not mine.
My self esteem has took a really big battering because of his rejection. I recently had the chance to have a sexual relationship with a man but turned it down as I feel too fat, too shy, too unconfident. First time I've ever felt like this in my life so I suppose the dreams could be about that, but also, I don't want to just have a casual sexual relationship.

Your guess is as good as mine right now!!

Thanks, once again, for your insight

Questions about dreams / Re: A question for Tony Crisp,if I may?
« on: January 11, 2011, 05:40:52 PM »
Thank Tony, I'll bear all that in mind when working through my dreams. I must admit, since I've been putting myself into each character, things are making more sense!

The same theme of dream seems to be continuing, but getting more heightened. They have my attention, but I want to make sure I'm understanding their message. I think I do.

Dream 3
It is a hot summer's day, I have slept in till 12 but it feels good. Lyn, from next door, is hanging out her washing to dry in what appears to be a shared garden. Tony/Richard is in and out of the house, its all very relaxed. Lyn wants the wash basket, but is being smutty about it. I didn't realise she was like this but it makes me more relaxed. I ask my daughter to pass her the vibrator, then realise my mistake and correct myself, saying basket.  I sit out in the garden at a table with my sister and my best friend from school, I am using my laptop, looking at purple trousers and joking to my sister that I should get them to go with my red shoes. My sister uses the laptop after me.


I hang my washing out, then go upstairs and realise it's 5pm already and a bit late in the day for putting it out. I worry what Lyn will think.  I go into my daughter's room at the back of the house, the house is mine but is unfamiliar.


I go back into the garden, there is a parcel for me from Next. I open the box, I wasn't expecting anything. It is the purple pvc trousers and top that I was looking at earlier. I say loudly, 'Fucking hell' aware that the neighbours can hear but I know they will understand and not be bothered as its justified with the clothing. My sister  ordered it for me on my account. I am annoyed that she used my account and my password. I go up to my bedroom to look at my laptop but have my vibrator infront of me too.

Dream 4
It is morning, I have just woken. A (my ex from 8 years ago) is in bed next to me. His penis is erect and he wants sex. I want to have sex too but am feeling a bit reserved about it as it's A and as there is a black woman and her daughter entering the room. They sit on a sofa ahead of us and watch telly. I hold A's penis, which looks like  B's penis.(B is my ex fropm 6 months ago) I am very aroused but then become aware that I haven't shaved and am stubbly down there! I say to A, in an erotic voice, 'Do you want to shave my pussy?'  (I would never talk like this in real life!)I expect him to be aroused by this but he isn't at all. I feel a little silly. I suggest having a sneaky one but I think the woman would know what we're doing. We wouldn't be able to fool her.


I look into a dark corridor and see a black man hiding in there. I am scared of him, because I don't know why he's there or what he's doing. I hope he hasn't seen me. He is somehow connected to the house next door, which seems to be linked to the one I am in (unfamiliar) and there is something suspicious going on next door. A black family live there.


I am outside on grass. I am with two black women, they are my best friends. I help to throw a very large banner over a tall board, once it's up an iron comes down to iron the creases out, but only from one section which I find odd. I don't see the point in only doing one small area of it. The two women have won medals for running. The one on my right is tall, strong, big built and faster. The one on my left, gentle, soft, shorter and smaller. I have a bottle of water in my hand and congratulate the girl on my left by throwing water on her. She tries to run away from it but is laughing and enjoying it. I go to do the same for the bigger girl on my right, she tells me not to and runs to avoid me getting her. I chase after her, quite playfully, she warns me again. She is very serious. I throw the water anyway. I have that feeling of fear and excitement that a child has during a game of chase. I run out of a gate on the left and into an alley. I am running faster than she is, she's nowhere to be seen. I feel tired but know if I keep going a bit more I will loose her so she can't get me or I can hide in some bushes that are on the left.  I choose the bush, as I sit in the bushes I see the black man from earlier with a woman, I find them quite suspicious. I hear a noise and realise my friend is coming. I decide not to run or hide anymore. I am standing back in the alley, either side of me are tall brick walls, I have my arms open and a hand on each wall, my legs stretched out too. I am ready to confront my friend and take whatever she hands out to me. She comes to me, puts her arms around me and tells me she loves me. I feel very loved at that moment, I embrace her back.

We walk down the road, me and my two friends and approach a house. The bigger girl goes to knock but I notice it is unlocked. We let ourselves in. The black couple I saw from the alley are upstairs, I feel worried and a bit scared. We go into the front room, there is a white baby sat in a baby chair. We talk about whether to take the baby or not, we know it doesn't belong to the couple and think they have took it from someone. We know we won't be heard as they have music on upstairs and are having sex.

(For your info, I am a white woman. I guess the amount of black people in my dream is about unknown aspects of myself, would that be right?)

Greetings / Re: New! Please help me with my dream!
« on: January 09, 2011, 07:51:21 PM »
Your request may not have been seen here, try posting on the interpretation board instead :)

The sexual tension would be correct. I have recently split with my partner and have been on a couple of dates but have stopped dating now due to not feeling ready, although the thought of having a sexual relationship does appeal to me greatly! One man I quite liked but it seemed to be all hinting at a sexual relationship and I was feeling a little used, even before the event. I am beginning to learn I am ok on my own, sexually and otherwise.

You are absolutely right about the 2nd dream, I am quite childlike much of the time but have been letting life's stresses get to me a lot lately.

Thank you for your opinion, I really appreciate your time

Questions about dreams / A question for Tony Crisp,if I may?
« on: January 07, 2011, 11:22:52 AM »
I first bought your dream dictionary about 8 years ago and have found it very useful in working out what my dreams might mean for me, sometime I tweak your interpretations as I think they mean something different for me. For instance, a spider for me, in real life, holds me in great fear, it is the thing I am most scared of, so when I dream of a spider I consider its meaning for me to be about great fear.

I also bought your book the instant dream book but never felt compelled to read it until this week. I'm now learning how it's important to ask yourself whether you were active or not, how you felt and how you could have changed things to your advantage. I am already seeing this working for me in my interpretations.

My question is, which option is more likely to give you a better understanding? The symbols interpreted or the questioning, or really should it be a combination of the two?

I've always focused much more on the symbols but am very open to new ways of understanding my dream meanings.

Thank you in advance

Dream 1 occured 2 nights ago:I am walking through the local shopping centre, there are men dancing towards me swathed in fabric, glittery and pink. There is a lot of fun going on but for me an undercurrant of slight fear as they come towards me.

 I am walking in the bedroom to come downstairs, the floorboads are creaking under foot. As I get down the stairs I can see my ex B (who is a mix of B and my previous ex A) putting his pants in the wash basket. I realise he was masturbating and the sound of the floor boards alerted him to my arrival. I feel quite aroused. I joke with him about it and about the fact he didn't finish.

B/A goes upstairs to have a bath and finish what he started. I go into the downstairs toilet with my youngest daughter and want to masturbate. (At this point I had a orgasm in my sleep) I think about B/A masturbating and realise I don't care at all about it, before it used to bother me.

Dream 2 happened last night:B and I have had a lovely time together and are very much in love. We've decided, as it's Saturday to spend the day together. Our daughter  isn't around and it seems this is based in the past.

We are at B's house, I am getting some stuff for him to come to mine, he has gone to a local place  to drop something off or pick up, possibly at my mum's house. I feel very happy, content and at peace. I get what I need and decide to wait in the car for him. I can't go anywhere until he comes back as he is driving. I close the front door, open the passenger side door and place the stuff on the seat then decide to go to the shop to get a puzzle book to do while I wait for him.


I go into the shop and look around, I have a sense that my daughter  is with me now. Towards the back of the shop I see my other daughter's 3 friends, Belinda, Yasmin and another girl I don't recognise, she is very small compared to the other girls. As I stand next to Belinda I realise I am taller than her, this is because I have on my daughter'swhite wedge sandals. I pick Belinda up to demonstrate what I can do now that I'm bigger. I then pat the unfamiliar girl on the head and talk down to her in a patronising way. I realise I am doing it and apologise to her immediately. I stand next to Yasmin and notice she's actually taller than I realised but not as tall as me. I go to the back of the shop, which looks similar to my local New Age shop and a post office and take something off a stand.


I have paid and am heading out of the shop. I have 2 large wrapped pillows in my hands, as I walk they are slipping from my grasp. My youngest daughter P is leaving the shop ahead of me, there is a large fluffy Alsation dog outside which barks at P. I can see P is scared and trying to get away. I can't make up my mind whether to go to P's aid or whether to get a better hold of the pillows. I choose the pillows. I see a dark haired man get hold of the dog's lead. By the time I get outside I see the man sat cradling the dog, stroking it. The dog is calm and content. As I approach I see the lead is really long and realise that is how he was able to get to P so easily. The dog comes towards me. I see it is off the leash, the man undoes something which frees the dog more but he makes no attempt to run or attack. The dog is loving and affectionate.


Auntie Julie (in real life was down syndrome and had a lot of needs) is with me but represents P. She is using a child's plastic spade to dig up three balls. We go over and talk to a female that is on the right, possibly my friend Debbie. She is very accepting of Julie and talks to her quite normally. Julie talks back normally.

In the first dream I felt apprenhensive while the men were appraoching me, but the masturbatiuon part I felt quite relaxed, it was all very familiar to me.
In the second dream I felt relaxed and happy throughout, even when my daughter was scared and feeling threatened, which I find strange in my waking state as it would be the opposite.

General Discussion / Re: Dreaming in colour?
« on: December 12, 2010, 09:20:21 AM »
I always dream in colour, I don't recall ever having a dream in black and white.
I am female and am very interested in colour generally anyway. I work as a photographer so colour plays a big part for that reason but also, colours have very personal meanings to me.

A dream in black and white would seem very strange to me, almost one dimensional.

Greetings / Hello, new member here
« on: December 12, 2010, 09:15:26 AM »
Hi, I'm Mokey and am new to this discussion board. I have been interested in dreams, and keeping a dream journal, for the last ten years.

I live in Hampshire, England and live a fairly happy life of self discovery. Not always  easy but always interesting, helped by my dreams.

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